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  • Accelerating and Strengthening Cloud Development and Operations

    IT has to respond rapidly to business needs and become an equal partner with the rest of your business in breaking down barriers to innovation. Cloud is the key. This white paper discusses cloud management challenges and how to create a unified operational model for cloud.

  • IT Service Management Blueprint Consumerize the User Experience

    Even with so many organizations switching to an automated service desk solution, 74% of IT requests still start as emails, leading to lost requests and slow turnaround times. Read this whitepaper on an automated service desk that will help your users to help themselves when it comes to service desk tickets.

  • IT Service Management Blueprint Consolidate: Get Control of Your Service Desk

    Do you ever find yourself managing your help desk through emails and phone calls? Or a growing list of overdue incidents? Allow your users to help themselves by implementing an automated service desk solution that will allow users to implement their requests in an easy to use platform and provide clear reporting to show progress and outcomes.

  • Adopting Service Integration and Management for Consistency and Control

    Your manual service management processes are likely causing your employees many many hours of extra work, and a lower change quality than your peers. At least, that was the case for The Bank of Ireland Group. Read this case study to learn more about the automated solution they chose to replace it with.

  • Dramatically Improve Service Availability

    Are you at risk for failing to prevent a business service problem or not resolving one fast enough? It may be time to improve your service availability. Access this white paper on how you can establish a framework for higher service availability at your organization.

  • Take Your Service Availability Increase Service Availability

    Organizations don't always have a clear view of business service health. As a result, many potential service issues go undetected. Download this white paper to learn how to take back control, with service-aware event management. See the health of all of your business services at a glance—and instantly get to the root cause of service issues.

  • Increase Service Visibility

    This e-book can help you discover if you have limited service visibility, see what a service visibility framework looks like, and adopt best practices to move from a piecemeal, manual approach to comprehensive, automated service reporting.

  • Why Today's Approaches Fail – and How ServiceNow Delivers

    When Facebook went down for 40 minutes in 2015 it cost the company an estimated $500,000. Don't let that happen to you. Access this white paper to learn about a monitoring tool that will eliminate redundant data, provide accurate service maps, and a holistic view of service health.

  • Expanding Process Automation with IT Service Management

    Have you considered automating your IT processes to accelerate service delivery to end-users? Access this case study to learn about the solution Topdanmark, Denmark's second largest insurance provider, chose to automate their service delivery, and streamline their approval processes for granting user and developer access rights.

  • IT Service Management Blueprint: Accelerate Service Delivery with Automation

    Your service desk is likely subject to daily bombardments of repetitive issues, manual processes, and human errors which cause delays and leave your users dissatisfied. Access this white paper to see how you can introduce automation and realize benefits such as a 30% or greater reduction in cycle times, and more.

  • IT Service Management Blueprint

    Legacy IT service management (ITSM) systems can't keep up with today's pace of business, and yet people are clinging to these old systems. Access this white paper to see why ITSM modernization isn't as difficult as some people believe. Learn about the benefits of ITSM modernization, best practices to simplify migration, and more.

  • Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Replacing Your Legacy ITSM Suite

    Legacy IT service management (ITSM) platforms are no longer worth maintaining, but many are afraid to embrace cloud-based ITSM. Access this white paper to learn best practices for legacy migration, how to evaluate cloud-based ITSM platforms, and overcome the fear of ITSM migration.

  • Why Today's Approaches Fail – and How ServiceNow Delivers

    When Facebook went down for 40 minutes in 2015 it cost the company an estimated $500,000. Don't let that happen to you. Access this white paper to learn about a monitoring tool that will eliminate redundant data, provide accurate service maps, and a holistic view of service health.

  • IT System Outages are Painful, But Not Uncommon

    In this white paper, learn why adoption of a sophisticated long-term IT operations management (ITOM) strategy is key to keeping any successful agency or enterprise running. Download now to maximize your uptime in the face of costly outages.

  • IT Service Management Blueprint: Consolidate and Gain Control of Your Service Desk

    This white paper offers a blueprint for getting your help desk under control, while advancing service management delivery within your organization. Read on to discover suggested steps to enhance ITSM, including how to consolidate apps and data, organize services, and more.

  • How to Overcome Today's Top ITSM Challenges

    What obstacles are keeping your IT service delivery team from succeeding? Turn your service desk into a business function your company can be proud of: Download this white paper to transform your service delivery by overcoming the top 4 ITSM challenges.

  • Dramatically Improve Service Availability

    Constant availability is an absolute necessity and you can't ignore it. So, are you at risk for unplanned downtime? Access this e-book for several best practices that prepare your IT organization to establish a framework for higher service availability and tackle critical events as pop up.

  • Service Visibility: Your Green Light to a Clear Road Ahead

    Without the right information, you won't be able to make the best decisions. Why would you let your IT operations run blind? Automated service mapping gives you the service visibility you need so that you always have an accurate, up-to-date view of your business services.

  • Why Today's Approaches Fail

    Access this white paper to learn how current approaches to providing IT services are failing, why you need service-aware event management, and how you'll handle service issues in the near future.

  • Gartner: Rethinking CRM Customer Service Fundamentals

    To survive in the changing business landscape, your entire enterprise now needs to be involved in customer service, not just one department. This Gartner report takes an in-depth look at the 3 guiding principles of renewing your CRM and customer service strategy for the next generation of customers.

  • The Essential Checklist for Modernizing Customer Service (ebook)

    One survey revealed that companies with the best customer service are 127% more likely to enable inter-departmental collaboration than the average company. Access this e-book to see what else this survey revealed and how you can modernize your organization's customer service.

  • Survey Report: Putting Service First

    In a survey of 200 senior customer service managers, it was found that the top customer service providers all provided their customers with self-service options. Access the rest of the survey now to find what else the top providers had in common, and how you can reach the top tier of customer service.

  • IDC Market Spotlight - Maturity Model

    Any organization can make a good product. One way modern organizations are using to differentiate themselves is excellent, differentiated customer service. Read this white paper for information on new demands that technologies such as IoT are placing in customer service, and how you can utilize them to create proactive service in your organization.

  • HBR White Paper: Beyond CRM

    Studies show that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase profits up to 95%, and acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining and existing one. Read this whitepaper to unlock the organizational keys to better customer service, and how to achieve it without too much re-organization.

  • A Quick Guide to Modernizing Customer Service

    80 percent of businesses believe they deliver a superior customer experience. However, only 8 percent of their customers agree. Download this white paper to explore how to redefine the fundamentals of customer service by bringing together people, workflows, and systems to proactively resolve issues and optimize the service experience.

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