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  • IT Service Management Blueprint: Consolidate and Gain Control of Your Service Desk

    This white paper offers a blueprint for getting your help desk under control, while advancing service management delivery within your organization. Read on to discover suggested steps to enhance ITSM, including how to consolidate apps and data, organize services, and more.

  • How to Overcome Today's Top ITSM Challenges

    What obstacles are keeping your IT service delivery team from succeeding? Turn your service desk into a business function your company can be proud of: Download this white paper to transform your service delivery by overcoming the top 4 ITSM challenges.

  • Dramatically Improve Service Availability

    Constant availability is an absolute necessity and you can't ignore it. So, are you at risk for unplanned downtime? Access this e-book for several best practices that prepare your IT organization to establish a framework for higher service availability and tackle critical events as pop up.

  • Service Visibility: Your Green Light to a Clear Road Ahead

    Without the right information, you won't be able to make the best decisions. Why would you let your IT operations run blind? Automated service mapping gives you the service visibility you need so that you always have an accurate, up-to-date view of your business services.

  • Why Today's Approaches Fail

    Access this white paper to learn how current approaches to providing IT services are failing, why you need service-aware event management, and how you'll handle service issues in the near future.

  • Increase Service Visibility

    You may be at risk of missing a business service problem because of limited service visibility. If you aren't currently able to quickly identify how infrastructure events are connected to potential outages and problems, access this whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of establishing a framework for high service visibility.

  • Increase Your Service Quality with Service-Aware Event Management

    Imagine your business as the International Space Station, and your business services as a periodic visit from a supply ship sent to the space station. Without these supply ships, your enterprise would eventually be starved. Access this whitepaper to learn how you can prevent such outages in your organization with service-aware event management.

  • Accelerating and Strengthening Cloud Development and Operations

    Cloud computing enables your IT to spend more time on innovation. However, you can't just jump into cloud and hope for the best. Learn about a cloud management platform that works with several public cloud vendors and give your IT the reins to lead your organization's innovation.

  • Five Key Questions to Ask When You're Looking for a Cloud Management Platform

    You know you want a cloud management platform, but do you know what to look for when you go to invest in one? Access this e-book to discover the 5 questions you need answered before you make your investing decision.

  • Rapidly Expand Service Agility

    Is your IT team agile? Are you able to quickly provision software and manage change among your various systems, apps, and tools? If not, you can be! Access this whitepaper now on your current agility, and the path you can take to gain even greater agility in the future.

  • Time Warner Enhances Visibility and Service Quality

    Time Warner Inc., a global media and entertainment leader, had three main operating divisions all with different IT infrastructures. They needed to standardize. Access this case study to learn more about Time Warner's solution and how it impacted their bottom line.

  • Manage All of Your Public and Private Cloud Resources in a Single Place

    When migrating to the public cloud, you want to maintain tight control, like you have over on-premise and private cloud networks, without limiting your access to public cloud's full list of benefits. Access this paper for a list of best practices for public cloud migration that enable you to find that happy middle-ground.

  • PTC Transforms Management of SaaS Services

    PTC, a global tech provider, had lacked a lot of visibility and control over their incoming change orders. Access this case study to learn what PTC added to their AWS environment to improve their visibility and control to maintain both their external reputation and internal high standards.

  • TransAlta Powers IT Service Management and IT Operations with ServiceNow

    TransAlta, Canada's largest publicly traded power generator had a common issue with its legacy IT ticketing system. With this tool they were able to fix that issue, and streamline the rest of their IT operations along with it. Access this case study to learn more about the provider they worked with.

  • Survey Says: Government IT System Outages are Painful, Not Uncommon

    In a survey of 127 state and local government leaders, more than 80% reported experiencing at least 1 critical network or data outage within the last 3 months. Read this white paper on IT operations management for a strategy that can keep your lights on at all times without fail.

  • ServiceNow and AWS: Bringing IT Best Practices to AWS Cloud

    Discover in this resource how to enact deeply integrated management for the AWS Cloud—allowing IT take full advantage of cloud's agility while maintaining full visibility and control of public cloud resources. Read on to put control back in IT's hands and learn how to standardize hybrid infrastructure management.

  • Confronting Enterprise Security Risk: The State of Incident Response

    In this infographic, uncover research from ESG on the major causes of delays in incident response times and how to effectively counteract them, best practices to improve incident response, and more.

  • An Essential Checklist for Your Security Response Solution

    Learn what the required capabilities of your security response are and how to put your organization on the path to tailoring your response to fit your needs with 7 keys to succeed in today's high-risk environment.

  • Respond to Threats Faster and More Effectively Than Ever

    Learn how to respond faster than ever to threats by collecting data from your security tools and automating processes, sorting each risk by severity and how much damage they could do to your organization.

  • Status Quo Creates Security Risk

    Discover what 184 IT pros think are the most important factors that lead to incident response excellence, such as security and IT tool integration, the ability to know whether a security incident impacts a critical system and strong collaboration between the incident response and IT operations teams.

  • Bringing IT and Security Together for Better Security Response

    Security response today is too slow and complex. Learn how to give your enterprise more efficient and timely security response, a streamlined path to remediation, and peace of mind that important assets are secure.

  • Discover the Secrets to Providing Excellent Customer Service

    In a recent survey, 95% of customer service leaders identified connectingservice processes as their top goal – and also as their biggest challenge. In this infographic, learn what other challenges are plaguing your customer service peers, and discover 3 strategies for modernizing your customer service.

  • How You Can Deliver Proactive Customer Service

    In this webcast, Mary Wardley, Vice President of Enterprise Applications and CRM Software at IDC, discusses the future of customer service and what you can do to strengthen existing customer service, including how to be proactive and deliver quality experiences, technologies that can be used to enhance the customer experience, and much more.

  • A Practical Guide to Efficient Security Response

    Discover why it takes so long for organizations to discover when they have been breached. Learn how to mitigate, remediate, and recover faster.

  • How To Overcome Customer Service Challenges With CRM

    Many organizations suffer from consumer pain points such as shipping costs and delivery, lackluster service delivery, or market complexity. Luckily, the evolution of CRM can help you work through these challenges. In this webcast, discover how to get the most out of your CRM systems and processes.

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