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  • IoT Botnets: The Stakes Have Changed. Have you?

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    The stakes have changed for IoT botnets and DDoS attacks, are you ready? In this webcast, learn how IoT devices attract DDoS security attacks. Then, find out how your organization can shift towards a more secure and reliable IoT future.

  • What you Need to Know About Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    In this e-book, gain a stronger understanding of the 3 most prominent types of cloud services and the questions your organization should ask when building a network security platform.

  • How to Close Security Gaps to Stop Ransomware and other Threats

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    In this e-book, gain a stronger understanding on how protecting your enterprise starts with ensuring coverage across different attack vectors through coordinated Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Then, find out how IT network pros strive to overcome network security challenges to help increase performance, reliability, and scalability.

  • 5 questions to ask when considering a DDoS Managed Service

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    When evaluating DDoS protection for your business, what are the top questions you should ask? This white paper offers 5 questions to ask to ensure you are picking the best DDoS protection strategy for your enterprise.

  • Advantages of a Fabric vs. Platform Approach to Enterprise Security

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    It is challenging to know which strategy is best for your enterprise protection. This white paper explores the differences between a fabric and a platform approach to your security framework, and reveals how you can protect your enterprise from security threats.

  • A Secure, IT-Approved File Sharing Alternative to Shadow IT

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Discover how to mitigate the security risks and Shadow IT issues associated with online file sharing services. Find out how to protect your data while still enabling employees to be productive, and uncover 5 ways to identify and eliminate Shadow IT that results from unauthorized file sharing accounts.

  • IoT Botnets and DDoS Attacks: The Stakes Have Changed

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    The stakes have changed for IoT botnets and DDoS attacks, are you ready? In this webcast, learn how IoT botnets quickly spread. Then, find out how your organization can shift towards a more secure and reliable IoT future.

  • The Stakes Have Changed: No End in Sight for DDoS Attack Size Growth

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    In this resource, gain a better understanding of how IoT devices become vulnerable to the spread of IoT botnets, so your organization can move towards a more secure and reliable IoT future.

  • New Cybersecurity Regulations Adopted to Protect Financial Systems & Information

    Sponsored by: HID Global

    According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, the United States is at the top of the list for both the number of breaches by country and the number of identities stolen by country. Explore this white paper to discover how to protect your organization from data breaches.

  • IOT Botnets & DDoS Attacks: The Stakes Have Changed

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    In this resource, gain a better understanding for DDoS mitigation best practices and learn how to prevent the growth of IoT botnets.

  • Why IPS Devices and Firewalls Fail to Stop DDoS Threats

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    According to data center respondents of Arbor's Worldwide Infrastructure Security report, 67% have experienced a multi-vector DDoS attack. In addition, 45% of respondents experienced firewall or IPS device failure during an attack. This white paper reveals why IPS devices and firewalls can't stop DDoS attacks.

  • The APAC Guide to Data Protection & GDPR

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, learn more about what governments in APAC are doing to keep companies on their toes in securing personal data, what organisations can do to stem potential data issues and the implications of the European Union's upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on businesses in the region.

  • Marcher Marches On: The Anatomy of a Banker Malware

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    Inside, get a breakdown of the mobile banking malware known as Marcher. Learn how Marcher gets into mobile devices using flash phishing, what harm it can cause once inserted into your device, and more.

  • DDoS Emerges as Primary Threat Vector for IoT

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    In this Frost & Sullivan research report, learn about the growing threat of IoT-based DDoS attacks and see how many organizations are defending against them.

  • The 6 Phases of a DDoS Incident Response Plan

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    Incident response is too often an afterthought in the case of DDoS attacks. So, what does an effective incident response program look like? Inside uncover the 6 phases of a DDoS incident response plan and how to put them into place.

  • A Smarter Approach For Combating Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

    Sponsored by: Windstream Communications

    In this article, learn how to build a modernized DDoS mitigation strategy for your organization without compromising network performance and reliability.

  • "The Next WannaCry" Vulnerability is Here – Let's Stop it before it's too Late

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    Go inside to learn why the WannaCry attack was able to exploit the EternalBlue vulnerability 2 months after a patch was released, where the next big attack might come from, as well as tips you can take to bolster your system now to defend against malware in the future.

  • Economics of DDoS Attacks

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    DDoS attacks are cheaper than ever for the perpetrator, extremely lucrative for the attack service provider, and financially devastating for the target. Read this white paper to gain insight into DDoS attacks as a service to prevent your company from having to pay the steep downtime costs and potential legal fees.

  • Check Your Armor: What's Your Most Vulnerable Cybersecurity Spot?

    Sponsored by: Simeio

    When a company experiences a data breach, hack or other compromise to infrastructure or assets, the company does not realize all of the risk mitigation steps that were overlooked. This white paper reveals a comprehensive identity checklist to ensure your company does not fall victim to a data breach in the first place.

  • Research Report: IoT DDoS Attacks Show the Stakes Have Changed

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    How can IT network pros defend against DDoS attacks on IoT devices? In this white paper, uncover the recommendations on how to design your DNS infrastructure for stronger security against botnets. Then find out how Forrester Research believes the business technology ecosystem is changing.

  • The Stakes Have Changed, Have You? 20 Years of DDoS Attacks Targeting Business

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    According to the Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, 93% of survey respondents experienced application layer-attacks and 56% experienced multi-vector DDoS attacks. Inside, learn how DDoS attacks have evolved and changed over time.

  • Reducing Risk in the Face of Cyberattacks and Data Loss Exposure

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    In this white paper, you'll find guidance on eliminating exposure to the risks of database data loss with a backup appliance that enables a sub-second recovery point. Access now to see how this appliance combats threats like ransomware by continually validating backups, and more.

  • From HummingBad to Worse: The History of the Yingmob

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    Inside, learn about the malware known as HummingBad, the main tool of the Chinese cybercriminal group Yingmob. Find out what damage this malware can do, how it went global, and more.

  • Threat Intelligence Evaluator's Guide

    Sponsored by: AlienVault

    One of the most critical weapons that can be used in cyber defense is threat intelligence. This white paper reveals a threat intelligence guide to help you evaluate service providers, so that you can pick which is best for you in preventing, detecting, and responding to emerging threats.

  • The Mobile Banker Threat - from End to End

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    This resource offers an example of one strain of malware which infected Google Play, and shows you how easy it is for it to mutate, grow, and change to beat even advanced AVs. Read on to learn what you should do to protect yourself from these threats.

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