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Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer Software

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Object storage draws on metadata capability

Although object storage remains a common choice for cloud storage, other object characteristics, including users’ ability to define metadata, offer advantages in a wide range of other use cases. So, what else can object storage do for you?

In this guide, Ellen O’Brien – the Executive Editor for – discusses how object storage is in high-demand for archiving and analyzing big data. Discover how metadata capabilities are propelling object storage beyond cloud storage and into a number of new and exciting use cases.

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  • Meta-analysis: 70% reduction in HAPI incidence across 19K+ patients with this monitoring system

    This meta-analysis tracks results across eight studies covering more than 34,711 patients, 19,136 of whom were monitored using the LEAF◊ Patient Monitoring System.

    See the huge impact the system made on protocol adherence and incidence of pressure injuries.

    • 1 randomized controlled trial
    • 7 conference abstracts
    • Study results included both clinical and health economic data

    The LEAF System combines wearable patient sensors with a user interface, offering:

    • Personalized care for each patient
    • Digital turn reminders (in room and at the nurses’ station)
    • Confirmation that patient turns have sufficiently offloaded pressure
    • Automatically generated reports that can be used for root cause analysis

  • Navigating Success: AI Agents for Enterprise Growth webinar series

    A webinar series that will cover all aspects of D-ID’s Agents for Enterprise customers. Watch to learn how to utilize Agents to boost productivity, revolutionize your marketing efforts, and increase sales at your organization. Includes common use cases for Agents in various industries and how to build and use your Agent efficiently and successfully.

    D-ID’s Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies transform images, text, videos, audio, and voice into interactive Digital People, elevating marketing campaigns, customer experiences, and learning and development via a self-service studio, integrations, and API.

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  • HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 leads TPC-H 10TB benchmark

    The new HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server with 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors set world records for decision support performance at the 10TB scale factor, surpassing 2 million QphH. This benchmark guide showcases the server's leadership capabilities and optimized performance for enterprise workloads. Read the full report to learn more.


  • Explore the power of observability for modern software development

    Delve into observability for developers with this e-book. Understand its evolution, telemetry data types, open source standards, and more. Discover how it aids in troubleshooting distributed systems and maintaining application performance. Embrace the advantages of an observability-driven approach.


  • The key to a proactive approach to fraud protection

    When every payment contains some type of risk to a company’s bottom line, it’s critical to take a proactive and effective approach to fraud protection. Browse this case study to discover more.


  • How D-ID Agents help Build Better Communications and Connections

    As organizations continue to search for ways to enhance customer engagement and operations, many are turning to technologies like Natural User Interface (NUI) tech, which focuses on AI digital human agents. Access this guide to learn more.


  • 3 essential tasks to evolve your IT services & operations

    Modernize IT services and operations to boost productivity, reduce maintenance, and accelerate issue resolution. Learn how to define services, gain infrastructure visibility, and leverage community insights in this e-book.


  • Free sample: CompTIA A+ IT Fundamentals

    Download this free chapter from ITF+ CompTIA IT Fundamentals to learn how to work with and decipher the command line interface, demonstrate fundamental commands and more.


  • Datacentres of tomorrow: What the future holds

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the technologies that are being widely-tipped to become a mainstay of datacentres in the future. At the same time, it also touches upon some of the new and emerging technologies that look set to shake-up the way datacentres are managed, monitored, powered and cooled as well.


  • How D-ID Agents Revolutionizes Customer Engagement in Banking and Financial Services

    D-ID Agents blends advanced technology and a human touch to transform banking and finance customer engagement. Learn how this AI-powered solution can enhance personalization, cost-efficiency, and 24/7 support. Read the full blog post to discover how D-ID Agents can revolutionize your customer experience.


  • Leverage digital prospecting to drive new business opportunities

    Discover how Instana's AI-powered automation capabilities can help your DevOps teams optimize application performance and accelerate your software pipeline. Download this digital prospecting guide to learn more.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy: The IoT battle

    This article in our Royal Holloway information security series provides a set of security guidelines, tools and considerations for anyone in an organisation who is considering acquiring or implementing Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices.


  • An AIOps Strategy to Adjust to a Complex and Fast-Moving IT Landscape

    The complex elements of IT environments require organizations to optimize business services to provide the agility and scalability required by DevOps and ServiceOps initiatives and cloud migrations. Take a short survey and access our free eBook now to utilize an AIOps strategy that can keep you up to speed.


  • AI for procurement organizations: A leader’s guide

    By 2026, Gartner predicts, over 80% of businesses will have leveraged generative AI–powered application program interfaces or models. So, what will this massive adoption mean for procurement organizations? In this 15-page white paper, discover AI use cases for procurement leaders.


