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5 key components of data-driven decision making

Informed, powerful decision-making rests on 5 pillars for most enterprises, including eliminating inefficiencies, better customer engagement, and maximized productivity.

So what else goes into improving your most important process?

Read on to find out and to see how the right deployment of AI, engineering, and design can help you create powerful solutions and strategies that empower decision-making at scale.

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  • Backup that can handle the scale of data and threat of ransomware

    With growing data volume, velocity, and variety presenting serious challenges to today’s backup systems, it’s important to invest in solutions that can keep up with your business’s growing scale.

    Access this custom white paper to learn how Cloudian storage and QCT’s hardware solutions, powered by Intel, combine to provide powerful backup with the capacity and performance to ensure business continuity and peace of mind in the event of ransomware or a data loss event.

    Intel, the Intel logo, Optane, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective holders.

  • How to prevent issues before they impact customers, employees, or the business

    Today, technology teams can’t keep up with the explosion of user and machine-generated incidents and events, leading to issues that impact customers, employees, and the business.

    The answer? AI-powered service ops.

    Open up this infographic to learn more about AI-powered service op platforms from ServiceNow, covering features, outcomes, and how to get started.

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  • Top 4 considerations for building your AI-Powered service operations strategy

    CIOs are under pressure to ensure smooth service operations around the clock while supporting evolving digital products. Explore this whitepaper to discover how ServiceNow’s AI-Powered Service Operations deliver predictive, integrated AI solutions that grow revenue, manage costs and deliver a flawless customer experience.


  • Deliver better data at scale to power positive outcomes

    Explore this white paper to learn how the Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog—a unified cloud-native tool that allows customers to find, understand, govern, and trust their data—integrates into your existing data landscape with ease even as it scales and empowers analytics, AI, and business initiatives with better data.


  • Busting myths about AI in customer experience

    AI will power 95% of customer interactions by 2025, but many business leaders still harbor uncertainties about what AI can do and how customers are responding. Download this white paper to debunk 6 misconceptions about AI and discover insights into how AI can transform your service operations and customer experiences.


  • Experience-led service delivery powered by Qualtrics and ServiceNow

    Learn how you can leverage the power of ServiceNow’s digital workflows and Qualtrics’ experience management technology on a single platform to deliver a new standard in customer service, in this webcast.


  • Ongoing digital transformation uplifts Hawaiian Telecom

    Hawaiian Telcom sought out a one-cloud solution to address their efficiency and communications challenges. Now, with an automated and integrated mobile strategy from KloudGin, their business processes and communications are capable of outstanding customer service. Find out more in this case study.


  • How analytics is helping CSPs conquer the market

    Access this white paper to learn how communications service providers can better leverage the goldmine of data they’re sitting on via analytics and power growth in a competitive, challenging, and changing market.


  • HPE HCI customer success stories

    Read these customer success stories to learn how the intelligent HCI portfolio from HPE has helped businesses succeed and can drive your success.


  • Explore Epicor’s Supplier Digital Integration Suite

    In this paper, explore Epicor’s Supplier Digital-Integration Suite – powerful solutions that boost communications and streamline processes to help companies build stronger connections with employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. Download now to uncover key features, FAQs, services, and more.


  • The state of contact center transformation

    The contact center is no longer just a place to respond to customer issues. Now, the contact center acts as a front door for a digitally transformed business. Explore the state of contact center transformation in the new digital world in this exclusive guide, available for download here.


  • How Fractal’s powerful AI analytics boost personalization results

    Access this case study to learn how Fractal built one customer a scalable state of the art solution on their Azure cloud platform to address personalization shortcomings, and boosted ROI by 21%, reduced message fatigue, and improve customer engagement and satisfaction.


  • How AI is transforming ecommerce

    Download this infographic to learn how AI-powered ecommerce platforms can help businesses transform customer experiences, gain efficiency, and drive revenue.


  • Leverage AWS AI services to enhance customer experiences

    It’s time to leave behind the challenges of legacy contact centers—long wait times, misdirected calls, and resolution delays. Instead, deploy the power of machine learning and give customers the solutions they need. Read the eBook Improving Service and Reducing Costs in Contact Centers to learn how you can leverage AWS AI services.


