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Take a Holistic Approach to Business Driven Security

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Implementing a comprehensive IT security strategy

76% of IT security breaches in 2018 were motivated by opportunities to gain access to privacy financial information, according to the 2018 Data Breach Investigation Reports.

That means improved IT security measures should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Improving cybersecurity to prevent data loss and protect critical business and financial data is essential.

In this white paper, explore 8 elements that play an important role in developing and maintaining secure IT environments including:

  • Adopting a security culture
  • Enforcing password best practices
  • Understanding your assets
  • And 5 more

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  • 5 steps to prevent data theft from departing employees

    In order to maintain an effective security program, businesses are required to consider both external and internal data theft threats. While organizations develop robust threats for external threats, it’s critical to evaluate how vulnerable your organization’s data is.

    In this article, explore the 5 steps you should take to prevent data loss threats posed by departing employees in order to ensure the safety of your digital property.

  • Managed detection and response: An evaluator's guide

    A managed detection and response (MDR) service provider can help organizations establish or enhance their threat detection and incident response strategies by allowing them to quickly scale security and compliance efforts.

    This evaluator’s guide is designed to help organizations evaluating MDR services in their decision-making process. The guide includes 10 key elements for consideration, including:

    • Threat intelligence data
    • Deployment and onboarding with specific use cases
    • Cloud security monitoring

    Read on to uncover the remaining 7 key considerations, as well as some questions to ask potential service providers.

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  • How reducing complexity leads to better security outcomes

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  • 24/7 monitoring and threat analysis

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  • Why managed security services can be a key strategy for evolving your business

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  • Improve your security posture with managed detection and response

    This webcast examines the top cybersecurity challenges facing SMBs and explores how you can bolster your defenses against pernicious threats with a security operations center as a service (SOCaaS).


  • 6 reasons security appliance solutions are now failing your business

    A decade ago it was easier to secure most businesses. With less advanced threats, most SMBs were protected with a combination of Unified Threat Management and Secure Web Gateways. In this white paper, uncover the most common reasons these security application solutions are now failing your business.


  • Hackers now targeting SMBs: how to avoid becoming prey

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  • Enforce a Zero Trust Security Model in Today's Hostile Environment

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  • Assess your current state of cybersecurity maturity

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  • Protecting what matters most

    In this article, discover Chet Patel, Global transformation and commercial officer at British Telecommunications reveal common discussions he has with customers about the importance of security.


  • The essential security operations solution checklist

    Data breaches constantly threaten enterprises today. The biggest challenge that organizations face is coordinating incident response across the organization. Download this resource for access to an essential security operations solution checklist to help your organization better respond to security threats and vulnerabilities.


  • 2019 cybersecurity challenges and opportunities report for C-suite-level executives

    In this 2019 Executive Application & Network Security Report, discover the current leading cybersecurity challenges and opportunities for C-suite-level executives.


  • How to overcome the security skills and resource gaps within your organization

    Many organizations are adopting new and emerging technologies faster than they can address related security issues. The situation is further exacerbated by the industry’s skills and resources gap. In this white paper, discover 6 practical approaches to bridge the cybersecurity skills and resource gap in your organization.


  • Security trends organizations should be aware of to help keep themselves secure

    Cybercrime is continuing to evolve, and cybercriminals are developing new ways to target businesses across the globe. In this infographic, explore current trends that CenturyLink believes organizations should be aware of today to help keep themselves secure.


  • Protect your enterprise with NWN Security

    In this solution brief, learn how NWN Security can help you combat the architectural and operational challenges of implementing and maintaining a secure environment.


  • Ovum: Security trends to watch in 2011

    Security needs are growing fast. Businesses are facing a large-scale and well-resourced criminal network intent on defrauding them and their customers. On top of this there is the growing threat of cyber espionage, and the need to meet ever more stringent compliance benchmarks.


  • 14 managed security services providers: An analyst report

    Download this Forrester report to see how top managed security services providers, such as Secureworks, Alert Logic, IBM, and Symantec measure up.


  • Why security strategies should focus on people and data: Insights from a CTO

    In this guide, Jeremy Wittkop, Chief Technology Officer, explains why security leaders should start pivoting their security strategies to emphasize the 2 elements of security that are not likely to be diminished: people and data. Read on to learn more about what he thinks really matters in the future of security and what you can do about it now.


  • Jericho Forum - the vision

    Jericho Forum aims to develop and influence information and communications technology(ICT) security standards.  These will facilitate the secure interoperation of ICT to support collaboration and commerce over open networks, within and between organisations, based on a security architecture and design approach entitled de-perimeterisation.


