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  • Definitive Guide to Third-Party Risk Management

    Sponsored by: Navex Global

    According to the Navex Global Benchmark Report, 1/3 of respondent organizations have faced legal or regulatory issues that involved third parties, with 50% involving average costs per incident of $10,000 or more. Take a look at this 30-page guide to learn how to successfully mitigate your organization's third-party risks.

  • Healthcare Cybersecurity: Simplify Compliance & Avoid Breaches

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    Explore this e-book to gain insight from healthcare security pro, David Houlding, of Intel, on securing your healthcare organization against cybercrime. In addition, uncover tips to improving compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.

  • Threat Predictions

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    As technology continues to evolve, there is a growing criminal element looking to exploit new opportunities the digital society brings. This white paper reveals predictions regarding the future threat landscape, offers insight into specific threats, and provides mitigation tactics to enhance security.

  • The Anatomy of a Data Breach

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    43% of the time data breaches are directly caused by insiders, according to SailPoint Technologies. Explore this white paper to gain insight into the anatomy of data breaches through 4 phases to help protect your organization against falling victim to such attacks.

  • Ethics & Compliance Third-Party Risk Management Benchmark Report

    Sponsored by: Navex Global

    Third-party risk management is a top concern among compliance leaders. Explore this 64-page report to help benchmark your third-party risk management program and improve performance with trends and best practices.

  • You Need an Action Plan for the GDPR

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    It's time to create an action plan to tackle GDPR. This 10-page Forrester Report offers GDPR assistance to security and privacy professionals in preparing data protection strategies to comply with 5 core requirements of the regulation.

  • Threat Ladscape Report

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    According to the Fortinet Threat Landscape Report, in Q3 of 2017 alone, there were 14,904 unique variants of malware. Explore this 28-page Threat Landscape Report to uncover staggering statistics regarding exploits, malware, and botnets and how you can use the current trends to improve your threat management security posture.

  • Banking on Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    According to PWC's Global Economic Crime Survey, cybercrime has jumped to the second-most reported economic crime and financial organizations are prime targets. This white paper offers best practices to strengthen data security and regulatory compliance in financial services.

  • Understand the State of Identity and Access Management

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    IAM continues to fight for priority in organizations' security strategies. This Forrester report outlines budgeting and spending, policies and tools in use, tech adoption plans, and other key IAM trends in enterprise organizations to help security pros assess their own IAM strategy.

  • Stopping the Insider Threat

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    Insider threat is an IAM issue: malicious insiders, by definition, have been granted some level of authorized access and are therefore often harder to detect than bright-line cases of unauthorized access or intrusion. Explore this white paper to gain insight into insider threats and how you can prevent them with a successful IAM approach.

  • Executing a Lockdown on Cybersecurity Threats

    Sponsored by: Navex Global

    Cybersecurity preparedness and keeping up with the latest developments in security is essential in protecting your organization. This e-book addresses tactics to mitigate risks of cybersecurity threats and offers strategies to take if your organization has been attacked.

  • Key Considerations in Selecting a Customer IAM Solution

    Sponsored by: Janrain

    The rise of the social customer creates opportunities for organizations to develop deeper relationships with customers in support of business objectives. Explore this white paper to gain insight into selecting a customer IAM strategy that works best for your organization.

  • GDPR Primer and Readiness Assessment

    Sponsored by: Janrain

    This data sheet provides a GDPR readiness assessment to ensure your organization will achieve compliance by May 2018.

  • Potentially Dangerous User Accounts Identitifed

    Sponsored by: Janrain

    A company's brand can be severely damaged when fraudulent accounts are created on digital properties with spam, phishing, and program abuse. This data sheet provides insight into protecting your web applications from fraud and various other cyberattacks.

  • GDPR Security Strategies

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    The GDPR is coming quickly and requires heightened security and compliance with data protection regulations. Take an in-depth look at this webcast to uncover security strategies for GDPR compliance preparation.

  • SmartProtect Program: Solution Brief

    Sponsored by: Corero Network Security

    To avoid damage to reputation and brand, organizations are looking for DDoS mitigation techniques that have evolved to meet the changing threat landscape. Take a look at this technology overview to decide if this DDoS protection strategy is right for your organization's network security needs.

  • Top Trends That Will Shape CIAM in 2018 and Beyond

    Sponsored by: Janrain

    In order for digital businesses to manage, govern, and secure customers' access to systems and data without hurting the customer experience, businesses should implement a customer IAM strategy. This Forrester report details 12 key trends shaping the customer IAM landscape and how security and risk pros can respond to them in a productive manner.

  • Revolutionizing the Sharing Economy

    Sponsored by: Evident

    According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the sharing economy has the potential to increase to $335 billion by 2025. Take a look at this resource to uncover a security strategy for the sharing economy that can help advance identity and verification while allowing users to securely share personal data.

  • Accelerate Your Response to the GDPR

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    This paper summarizes several key requirements of the GDPR and maps out how you can accelerate your response and comply with the regulation by May 2018.

  • Internet Security Threat Profile in Numbers

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    Which industries receive the most email attacks, including malware, phishing and spam?

  • Revolutionizing the Sharing of Personal Data

    Sponsored by: Evident

    The average number of records stolen in a data breach is 24,089, according to IBM Security. This resource provides information into securing personal, sensitive data to minimize the risks of a data hack in order to protect your business.

  • Windows 10: If Compatibility is Not a Problem, What Is?

    Sponsored by: Flexera Software

    Explore this white paper to gain insight into the security challenges of adopting Windows 10 and how to reduce risks when implementing and using the software.

  • 25 Simple Yet Overlooked Ways to Booster Your Ethics & Compliance Program

    Sponsored by: Navex Global

    Access this e-book to uncover a 25-step guide to boosting your compliance and ethics program by improving culture, getting better connected with employees and boosting program awareness.

  • 8 Things to Know About a Secure Web Gateway

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    Given the evolving way web and cloud app are used and the constantly shifting threat landscape organizations must confront, proxy architecture is more important than ever in terms of security. This editorial brief provides 8 things to know about a secure web gateway and the benefits it can deliver to your security posture.

  • Cloud Essentials: Better Security Within the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    According to Crowd Research Partners, 91% of organizations have security concerns about adopting the cloud and only 14% believe traditional security is enough. Explore this white paper to uncover strategies for implementing a secure cloud platform by safeguarding all aspects of the cloud including technology, processes and people.

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