  • The infrastructure and solutions that make AI a reality

    As the price of high-performance computing decreases and AI continues to improve in its everyday usability, companies need to consider how AI fits into their organization. Read this white paper to learn how you can deploy powerful infrastructure and management for AI that will keep insight flowing across hybrid clouds without breaking the bank.


  • Demo: IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

    With the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, your organization can boost business performance with AI-powered automation. Explore how your team can leverage the IBM Cloud Pak here.


  • How to unlock the power of analytics for a better user-experience

    Tune into this podcast to hear three workplace experts discuss the power of analytics in a digital workplace, how to utilize analytics to support the business of your customers, and more.


  • Explore predictive routing in action

    Your KPIs are the definition of your customer service success. It’s important to do all you can to drive business outcomes and meet—or exceed—performance expectations. That starts with using technologies like AI-powered predictive routing. Learn about predictive routing, and how it can help you deliver a top-notch CX in this brief.


  • Green initiatives are delivering disappointing ROIs for today's data centers

    In the following expert handbook, readers will learn about several ways they can help reduce the cost of power consumption in the data center, effecting greater energy efficiency.


  • Where low-code meets customer experience

    As organizations prioritize the digital experience, customer outreach has become a hotspot for innovation. In this guide, explore how using a low-code, SaaS-powered platform can give your organization an entirely new way to serve your clients and contact end customers in a secure and scalable manner.


  • The 5 technologies that can help you differentiate your brand

    Download this infographic to look at these 5 categories of tools and better understand which ones are best suited to power your next-generation customer experience.


  • The benefits of Hitachi flash storage for analytics & AI

    Access this short product sheet to learn how Hitachi’s midrange VSP storage portfolio, comprised of NVMe, hybrid flash, and all-flash storage options, is designed to give medium and small businesses the storage power and flexibility needed to fuel advanced analytics, train AI, and scale and manage complex workloads.


  • Business in the new economic landscape

    For this research report, Dell Technologies and Intel asked IDG to query businesses employing between 100 and 499 staff across Europe and South Africa to understand their IT-related visions and concerns. Read the report to examine the most common IT challenges, initiatives and security opportunities in these parts of the world.


  • How product configuration platforms can help sales teams succeed

    Growing demand for customized and personalized products – and accurate quotes for these offerings – has accelerated the need for product configuration tools. Download this whitepaper to learn about the benefits of combining Salesforce CPQ with the power, speed and scale of the configuration platform Configit Ace.


  • How to keep your digital services up and running 24/7

    Download this eBook to learn all about the game-changing benefits of AI-Powered Service Operations with Predictive AIOps from ServiceNow – an automation platform designed to fill in where humans can’t.


  • Integrate next generation technology with VxRail

    The latest generation of VxRail, built on PowerEdge Servers and 3rd Gen Intel Xeon scalable processors, delivers a modernized and powerful platform that enables you to support increasingly diverse workloads and evolving business goals, while simplifying and improving the customer experience. Check out this infographic to learn more about VxRail.


  • Dell EMC PowerScale goes beyond traditional SDS

    Dell EMC PowerScale is a scale-out file technology with a history of delivering the benefits of SDS while taking the burden of the software and hardware integration off its customers. Access this ESG white paper to learn more.


  • Embedded analytics, IoT, and OEMs: A perfect match

    As companies embrace the emergence of the IoT and the importance of data, original equipment manufacturers are uniquely well positioned to guide their customers into the next phase of business analytics. Read on to learn why OEMs can benefit from embedding analytics capabilities in their products, and how it can easily be done.


  • AI and banks: Improve security, compliance, data science, and more

    Read this white paper to learn how banking institutions can best leverage AI, common AI roadblocks and ways to overcome them, successful AI implementations, best use cases, and more.


  • Get Started with Microsoft Power Apps

    Microsoft Power Apps enables businesses to transform from manual to automated processes and develop apps for their individual business needs without writing their own code. Explore Microsoft Power Apps use cases, the benefits and limitations of the product, and its best practices.


  • How ACI Worldwide builds its infrastructure success on PostgreSQL

    ACI Worldwide chose EnterpriseDB’s BDR for its simplicity, power, and ability to integrate in larger, complex architectures. Read this short blog post to discover why ACI chose BDR and learn how BDR has become a strong foundation for their real-time solutions.