  • 5 reasons why you won’t be replaced by AI

    The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into business operations drives frequent conversations about the potential replacement of human agents. However, there are a variety of reasons why AI is incapable of replacing agents, 5 of which are fleshed out in this blog post. Read on to learn how AI and human agents can work hand in hand.


  • Your expert guide to data protection strategy: backup, replication, snapshots and virtualisation

    We walk you from the basics of backup methods to the pros and cons of different ways of protecting data and key issues in virtual machine backup.


  • For increased brand loyalty, start with improving your CX

    Let’s face it, no one calls into a contact center to tell employees that they are doing a good job. Your customers call in because they have an issue or need assistance. This is why when your agents are trained in compassion and empathy, your organization can reap the benefits of increased brand loyalty and increased revenue. Read on to see how.


  • SDS implementation: What's the best option for you?

    In this expert e-guide, explore today's SDS implementation options and help you decide which one fits your needs best: commodity or custom hardware. Additionally, uncover the important considerations – like the specific needs of virtual environments, access points, and APIs – that you'll need to address when formulating your storage strategy.


  • Roadmap to consolidating monitoring tools

    Whether to reduce tool sprawl, avoid performance issues, or achieve another desired outcome, many organizations are consolidating their infrastructure monitoring and APM tools. Are you considering doing the same at your own business? In this e-book, access a roadmap to success.


  • Why SaaS-based tools are essential for IT monitoring today

    Download this report from PeerSpot to be privy to the top 6 reasons IT pros are ditching legacy monitoring tools, including automation is no longer a nice-to-have, too much alert noise, and lack of visibility into hybrid and cloud environments.


  • Boost First Call Resolution and CSAT Scores with Remote Support

    Remote support with visual engagement can help organizations boost first call resolution and customer satisfaction scores. Learn how this technology empowers faster issue resolution and better customer experiences. Read the full blog post to discover more.


  • CW EMEA - January 2023: Protecting the privacy of schoolchildren

    In this month's CW EMEA, we look at how schools in Germany have stopped using Microsoft Office 365 over lack of clarity over how data is collected, shared and used. We also delve into how former UK spy boss Richard Dearlove leaked names of MI6 secret agent recruiters in China to back an aggressive right-wing US campaign against tech company Huawei.


  • Overcome the challenges of offering multilingual support

    Communicating with customers means sometimes having to overcome language barriers. However, to source, hire, and train call center agents who speak multiple languages is expensive and time consuming. For small businesses, it’s even more so. But an answer is here. Read on to learn more about the benefits of AI for multilingual support.


  • Datacentre Management

    In this e-guide, we've pulled together some of the latest thinking on good datacentre management practice, while shining a light on the tools and technologies that are on the market (or in the pipeline) that can help enterprises run their facilities with greater ease and agility.


  • Support the high performance of your IT trading systems

    Success in trading is all about staying aware of the constant changes that define the market. In order to succeed, you need application monitoring that can enable you to focus on and digest the most important information. Download this product overview to learn how ITRS Geneos can enable trading excellence.


  • Agent dashboard: Unlock more contact-center insights

    To consider 3 reasons to leverage agent dashboards in your contact center, tap into this overview.


  • The Essential Server Maintenance Checklist

    Even with the performance and redundant features of servers, increased workload consolidation and reliability expectations can take a toll on server hardware. Check these 14 tasks off of your to-do list to ensure that your servers run smoothly.


  • Storage Capacity 101 to Post-Grad in a Flash

    In this report from Quocirca, analyst Clive Longbottom explains why you don't always get what you think you're getting with flash storage.


  • Putting people first: How humans and AI elevate CX

    While AI technology continues to flourish in today’s marketplace, businesses have a fantastic opportunity to learn how to utilize AI in combination with human intelligence to create a modern and efficient customer experience. When combined correctly, this strategy is transforming the CX for customers and businesses. Watch this video to learn more.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Spotlight on ASEAN

    In this e-guide, read about ASEAN's efforts in harnessing AI, the challenges ahead, as well as the rapid developments in the burgeoning field.


  • Discover how banking innovation redefines customer experience

    Standard Chartered Bank adopted Sumo Logic's cloud-native analytics platform to gain unified security and observability across its digital banking platform. The solution enabled rapid customer onboarding, process improvements, and collaboration across teams. Read the full case study to learn more.


