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  • Beyond the Sandbox: Strengthen Your Edge-to-Endpoint Security

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Should security pros rely on sandboxing as their single point of defense? Discover where sandboxing technology stands today, why it fails to meet the needs of organizations, and what's needed for effective malware analysis.

  • Your Guide to Spotting and Preventing Malware Infection

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds MSP

    Learn about the types of attacks facing a typical network and uncover some successful mitigation strategies IT professionals have implemented to protect their networks.

  • A Look at How Data Privacy Laws Impact Cloud Adoption in Russia

    Sponsored by: Symantec & Blue Coat Systems

    Learn how to satisfy Russian data residency, privacy, and regulation requirements when it comes to the cloud. Discover how to avoid business disruptions by complying with the law.

  • Next-generation Firewall Platforms the Answer to NGFW Shortcomings?

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Firewall technology has evolved to be an essential cog in the overall cybersecurity machine, but it remains one of a multitude of puzzle pieces needed. In this ESG report uncover the NGFW shortcomings, and how to maximize their efficiency for your organization

  • Secure Your Email Against Targeted Phishing Attacks

    Sponsored by: Symantec & Blue Coat Systems

    Learn how to ensure your email is protected against phishing attacks. Discover not only what to look for in threats coming in, but also how to tackle sophisticated email security challenges.

  • The Ultimate Checklist To Preventing And Fighting Ransomware Attacks

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    When it comes to battling ransomware, your best offense is a good defense. Is your organization prepared to ward off an attack? Run through these 10 steps to develop, or enhance your existing, ransomware defense strategy.

  • How ransomware can hold your business hostage

    Sponsored by: Dell SonicWALL

    Delve into the modern malware threat landscape and gain a detailed understanding of how malware targets your company, how it works, why traditional methods fail to protect against it, and how to mitigate your risk.

  • The new EUsecurityrequirements and you

    Sponsored by: Symantec & Blue Coat Systems

    This infographic reveals how to support compliance while reaping business rewards. Learn about tools that deliver real-time threat intelligence, policy-based data usage assurance, and 2 more compliant ways to use and store data.

  • In 2017, the insider threat epidemic begins

    Sponsored by:

    Cyber security resiliency depends on detecting, deterring and mitigating insider threats. This report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology assesses the risks and potential solutions.

  • Hacking the Human Operating System

    Sponsored by:

    Cyber attackers often bypass the consciousness of their targets and attempt to manipulate victims through subconscious influences. This report from Intel Security offers advice on how to mitigate these risks.

  • SWIFT Banking System Boosts Security Following Cyberattacks

    Sponsored by: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Following a number of attacks on the SWIFT banking system that led to the theft of millions of dollars, SWIFT promised new rules to improve security for bank transfers. In this e-guide, we examine these targeted malware attacks and explore SWIFT's response to them. Find out if their 5-part strategic program was enough to bolster security.

  • 4 Essential Capabilities for Advanced Malware Protection

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Uncover the essential capabilities you need to deploy advanced malware protection, the key questions you should ask your vendor, and how to combat today's advanced malware attacks using a combination of 4 techniques.

  • Ransomware: Block Attackers with a Layered Defense

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Uncover what ransomware is, what it does, and how customers can defend their organizations against it. Reveal what a layered defense strategy can do for your organization and how to best implement it.

  • Viewpoints and Vendor Comparisons: Access Management and ID Federation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this market report, learn how web access management and identity federation enable organizations to manage access both from and to external systems, including cloud services, in a consistent way. Also gain rare insight into product ratings, vendor coverage, leaders in the field, and more.

  • Protect Your Critical Assets with Identity Governance and Intelligence

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Learn how integrating policy and governance controls with identity management processes would help your organization understand, control, and make better business decisions related to access and risk.

  • A New Dawn For Data Privacy

    Sponsored by: Symantec & Blue Coat Systems

    In this white paper, learn the benefits of embracing the GDPR with a good data governance strategy, which can help you not only avoid sticky legal situations, but keep your own data private as well.

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Putting a Solid Sandbox Strategy in Place

    Sponsored by: Dell SonicWALL

    Learn how to create a sandbox strategy that maximizes traffic visibility (including encrypted traffic), uses multiple detection methods (leveraging sandboxing, along with passive signature based and heuristic scanning), and possesses an architecture that balances performance, implementation costs and an inability to be detected.

  • 8 Best Practices To Prevent Your Data From Being Held Hostage

    Sponsored by: Dell SonicWALL

    Discover 8 best practices to protect your organization against ransomware attacks, minimizing your attack surfaces as well as reducing your vulnerability and strengthening your overall security posture.

  • 2016 Mobile Security & Business Transformation Study

    Sponsored by: IBM MaaS360

    Enterprise mobility has transformed security and business practices. Access the 2016 Mobile Security & Business Transformation Study, and learn what 200 respondents had to say about how organizations like yours can conduct -- and secure -- enterprise mobility.

  • Get proactive about Incident ResponseWith the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Assessment

    Sponsored by: Symantec & Blue Coat Systems

    Uncover the reasons behind how today's threats can bypass traditional security measures and what an organization can do to respond to modern, seemingly undetectable malware and attacks.

  • How Data Privacy Laws Impact Cloud Adoption In The UK

    Sponsored by: Symantec & Blue Coat Systems

    Learn the strengths of tokenization when applied to ensuring regulated data never leaves the domain or control of your organization, risking falling out of compliance with the law.

  • App Security: Shore up the Weaknesses in Your WAF

    Sponsored by: tCell

    Delve into the shortcomings of web application firewalls (WAFs) and how to shore up your defenses. Uncover the top 5 requirements for an application immune system and how to protect your web applications and modernize your security policy to stand firm against today's threats landscape.

  • Sonicwall 2017 Annual Threat Report

    Sponsored by: Dell SonicWALL

    The threat landscape evolved and shifted over the course of 2016, pushing the arms race between security professionals and cybercriminals to new heights. In this 2017 annual threat report discover key findings, vital takeaways, and a look to the future cybersecurity threat landscape.

  • Risk Assessment: The Roles Vendors and Frameworks Play

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    Assessing risk is vital to protecting your organization. Discover how to mitigate the risk that third-party vendors present to your organization with an effective, risk-driven assessment framework.

  • Security Rating Scores for Third-Party Vendors Catching On

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    In this e-guide discover why implementing security rating scores for third-party vendors is catching on, and if their impact is showing to be an overall positive one for the industry.

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