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  • Security Has Failed Us - But it's not Too Late

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    Watch this brief video as security solutions expert Tom Patterson explains the failures of the security industry and how they've worsened due to new threats and environments. Tune in and discover the surprising way to overcome these failures.

  • VoIP: Real Deployment Stories from the Field

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    This webcast features VoIP pioneer Bryan Martin, a seasoned VoIP veteran with real-world experience from thousands of successful deployments, detailing how VoIP-based technology has changed, where it is going, and where it might take companies like yours tomorrow. Watch now to learn more.

  • Why Innovation Matters: Discussing 8x8's Patents and Technologies

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    Watch this informative webcast to hear executives from 8x8 reflect on their culture of innovation and discuss why it matters to customers and to the cloud communications industry. You'll find out how their patents and technologies have changed the business communications market.

  • The State of Security Today: What Needs to Change

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    This video discusses the state of security and what needs to change in order to keep our enterprises safe in today's environment. Watch now to learn how micro segmentation can minimize the damage of vicious threats and attacks.

  • Sandboxing: CPU-Level Threat Prevention

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    This brief video explores how you can detect advanced malware that hides in the CPU-level of an application. Discover how you can stop even the most advanced and evasive threats.

  • Multi-Layered Defense for an Evolving Threat Landscape

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    Access this webcast to learn how you can protect against both known and unknown malware and to make today's difficult cybersecurity landscape just a little bit easier.

  • How Sandboxing puts a Stop to Today's Advanced Attacks

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    This video introduces a modern approach to sandboxing that catches even the most evasive attack. Take a look to learn how you can upgrade your sandboxing capabilities to match today's advanced and zero-day attacks.

  • Staying One Step Ahead with Zero-Day Protection

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    This webcast examines how you can stop today's advanced hackers. Watch and learn how sandboxing, CPU-level detection and more can keep your organization secure from even the most sophisticated threats.

  • InfoSec Monitoring & Analytics in the Age of IoT and Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    In this webcast, an experienced security professional discusses how you can integrate monitoring and analytics into your security strategy to better defend against advanced threats.

  • Making "Things" Secure: Towards a Safer Internet of Things

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This webcast discusses different IoT applications and exposes how important security and reliability is when putting together an IoT system. Access now to see the top 10 vulnerabilities of IoT applications, including insecure network services, insufficient security configurability, and inefficient authentication, and learn how you can resolve them.

  • Threat Intelligence Networks: The Next Generation

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This video discusses how information security architecture has shifted the focus of threat intelligence from reactive protection for individual threats to proactive risk management. Learn how you can build security into your infrastructure by utilizing an ecosystem of products that work together to minimize the risks of a data breach.

  • Citrix Clinical Mobile Workspace Demo

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    This short video makes the case for improving patient outcomes by enabling clinicians to be securely connected to all aspects of healthcare all the time.

  • Discovering the New Business Case for Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This presentation demonstrates how cyber security creates wealth for stakeholders and justifies the investments that need to be made towards it. Learn how security can enable your digital information to have functional and economic value as property and can help you manage the risk of any potential threat or attack on your information.

  • How to Deliver Value, Not Risk, With Your Organization's Mobile Apps

    Sponsored by: IBM

    To insulate your organization from modern security threats and earn the trust of your customers, this webcast explains, you need to bolster your apps against threats from all sides. View now to learn how one platform can address your mobile app security challenges.

  • Privileged Access

    Sponsored by:

    Learn how to implement effective logging and monitoring of privileged user accounts so a potential security incident involving privileged access can be quickly mitigated or avoided entirely.

  • Reduce Attack Surface and Compliance Risks with Unified Threat Protection

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint, Inc.

    In this webcast, Joe Diamond, Director of Product Marketing for Information Protection at Proofpoint, explains how to protect your sensitive information from malicious attacks, system glitch, and human error with ongoing security solutions. View now to reduce your attack surface with automated classification.

  • Any Device, Any User, Always Secure: Adding Macs and Mobile Devices to Your Existing Management Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    Can workers really use their device of choice while still allowing IT to manage the device and secure the way users access corporate resources and applications? In this webcast, guest speaker IDC analyst Peter Linstrom will explore these needs as well as trends in how the marketplace is addressing these challenges.

  • Protect Your Data: Meet the Heroes of a Dynamic Threat Protection System

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Organizations take an average of 225 days to detect an advanced persistent threat. Since you can't afford to wait that long, tune into this video and discover a methodology for preventing, detecting and responding to advanced attacks.

  • Why Your Cybersecurity Needs to Advance

    Sponsored by: BitDefender

    This brief video discusses the dangers of traditional security and the importance of embracing sophisticated security measures. Take a look to learn how improving your security architecture can stop the rise of cybercrime.

  • Choosing Security You Know You Can Trust

    Sponsored by: BitDefender

    In this video, an enterprise CEO discusses the importance of trustworthy cybersecurity and what that means for his organization. Take a look to learn how you can select a security system you can trust to stop today's powerful attacks.

  • Automate Your Enterprise Apps to Ensure Secure Mobile Data Access

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    In this webcast, Security Strategists Stacy Bruzek Banerjee and Kurt Roemer share their advice on how and where to protect the enterprise data that matters. Tune in to receive guidance on automating your enterprise data and apps, so that your people can access sensitive data when—and where—they need it.

  • The Cloud is Casting a Shadow Over IT

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    In the following webinar, join Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President for IDC's Security Product and Services Group, and Chris Webber, Security Strategist from Centrify, as they discuss shadow IT and the many problems it can bring to the table. Tune in now and uncover insights into how to overcome these issues.

  • Mobile Devices, Wearables and the Future of Identity

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    This webcast describes how the mobile devices we carry can help boost your enterprise's identity management and authentication security.

  • Single Sign-On: Past, Present, and Future

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    Join Pete Lindstrom, Research Director for IDC's Security Products program, and Chris Webber, Security Strategist with Centrify, to learn how the lessons of the past can help IT springboard into the future of Identity.

  • The Power of Cloud-Based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    Sponsored by: PR Television

    In this webcast, learn about the four major areas that all organizations should address to ensure mobile workforce security and learn about recent developments in the malware landscape and BYOD security.

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