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Switching to AVD with Nerdio: A business guide

Many enterprises are looking to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as a modern, enterprise-ready solution to future-proof their virtual desktop strategy and digital transformation. Faced with unsustainable cost increases from alternatives, business leaders are feeling pressure to make the switch but their IT departments may be hesitant due to lack of experience with AVD.

Download this guide to take a close look at the issues and learn how you can switch to AVD with Nerdio.

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  • Migrating to AVD: The recommended timeline

    Embarking on a journey from your current VDI solution to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) can be a transformative move for your organization.

    Leverage the proven expertise and insights in this strategic guide to empower your migration process, ensuring an efficient transition to a more agile and scalable desktop experience.

    Download your copy for a reference to ensure you allocate ample time to take stock, deploy, and rigorously test your applications within AVD.

  • Remote work: The value of combining HCI & VDI

    The use of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to support a good virtual desktop infrastructure user experience has been a popular undertaking for many organizations in the last few years. The combo is perfect for remote work, offering easy access to up-to-date applications in a flexible, cost-effective manner.

    In this white paper, explore the foundational concepts of Azure Stack HCI, what it is used for, its benefits, use cases, and finally how Nerdio manages Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for Azure Stack HCI.

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  • Reducing carbon footprint and Azure costs with Nerdio

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