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  • IDC: Securing Data in a Borderless Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Vera

    Access this white paper and learn how you can set security and sharing policies for your data wherever it goes, set and change data-access rights in real time, control what people can and can't do with data, and more.

  • SIEM Solution Report: How Did Yours Score?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This report looks at 13 SIEM tools and identifies each one's strengths and cautions. Access now to determine if your ideal SIEM strategy is a niche player, a visionary, a challenger, or a leader.

  • The C-Suite & Cybersecurity: Six Reasons to Step up Your Security Game This Year

    Sponsored by: AllClear ID

    In this white paper, Forrester Research describes the six most significant changes coming to security economics, government policy, the role of business in 2016 and what you should do about them.

  • Client Study: Security Intelligence

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This report features quantitative statistics documenting the required time, skills and the typical workflow IT security teams utilize to investigate suspected network attacks, security breaches and recognized data loss scenarios. Uncover findings from 196 US IT and IT security practitioners.

  • Factoring the Human Element into Your Data Breach Response

    Sponsored by: AllClear ID

    Access this white paper to see how emotional reactions to a security breach can affect your crisis management.

  • Network protection: The untold story

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper explores the growing need for next-generation network protection, focusing on the advances that can help combat today’s advanced threats. It introduces how you can gain the critical insight, visibility and control you need to protect the network against emerging threats and targeted attacks.

  • Secure the data that powers your business with IBM Security Guardium

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper will show you how to adpot a proactive, holisitc approach to protecting sensitive data across all platforms.

  • Project Planning for FedRAMP

    Sponsored by: Coalfire

    Access this white paper and learn how FedRAMP is intended to improve the security of the cloud implementations that support the operation of the federal government.

  • Deploy an Enterprise Mobility Gateway to Optimize Access Control

    Sponsored by: F5 Networks

    In this white paper, you will learn how to scale, secure, and optimize control of your anytime, anywhere network, cloud, and application access. Read this paper to securely manage your workforce mobility and unburden your IT department and learn how to deliver seamless user access to all web-based resources.

  • Top 6 Dangers of Not Inspecting SSL Traffic

    Sponsored by: A10 Networks

    Encryption can improve message confidentiality and integrity but it may also mask hackers' activities. Access this white paper to learn six additional dangers of not inspecting SSL traffic, and what your business can do to expose threats.

  • 5 Ways Vera Makes Office 365 More Secure

    Sponsored by: Vera

    In this white paper, learn how you can protect every document your team creates, without sacrificing the simple, consistent user experience you count on.

  • Intelligent Spear Phishing Protection: Stopping Highly Targeted Attacks

    Sponsored by: Cloudmark

    In this brief paper, discover how today's spear phishing attacks operate, as well as how they evade conventional defenses. Learn how to employ protection against these highly targeted attacks with next-gen context analysis and real-time reporting dashboards.

  • The Application Delivery Controller: Top 10 Checklist

    Sponsored by: A10 Networks

    Access this checklist to uncover 10 capabilities that will allow you to take advantage of secured applications across the enterprise.

  • 5 Ways to Extend Security Beyond Dropbox

    Sponsored by: Vera

    Access this white paper to discover how you can better protect your files in Dropbox. Learn to protect, secure and track all you confidential and sensitive content.

  • Securing the Enterprise with an ADC

    Sponsored by: A10 Networks

    To protect web applications, organizations need to deploy the right firewalls. Access this infographic to learn more ways to strengthen security in the enterprise when you secure your data center assets, protect sensitive data with SSL offloading, and more.

  • Is Your Network Security Limited to Defending Yesterday's Threats?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this infographic, you will discover how to safeguard your organization from new and emerging threats with a next-gen IPS. Read on how to move beyond pattern matching and apply behavior-based protection to combat advanced and unknown threats to defend your organization.

  • Infographic: Top Reasons You Need A High Performance ADC

    Sponsored by: A10 Networks

    In a world where 35% of data breaches consist of web attacks, you need a reliable security strategy. Access this infographic to learn what's at stake for network security, and how you can mitigate these issues with four key capabilities.

  • The Impact of Spear Phishing: Enterprise Survey Findings

    Sponsored by: Cloudmark

    In this informative video, you'll hear from cyber security expert Morgan Wright and Cloudmark's SVP of engineering Leon Rishniw as they discuss the impacts of spear phishing. Tune in for details on how you can defend the enterprise against this expanding threat.

  • The Insiders' View: Spear Phishing and the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Cloudmark

    This panel discussion dives into the topic of spear phishing, the most effective hacking technique facing organizations today.

  • Computer Weekly – 26 January 2016: Beyond India – the emerging outsourcing destinations

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the growing number of offshore alternatives to the dominant outsourcing destination of India. We examine how to respond if your organisation is affected by a data breach. And we analyse how virtualisation technology can help improve your disaster recovery strategy. Read the issue now.

  • Success That Scales: Delivering Security Intelligence for Organizations of All Sizes

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper explains how an integrated security intelligence platform with scalable capabilities, allowing enterprises to stay a step ahead of security threats. Read on to learn how this platform can enable you to scale out and up and deploy new capabilities such as integrated risk management, vulnerability management, and incident forensics.

  • The Expansion of the IPS Appliance Market and Intrusion Prevention Systems Assessment

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this report, you will evaluate several best-in-class intrusion prevention systems, and determine which stand-alone IPS appliances offer the functionality needed in your enterprise. Read on to learn which vendors offer IPS and IDS functionality to provide control over public cloud workloads.

  • New Rules of Data Security Virtual Portal

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This portal is your hub for the latest data security strategies and best practices. Watch this series of informative videos to help shed light on the real world implications of data breaches, the importance of ensuring regulatory compliance and how to leverage best breed security solutions.

  • Stopping Attacks at the Identity Perimeter

    Sponsored by: SecureAuth

    This infographic will show you how to control your identity risks. Secure Auth IdP will improve protection and detection thus reducing risk.

  • Freedom to Roam

    Sponsored by:

    This month, CW Europe looks in-depth at an issue that is set to impact people across all 28 European Union member states, the abolition of mobile roaming charges, set for mid-2017.

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