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Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer Software

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Cobalt Iron Compass: Data Protection for a Remote World

In a recent study by Gartner, 74% of CFOs interviewed indicated that they would consider remote workers where on-site workers were previously used.

But, to effectively work remotely, you need to have the appropriate tools to do so—and remotely managing your data protection operations is no exception.

With Cobalt Iron Compass, customers can remotely manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect backup hardware and software—all from a single dashboard.

Download the datasheet here to ensure your team can confidently keep your company’s data protection healthy, stable, and secure while working remote.

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  • End-to-end Data Protection for the Modern Data Center with Cobalt Iron Compass

    For individuals tasked with managing data protection, the daily work can seem like a relentless process of application protection, policy management, constant management of backup configurations, operations monitoring, and data replication—all while still meeting compliance requirements and SLAs.

    To ease this burden, Cobalt Iron introduced their Compass platform that plugs in and embeds various backup, storage, and cloud technologies to drive down cost and fully manage, configure, and maintain data protection processes for you.

    Access this ESG paper for an in-depth, 3rd party look at Cobalt Iron Compass and the benefits of its fully managed, immutable data and ransomware protection.

  • 10 benefits of Cobalt Iron Compass for edge computing backup

    While edge computing workloads dramatically reduce data transfer inefficiencies, providing consistent data protection to this type of architecture versus the standard data center model is dramatically more complex.

    From poor reporting and performance to high costs, backing up edge workloads can be a pain.

    But with Cobalt Iron Compass, you can eliminate the complexity and costs normally associated with edge computing backup processes with its cloud-based SaaS delivery.

    Download this datasheet to find out how and to discover the essential benefits of leveraging this solution for edge computing backup.

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