  • How you can improve call center productivity in the AI era

    When it comes to call center agents, the threat of AI coming for their jobs has been widely discussed and published in articles all over. However, AI should not be considered a replacement. It’s a tool to empower your agents to resolve cases faster, make better informed decisions, and ultimately, make your customers happier. Read on to learn more.


  • Upgrade or replace? A guide to server decisions

    Server choice is one of the most impactful hardware decisions that an enterprise can make – which is why it's crucial that the needs of the applications and workloads it powers are thoroughly considered. In this guide from industry analysts, learn how to formulate your server strategy based on the needs of your enterprise.


  • CX leader’s guide for transforming agent experiences

    Modern contact center solutions can transform agent experiences, boosting efficiency, engagement, and customer satisfaction. Learn how to revolutionize your contact center and drive business success by reading the full article.


  • Call center systems that elevate customer and agent experience

    Discover the key technologies that elevate the modern call center experience, from CRMs and call routing to AI-powered features. Learn how to build a future-ready contact center that delivers exceptional customer service. Read the full blog post to explore the latest call center systems and best practices.


  • MicroScope – April 2020: Seeking sustainability in the channel

    In this issue, we look at sustainability in the channel, with customers increasingly wanting to know that their reseller has a handle on their carbon footprint. Also, read about SCC's insight on mobile working and workforce security, and take a closer look at Riverbed's return to its roots


  • Server Virtualisation: Why it rules the roost

    In this e-guide, we take a closer look at server virtualization in the enterprise, and find out why it remains such an important process for datacentre operators to go through.


  • The importance of best-in-class FIX monitoring

    Much of the capital markets’ critical trade functions pass through FIX systems. A FIX connectivity issue can lead to a breakdown in communication between broker and client, which can bring significant financial and reputational ramifications. Download this white paper to discover what to look for in a best-in-class FIX monitoring solution.


  • Chatbots & virtual agents: CX leader’s guide to AI

    As companies continue to consider implementing chatbots and virtual agents into their customer experience (CX) operations, many have realized just how many variations of AI tools are available, making it hard to know which ones are best for your needs. Browse this article to learn more.


  • Do you really need a virtual agent in your contact center?

    Today, many customers believe that an organization not employing a virtual agent strategy can be a hindrance to their overall experiences. However, with so many companies still on the fence about AI and automation in their service centers, it can be difficult to know what is best for your needs. Browse this article to learn more.


  • Managing Android devices in the enterprise

    This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).


  • Your guide to leveraging automation for your contact center

    As labor shortages, agent burnout, and inferior customer experiences plague contact centers, many are turning to automation to solve these issues and more. However, most organizations are unsure of where to start and can find the integration process daunting. Browse this article to learn more.


  • How KPIs can benefit the management of your data center

    This expert eGuide breaks down some of the benefits that using a KPI to measure your data center workload balance, what business relevant aspects to measure, as well as generating periodic reports that show KPI data overtime. Also, review examples of how KPIs can measure your data centers IT infrastructure, transactions and efficiency.


  • Security leader’s guide to API security solutions

    Today, the efficiencies gained from APIs are overshadowed by the risk introduced to an IT enterprise. This e-book takes a realistic look at what buyers of API security solutions should look for when performing a product evaluation, helping you find the API security solution that’s right for your organization’s needs. Download now to learn more.


  • Bolster your IT initiative with an MSP

    How do operational and strategic IT differ? Along with exploring how the approaches are unique, this e-book highlights the importance of balancing them—and how an MSP can support your business with that endeavor.


  • CX leader’s guide for improving holiday retail experiences

    Discover how AI-powered automation can help contact centers manage seasonal staffing challenges and deliver exceptional customer experiences during the holiday rush. Download this e-book to learn more.


  • How Nutanix improves and simplifies VMware environments

    Download this e-book to learn how customers jointly leverage Nutanix and VMware to benefit from higher performance and availability, easy scalability, faster time-to-value, and unmatched cost-effectiveness.


  • Master audio for video conferencing: IT provider’s guide

    Due to the rise of online and hybrid meetings, many organizations are continuing to seek out support from IT providers to meet their UC needs. However, some are still struggling to master the audio side of things. So, what are the most effective ways you can remedy these issues? Browse this article to learn more.


  • Techniques for advancing value-based care in the face of an impending health crisis

    Centering provider and member experience will be key to accelerating value-based care in the coming years.


  • Automation tools in the contact center: An interactive guide

    With new expectations for CX looming over organizations and their contact centers, many are looking for ways that they can make their customer service efforts more efficient. To do so, some have turned to generative AI. But what exactly are the benefits of this technology? Access this guide to learn more.