  • SOC: Connecting people, processes and technologies

    Digital transformation has revolutionized the way business is conducted. However, cybersecurity hasn’t kept pace with technology changes and trends. Evolving your SOC will help your organization better analyze, plan, build, run and measure. Continue to this video to get started.


  • Personnel security administration: Improving efficiency and effectiveness

    In this white paper, learn how the Appian Personnel Administration and Security Solution (PASS) can help create a unified view of people and investigations in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel security administration.


  • Why SMBs need a proactive security strategy

    A growing number of small to medium-sized businesses are falling victim to cybercrime. However, not all SMBs are aware of the risks and implications. In this infographic, learn why SMBs need a proactive security strategy that includes services that protect data, devices and people to eliminate gaps in protection.


  • Building a comprehensive security operations framework

    Learn how this leading insurance provider was able to improve incident response capabilities, launch a security incident response tool in just 6 weeks, build customer confidence, and more during a time of rapid growth.


  • The Future of Security Operations

    As technology changes and attack surfaces grow, security teams are forced to think differently. Leverage this resource to learn about the future of security operations and how your team can more effectively operationalize world-class security practices.


  • What makes SMBs attractive targets to cybercriminals

    This white paper examines the current attack surface for SMBs and looks at the 3 essential components of a managed security service, which include protection for data, devices, and people. Read on to learn more.


  • Governance: Thinking strategically about cloud security

    When it comes to developing security management programs, most enterprises focus on technology service and functionality rather than thinking strategically. A security approach that prioritizes governance allows for organizations to centralize strategic efforts and ensure cloud adoption preparedness. Read on to learn more.


  • Zero trust: Protect your perimeter-less network

    Learn about 128 Technology’s approach to zero trust and how it can protect you in this white paper.


  • E-Guide: Bringing Value to Application Monitoring Through SIM

    This expert e-guide describes the value that security information and management systems (SIMs) can bring to both application monitoring and real-time security. See how you can get the most out of SIM by reading on now.


  • Natural language understanding: Securing the human perimeter

    The traditional notion of what constitutes a perimeter is disappearing, user behavior is evolving, and organizations are incorporating mobile workforces and remote devices. Applying adequate security today requires a change in mindset to focus on the human perimeter. Download this white paper to learn more.


  • How to simplify compliance for FFIEC-NCUA

    Find out how financial organizations can simplify FFIEC/NCUA compliance by leveraging a security operations center as a service (SOCaaS).


  • Explore the 3 pillars of a robust security model

    A robust security model is built on 3 pillars—people, processes and technology. Unfortunately, a failure to innovate could negatively affect your ability to excel at all 3. In this blog, explore these 3 pillars and discover 5 steps to solving the people, process and technologies equation.


  • 5 endpoint attacks your antivirus won't catch

    Explore this white paper that examines the tools, personnel and processes required to build and operate an effective SOC, along with an analysis of how organizations can leverage the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform as the foundation for a SOC.


  • Explore a 6-step third-party assessment process

    Supply chain partners can be a weak link when it comes to security. Third-party assessments are a great way to manage that risk. But they can quickly become burdensome and create mountains of paperwork without necessarily improving security. In this white paper, explore Expel's 6-step third-party assessment process.


  • Learn more about CrowdStrike's incident response and proactive services

    CrowdStrike's incident response and proactive services are architected to enable organizations to quickly and effectively react to a cybersecurity incident. In this white paper, learn how CrowdStrike Services can help organizations secure and mature their security by addressing 3 fundamental questions.


  • SOAR vs. SIEM

    While some IT shops could get away with using a SIEM or a SOAR tool, they are best deployed as complementary products. Although these tools have major commonalities, they also have distinct differences. In this e-guide, learn all about the key similarities and differences in SIEM and SOAR.


  • Reduce employee mistakes with Mimecast's security awareness training

    Despite the most advanced protections that can be put in place, despite the best threat intelligence that can be brought, organizations remain vulnerable to attacks because of one key factor: human error. In this solution brief, learn how Mimecast Awareness Training can help organizations combat security breaches caused by employee mistakes.


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    In this e-guide, gain key insight for establishing better physical security and employee awareness for device usage. View now to uncover best practices and technologies that can help you lock down devices, and how to put device responsibility back in the hands of the employee.


  • Security operations center services: Protect financial data

    This webcast explores how banks and other financial institutions can protect their critical assets with managed detection and response. Find out how you can overcome the security skills shortage with threat detection services.


  • Security awareness training 101

    Employee behavior and the culture you influence greatly impact the effectiveness of your overall cyber resilience strategy. Read on for 6 ways you can make security awareness apart of your organization's culture.