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  • Case Study: How Walmart Sped Up Business with Real-Time Data Analysis

    Sponsored by: SAP

    In this video, Walmart CIO Karenann Terrell discusses how she enabled speed in her enterprise and delivered real-time data analysis that propelled the business forward.

  • Executives Wise Up to Cloud Financial Apps

    Sponsored by: SearchFinancialApplications

    In this three-part handbook, experts give advice on how to make the move to cloud-based financial applications and offer examples of the best functions to move to the cloud.

  • The Cure for Pain: Taking the First Step Toward Automated People Processes Opens up a World of Opportunity

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This white paper offers companies frustrated with paper-based people processes a first step toward automation. Read on to discover how you can get insights into your talent with automation to transform your organization with more strategic talent management.

  • CIO Matters: Leveraging big data for big business value

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    In this eGuide you will hear from searchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel as he explains how you can leverage big data for big business value. Download now to discover some of the biggest challenges facing big data analytics today including data hoarding and bias.

  • What Keeps Business Leaders Up At Night

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This quick guide is designed to help you lead your small business in the best ways possible, by converting your late-night worries into daytime business success. Access now to get goals and tools to better manage your workforce, finances, and execution systems.

  • Data hoarding and bias among big challenges in big data and analytics

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This eGuide details how top challenges like data hoarding and bias can skew analytic results. Read on to understand the value of having a big data analytics strategy in your organization to combat these common challenges and ensure top notch analytics.

  • SQL-on-Hadoop without compromise

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Discover how you can adopt a new SQL platform that improves upon the speed, portability, and functions of normal SQL-on-Hadoop solutions. Read this white paper now to get a rundown on the features of this new platform and determine if it is right for your organization.

  • Improving the Customer Connection: Grow your Business, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with a Customer-Centric Marketing Approach

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    The following white paper explains how a thoughtful CRM and BI strategy can assist organizations in their efforts to determine customers' needs as well as personalize outreach initiatives.

  • A Powerful New Foundation for Creating Customer Campaigns

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Discover what solution Merkle chose to take advantage of their structured and unstructured big data in this exclusive case study. Learn how your organization

  • How More Accessible Data Improves Business Agility

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This informative paper highlights how applications can help you create a more dynamic work environment that both adds value to the business and increases customer satisfaction. Read on to learn how to leverage business insights to make the most of your existing IT assets quickly, simply and at a low cost.

  • Business Information Asean September 2015

    Sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics

    In this article, regional analysts explain how Asean companies can improve their understanding of analytics and the ability to execute these deployments.

  • Business Information ANZ September 2015

    Sponsored by: TechTarget ANZ

    Uncover how the rapid adoption of data-analytics platforms by ANZ organizations is providing these companies better information about their customers to improve customer service by boosting reliability, improving security, and facilitating a more responsive customer culture.

  • IBM® PureApplication® System- Expertise. Pure and simple

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper provides an in-depth look at one hybrid cloud option and how it can be optimized for different business patterns. Read on to discover how the hybrid cloud can streamline the development lifecycle for your critical web and database applications.

  • Pervasive technology trends shaping the business and the implications for your data center

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This paper describes the implications of cloud computing, mobile technologies, social collaboration, and business analytics on data center operations. Access now and learn about the predictive tools and techniques you can use to help build data center strategies that hold up in the face of such disruptive technologies.

  • Rapid Value from Big Data Without High Cost Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    This short resource identifies a new analytics solution that can harness the value inside of data you already own.

  • The 4 Key Principles in Driving Agility: Challenges and Solutions

    Sponsored by: Zephyr

    Recent reports show that improved collaboration and increased profits stems from product quality, the ability to respond to market change quickly, and transparent communication. Access this white paper to address the 4 key principles that drive enterprise agility.

  • Embedded BI: Putting Reporting and Analysis Everywhere

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    Overwhelmingly positive embedded BI trends are fueling the "buy vs. build" debate. Access this report to see whether your peers favor incorporating commercial software into their applications, or if they'd rather develop custom BI functionalities.

  • Children's Hospital Uses Data Analytics to Improve Quality Care

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    This white paper reveals how Texas Children's Hospital optimized its electronic medical record (EMR) system to turn its data into meaningful insights and improve quality care.

  • 5 Steps Toward Enhancing your App with Mobile BI

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    Five easy steps go into the process of enabling software for mobile BI. Access this detailed guide to ensure you're on the right path toward a more competitive app, a larger user base, and ultimately, higher revenue.

  • Case Study: 3 Companies Integrate Success with 6 Embedded BI Techniques

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    This document will help you determine which approach to embedded BI is right for you. Uncover the advantages you'll experience with proper BI software selection after you review 6 integration techniques to get you started.

  • Your Guide to Embedded BI

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    This guide covers the multiple ways in which reporting and other BI components can be embedded in your applications. Discover the key to seamless integration with a range of applications and the capability to easily add custom functionalities.

  • 5 Levels of Embedded BI

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    This resource explains the five most common levels of engagement you can achieve by embedding BI within your SaaS application. By accessing, you'll discover how to recast a static operational application into an engaging, interactive analytic application.

  • Video: Explore Cloud Analytics for Hybrid IT

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    In this short video, learn about a hybrid cloud solution that can handle your diverse workloads with centralized visibility, service assurance, compliance, and security. Tune in for an inside look into how this platform can help you analyze and manage your workloads and data.

  • Cloud Analytics: Claim Your Trial Download

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Access now for a free trial of a cloud platform that enables you to search, analyze, and visualize your enterprise data. Read on to see the quick 3-step process for getting started.

  • CW Nordics – August 2015 Edition

    Sponsored by:

    5G technology from Ericsson could soon be used to improve communication and remote control operations in the mines of Sweden. A project designed to improve productivity and safety in traditionally dangerous environments is being run by Ericsson, ABB, Boliden, SICS Swedish ICT and Volvo Construction Equipment.

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