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How AllCloud can support your cloud journey

Orion, a leading supplier of carbon black, a solid form of carbon use for tires, coatings, ink, batteries, plastics and more, wanted to migrate its highly complex simulations of chemical processes to the cloud.

The company partnered with AllCloud to prepare the cloud journey, resulting in 20% faster calculations and improved manufacturing processes. Moving to the cloud also helped Orion reduce the IT support time needed for implementation from 6 months to just a few seconds.

Access the case study here to explore how AllCloud can support your cloud journey.

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  • CW Nordics August 2018

    Swedish authorities are now working with automotive companies on IT/geo-fencing technology which can control the movement of vehicles within a geographic zone. The collaboration sees the National Transport Administration (NTA) working with companies like Volvo, Scania and automotive safety systems group Autoliv. When rolled out in a micro-managed traffic environment, geo-fencing zones will be supervised from command centres operated by local authorities.

    Sweden is currently leading developments in geo-fencing systems for the 5G era, when road travel is expected to become even safer and more efficient, and when networks will be capable of automatically prioritising mission-critical communication between intelligent vehicles and infrastructure.

    In this issue, we also cover the news that Microsoft is building two more datacentres in Norway to support its cloud computing services in Europe, after being attracted by the Norwegian government’s “Norway as a datacentre nation” (NADCN) plan. The datacentres in Greater Stavanger and Oslo will add to Microsoft’s footprint in Norway, which already includes 600 staff and about 1,700 partners.

  • New privacy laws are coming, first stop California

    The SolarWinds Orion attacks made victims of government agencies overnight – and without proper protection, your organization could be at risk, too.

    Of course, securing your supply chain is easier said than done, but there is much you can do in terms of policy, program and practice to keep hackers out.

    Download our expert guide to learn:

    • What a supply chain attack is
    • What CISOs are doing to prevent them
    • Detailed instructions on how to prevent bad actors from tampering with your supply chain

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  • Preventing ransomware with DNS security

    Hackers have found ways to exploit networks that use DNS for initial application connection, targeting its inherent weaknesses. In this blog, Nexum discusses how Introducing DNS security controls can prevent ransomware from gaining a foothold, advocating for their offering which uses encryption to monitor your DNS. Read on to learn more.


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    Software defined networking (SDN) allows network engineers to support a switching fabric across multi-vendor hardware and application-specific integrated circuits. A network administrator can shape traffic from a centralised control console without having to touch individual switches.


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  • Stopping ransomware: 2024 tips

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  • CW ASEAN April 2018

    This year, more enterprises will adopt a "cloud-first" SD-WAN architecture designed to efficiently support their increasingly cloud-based application mix. In this issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how ASEAN enterprises gearing up for this eventuality.


  • Securing the perimeter-less network with increased visibility

    With the death of the network perimeter, cybercriminals have proven that every asset is a potential entry point for an attack. FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls


  • Enhancing network edge security: 12-page e-book

    Yes, security threats are expanding – and so is the network edge. So, how can you ensure your organization’s users at the edge are as secure as possible? Tap into this e-book by Cradlepoint for guidance.


  • Self-driving cars: What tech supports their development?

    Self-driving cars must be able to interpret and respond to traffic signals. While leveraging a simulation environment to develop cars that can do so, Reply – a system integrator and technology solution provider – encountered this roadblock: a shortage of GPUs. In this case study, discover how Reply navigated that obstacle.


  • Network connectivity: SASE vs. MPLS

    MPLS was designed for use in the legacy, pre-cloud world where all enterprise users typically worked in a branch and all traffic was routed back to a data center to access IT applications and resources. Access this white paper to learn how SASE safely replaces MPLS with cheaper internet links.


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    Not all SASE platforms are created equal. The best solutions offer the ability to combine SD-WAN and security into a single, integrated solution that delivers both full protection and a seamless user experience, regardless of location. Read on to learn more about the 10 tenets of an effective SASE solution and overcome your network challenges.


  • How a transportation department connects IoT devices

    Building and maintaining transportation infrastructure for over 6.8 million residents, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) depends on IoT devices to ensure safety. In turn, those IoT devices depend on reliable, secure network connectivity to run smoothly. So, how does INDOT support such connectivity? Find out in this case study.


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  • CW Benelux May 2018

    GDPR becomes law at the end of this month, so we take a look at how organisations in the Netherlands are preparing for it. Cover your eyes if you are squeamish as you only have days left to get things right.We lead this issue with a story published in February, so perhaps things have changed. But if not, some organisations should be concerned.


  • Strategies for navigating global commerce trends in 2024

    Discover how to map your global expansion strategy and test new regions quickly and risk-free. Learn to identify market potential, understand local cultures, and leverage marketplaces and partnerships. Read the Global Commerce Toolkit to unlock international growth.


  • How to best reach logistics & supply chain teams

    Transportation, logistics and supply chain organizations rely on in-the-moment communication to coordinate operations, track inventory and routes and share vital traffic and weather information. But how can HR and Operations teams reach digitally detached workers? Browse this infographic to learn more.


  • CW@50 - What was making the news in May

    The National Museum of Computing has trawled the Computer Weekly archives for another selection of articles highlighting significant articles published in the month of May over the past five decades.


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    A Zero Trust architecture can help you ensure all traffic moving into, out of, or within a corporate network is verified, inspected, and logged. But where can you start? Download this guide, which is designed by security experts to provide a vendor-agnostic roadmap to Zero Trust.


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    Most network and network security products on the market today weren’t designed to handle today’s security concerns. To address these challenges, Gartner came up with secure access service edge (SASE). Read this e-boo for an in-depth look at SASE and learn how you can secure your organization against today’s threats.


  • Digital signage for Transportation & Supply Chain and Logistics

    Most of today’s transportation, supply chain, and logistics workers are digitally detached, with up to 4 out of 5 lacking access to company email, intranet, and personal devices on-shift. It’s time to think outside the inbox and beyond the notice board. Access this e-book to learn more.


  • SASE: Single pass cloud engine capabilities & optimization

    Gartner describes SASE as the convergence of multiple WAN edge and network security capabilities, delivered via a global cloud service, that enforces a common policy on all enterprise edges. Download this e-book to learn how Cato’s Single Pass Cloud Engine (SPACE) aims to provide enhanced security by optimizing SASE resources.


  • Michelin accelerates network performance for 120K users with VMware

    Michelin adopted VMware SD-WAN to enhance network performance and security at 200 sites globally. This solution offered autonomy, visibility, and optimization, resulting in a 16-month ROI. Discover how SD-WAN empowers Michelin’s 120,000 users in the full case study.


  • Sustainable network innovation with Red Hat & partners

    Intel, Ericsson, and Red Hat partner to drive sustainability initiatives in telco networks. By optimizing hardware, software, and power management, they aim to reduce energy consumption by over 20% without compromising network performance. Learn more in the full white paper.


  • Build a Better Webinar: Landing Pages

    In this episode of BrightTALK’s Build a Better Webinar series, you’ll learn about developing effective landing pages to combine the lead gen power of your webinars with the functionality of your website. You’ll also gain best practices you can use to embed your webinars and maximize traffic on your company site. Tune in to learn more.


  • Security analytics: Enabling organisations to get ahead of attackers

    In the face of an ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks, many organisations are turning to security analytics, which is the use of data to measure and detect potential breaches. In this e-guide we provide 6 case studies on when and when not to use security analytics.