  • Technology overview: Azure Stack HCI combined with Lenovo hardware

    Access this guide to learn more about HCI and modern options for making the most out of it.


  • How HPE Superdome Flex servers improve in-memory AI and HPC

    This IDC white paper covers the HPE Superdome Flex family of servers and how they bring value to customers in the in-memory HPC and in-memory AI areas. Read on to dig into the features, capabilities, and advantages of investing in this solution, and learn how your company can benefit, as well.


  • Scripted chatbots vs. Virtual agents

    Scripted chatbots and virtual agents are more different than you think. In this webinar, learn exactly what sets the two technologies apart. The webinar also provides insight into how automation and knowledge management are powering intelligent virtual agents in customer support.


  • Webinar: How AWS migration increases operational efficiency

    Sign up for this 30-minute session where Alistair Gilbert, Basware Director of DevOps, will share how migrating to AWS and embracing cloud native application development helped to increase operational efficiencies and solution deployment speeds.


  • Top tips and trends for utility contact centers

    Utility suppliers are modernizing rapidly, and contact centers are in the spotlight in the struggle to meet customer expectations. If businesses can unlock the power of data, they will be able to accelerate innovation in the contact center. Learn more in this infographic about how AI can help you build greater trust and customer loyalty.


  • The latest Dell EMC PowerEdge Server innovations

    Explore this white paper to learn how the PowerEdge server powers your innovation engine to meet the challenges of digital transformation with a secure infrastructure that supports a full range of modern workloads and objectives.


  • CDP interface powers marketing success for AB InBev

    Global beer company AB InBev struggled to unify and secure their data management strategies that spanned across 40+ countries and 500+ brands. To break down data silos and better inform their marketing strategy, they partnered with Treasure Data to implement a CDP interface. Explore this case study to learn how CDPs help you deliver great CX.


  • 6 phases of employee experience, explained

    In today’s work environment, productivity is inherently tied to the engagement and happiness of employees and their work experiences. Dive into this white paper to learn the six phases of the employee experience and how to successfully navigate them.


  • Best practices to expand and optimize your edge infrastructure

    Telco companies need fast, flexible solutions designed to optimize performance at the edge before 5G is more accessible. Learn about Dell Technologies’ offered solutions to address the compute, network, and storage needs of telcos operating at the edge.


  • Devices to make anyplace a collaboration space

    Employees need to stay connected and productive in the new hybrid work world. Open up this infographic to explore solutions that can power the future of work from the office and from home.


  • Analytics at the edge helps CenterPoint Energy deliver power to millions

    Delivering electricity to 2.5 million customers means monitoring thousands of miles of power lines. Learn how CenterPoint is using drones to collect Lidar, infrared and HD video data and processing it in the field with HPE Edgeline servers.


  • Lumen 4 question edge computing quiz

    Take this four-question selection quiz to discover what blend of Lumen edge computing solutions, powered by 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, offers the right speed, security and connectivity to power your next-gen workloads like AI/ML, IoT and robotics.


  • Harness the power of the Edge in the new hybrid workplace

    For most businesses, harnessing the power of the Edge presents some formidable challenges. Aruba surveyed 2,400 IT leaders to get insight on what obstacles they are facing and where technology solutions can help empower them to adapt quickly and position their businesses for growth. Download this e-book to explore key findings from the survey.


  • The Imperative for Integrated Planning in Power BI

    Access this Ventana Research white paper to learn how integrated planning tools combine traditional BI offerings with cutting-edge features, giving you the power to maximize performance across your business.


  • Improving digital employee experiences

    Access this guide to learn more about digital experience management.


  • Cost savings and business benefits of Dell EMC PowerScale Storage

    The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of a PowerScale investment on their organizations. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®.


  • Get more from your big data with the right approach

    Explore this Contino white paper to learn how different companies can use the appropriate big data approach to find more value from their existing treasure troves of data.


  • Cisco Pricing Guide

    As the one of the world's leading technology providers, Cisco maintains significant pricing power—but customers still have negotiating leverage, they just too often fail to take advantage. This invaluable resource provides actual discount ranges obtained by customers and helps you understand how to maximize leverage in your next deal.