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  • IT Financial Metrics Primer

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    Access this whitepaper to learn how to use the Technology Business Management (TBM) metrics employed by leading IT organizations to communicate the value of IT to stakeholders.

  • First Look: Apptio ITFM Foundation and How First Citizens Bank IT reduced budget variance by 80%

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    56% of organizations today see an annual IT budget variance of more than 6%. Is this anywhere close to what you see at your organization? Access this webinar to learn about a tool you can use to create more predictable IT budgets and reduce variance by as much as 80%, as did Citizens Bank.

  • Salary Survey 2017/2018 UK & Ireland

    Sponsored by:

    More than 1200 UK and Ireland IT professionals took part in Computer Weekly's 2017 / 2018 salary survey, providing us with an accurate picture of the state of IT pay, attitudes to work and training, and future prospects for this vital part of the economy.

  • Do You Have a Standard Model for IT Costs?

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    The business unit want to look into finding their own IT solutions that they believe will give them better service for less money, and finance wants to reduce your budget. Access this brief white paper to learn about an automated tool that can speak to business, finance, and IT in one easy to understand language.

  • Computer Weekly – 19 September 2017: Can DevOps deliver on its productivity promises?

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, DevOps is cited as a key element of digital transformation – we examine the challenges to delivering on its promise. Many retailers are investing in emerging technologies to gain an edge – but are they too far ahead of the curve? And could a new spirit of collaboration help UK broadband roll-out? Read the issue now.

  • The Top 10 Metrics to Manage the Business of IT

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    The Technology Business Management (TBM) council has endorsed 10 metrics to measure the managing cost and value of IT. Access this brief white paper to learn how to apply these 10 metrics to your organization and what you may be able to glean from the results.

  • Technology Business Management: The Four Value Conversations CIOs Must Have With Their Businesses

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    The role of the CIO is to provide competitive advantage, but how can you do that without the right data? Access this book on IT management solutions for information on how you can enable better prioritization of IT investments.

  • Nailing Your IT Financial Plan

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    Access this guide to IT financial planning and learn how an automated IT budgeting systems may help you to achieve greater planning transparency, agility, and precision.

  • 6 Best Practices for Strategic IT Planning

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    Access this whitepaper with 6 best practices for strategic IT budgeting and planning to learn how to automate your IT budgeting and forecasting, leaving you with more time for strategic decision-making.

  • Embracing a Hybrid IT Mindset

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    What does the hybrid IT mindset look like, why is it important for CIOs to adopt, and how can you apply it to the public cloud? This executive brief outlines common success factors for leveraging the cloud business model to capitalize on opportunities.

  • The IoT business model: Reduce inefficiencies, make money with IoT

    Sponsored by: SearchCIO

    The internet of things could revolutionize modern business models, but the quest to make money with IoT requires a major investment in IT resources.

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for App TCO Analysis

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    Read this infographic to learn the five reasons that application TCO analysis fails and 20 questions to help you avoid them.

  • 6 Best Practices for Communicating The Business Value of IT

    Sponsored by: Apptio

    Does your organization see your IT department as a maintenance money pit or as the business value driver that it is? In this white paper, explore the six best practices to communicating IT's business value by showing cost, consumption, and choice in business terms.

  • Computer Weekly – 12 September 2017: IT transformation takes the lead at Dogs Trust

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the head of IT at Dogs Trust discusses their use of cloud computing and data analytics. We also look at the societal challenges of AI and investigate how to get a good deal on Office 365. Plus our buyer's guide checks out DevOps tools. Read the issue now.

  • Trust Must Be the Foundation of Your B2B Digital Ecosystem

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Successful management of your digital business and ecosystems is not founded on technology, but trust. This 19 page Forrester report explores the fundamental role that trust plays in your digital transformation, focusing on the role of trust in the business-to-business context.

  • Digital Transformation Success Stories with a Virtualization Platform

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Learn from 6 organizations which virtualization platform establishes the infrastructure performance, availability, and efficiency needed for any solid cloud foundation. Read on to see use cases in action for this architecture's universal app platform, including for cloud-native apps, VDI, test/dev and tier-2/3 apps, and more.

  • How to "Shift Left" with IT Service Management

    Sponsored by: Cherwell

    You may want to consider "shifting left" as a new strategy for IT service management, also known as empowering end-users to lift the burden off the service desk. Access this white paper to learn how you can shif workloads to the left, providing even higher levels of customer support in your ITSM strategy.

  • CIOs: Subscription Market Trends Survey

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    How is the role of CIO evolving in today's digital enterprises? In this survey, uncover how subscription CIOs can (and are) encouraging transformation in the digital age, creating recurring revenue, and more.

  • Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Improve Agility While Avoiding Risk

    Sponsored by:

    In this handbook, industry experts describe the techniques they are using to determine what public, private and hybrid cloud computing options will most benefit business processes. Read on to discover how CIOs are tying cloud metrics to business value, 3 areas to consider when refining a cloud-first strategy, and more.

  • The IT Transformation Questions Every CIO Should Ask

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    What does it mean to gain more IT efficiency, and how can you go about accomplishing that goal? Take a look through this custom web site to find questions every CIO should be asking in order to jumpstart your IT transformation initiative.

  • The CIO's IT Transformation Survival Guide

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Many think of IT transformation as moving apps to the cloud or adopting DevOps methodologies, but it's really much more than that. Take a look at this article to learn why you likely need to reconsider how IT engages with and serves your business.

  • From the experts: Top digital transformation strategies

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Download this eGuide to learn 4 questions believes all IT decision makers should answer before beginning a digital transformation. Also learn strategies for digital transformation implementation from Isaac Sacolick, principal at consulting firm StarCIO.

  • Digital Dexterity: Denied

    Sponsored by: Ricoh - HarveyDavid

    Digital disruption lurks around every corner, but the new wave of millennial employees is capable of smoothing your organization's transition. Access this white paper to learn how to improve your organization's digital dexterity in an age of disruption.

  • Empowering Digital Workplaces

    Sponsored by: Ricoh - HarveyDavid

    Due to the constant influx of new technologies, 38% of employees think that their futures lie in a new job that doesn't even exist yet. Access this report to learn how to leverage this mindset, adapt in rapidly changing times, and ease the incorporation of new technologies.

  • A CIO's Top Priority

    Sponsored by: Rainforest QA Inc.

    Chances are that you see your role as CIO differently than everyone else in the company. This e-guide will help you gain perspective on what your organization is looking for you to accomplish and how to rearrange your priorities accordingly.

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