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New Download: Guide to Improving Customer Engagement

The rise of personalization, AI chatbot technologies, and social media are changing the way companies connect and engage with their customers.

Find out how these popular brands are changing their ways to keep consumers engaged and satisfied:

  • AT&T
  • 24-Hour Fitness
  • HelloFresh
  • The Hersey Company
  • And others

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  • CRM Initiatives for Improved Customer Experience

    In the past when a business was debating different customer relationship management (CRM) platforms the focus was on which deployment method to adopt: cloud or on-premises.

    The features and applications it offered were an after-thought – until now. Savvy companies are refocusing their attention on what really matters, how the CRM platform will bolster the customer experience.

    Download this expert guide to discover which features should play an important role in the buying decision, such as ease of use, enterprise-class applications, and more.

    Read on to learn more.

  • Call Center Tips: Bridging the CEM Chasm

    Customer experience management (CEM) is a critical component of gaining a competitive advantage in the modern age of the customer. By optimizing customer interactions through a variety of channels - call center and social CRM included - you can foster customer loyalty and long-term revenue.

    Unfortunately, many businesses rely on legacy technology and siloed organization structures that hinder their ability to make the most of customer interactions. So what can be done?

    Check out this expert e-guide with advice from Forrester analyst Art Schoeller, as he explores how to harness social media channels in your call center via an "outside-in" strategy. Read now to learn how to reach all customer touchpoints and achieve 100% visibility into your end-to-end customer interactions.


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  • How to craft a winning CX initiative

    What was once considered a luxury item, marketing automation tools are now a fundamental element of a company's martech stack. Up to 7,000 more marketing automation tools are available. Participate in our survey to claim a copy of Complete Guide to Marketing Automation to compare vendors and learn how you can meet business needs.


  • Interactive Marketing eBook: It’s all about the Journey

    No matter where you are on your journey to Interactive Marketing, you can get there with the right marketing software solutions. When you achieve effective, efficient, measurable marketing that creates meaningful dialogue, you ensure increased lifetime customer value. This eBook reveals just some of the important steps along the journey.


  • Supporting a Multichannel Contact Center

    Consult this expert e-guide to uncover how you can provide customer support across multiple communication channels. Assisting customers efficiently is imperative to the reputation of your business. This e-guide covers best practices for managing multiple channels, so you can prepare for communication from every angle.


  • Analyst's take: Microsoft Dynamics CRM boosts customer service and company profits

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables organizations to improve customer service, effectively manage marketing and communications, and increase sales productivity, ultimately driving increased profits and reduced costs.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Customer Experience

    Discover how to craft data-first CRM strategies and get tips about coordinating data sources for effective CRM, 5 ways to reduce risks for Salesforce deployments, and the pros and cons of current CRM software offerings.


  • New CRM Technologies bring sales success to businesses

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  • Are martech trends really worth watching?

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  • How to map content to the buyer¿s journey

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