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  • Scalable App Services and Big Data Analytics: Find your Cost of Ownership

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Many companies are looking to implement platforms that manage distributed application services and big data analytics. Access this resource to find out how much one such platform may cost your company.

  • A Guide to HR Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this expert e-guide, you'll learn how HR analytics can benefit your organization, and what to measure when it comes to implementing a program.

  • Turning Data into a Tool: Data Visualization Best Practices

    Sponsored by: Datawatch Corporation

    Consult the following expert e-guide to hear from analytics guru, Tom Davenport, as he offers valuable insight into why visualization tools are a must-have in the age of big data. Additionally, explore the most common challenges in creating a visually comprehensive and analytically sound tool.

  • JOC Group

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    The following case study explores how Information Builders was able to improve JOC Group's raw data strategy with the right business intelligence and analytics solution that allowed JOC to increase the value of its data to clients, improve decision making, and much more. Read on to learn how you can attain similar benefits.

  • The Wendy's Company

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    The following case study explores how Information Builders helped The Wendy's Company better control costs and make more informed decisions that improved their bottom line. Read on to learn how Wendy's was able to improve profit margins and of course, how you can benefit from the solution they used as well.

  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    The following case study explores how Information Builders helped the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium implement a BI solution that allowed their staff to improve the experience for guests and be more fiscally responsible to their donors. Read on to learn how this technology can benefit your business as well.

  • Storage Systems and Strategies for Cost Control and Successful Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Data presents opportunities as well as many challenges that can affect the success of your business. Learn more about how you can keep up with the exponential growth in data by viewing this webcast now. It explains how to keep up with the higher costs of data management as well as many other tips. Tune in now.

  • Is Your Data Quality Suspect?

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Find out how master data management (MDM) can help transform data into a strategic asset, and weed out the bad data.

  • Roadmap to the Predictive Analytics Promised Land

    Sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics

    Consult this white paper to learn more about how businesses are managing the large volumes of information available today. It explores how your business can benefit from well-managed predictive analytics programs. Find out how to plan and manage a successful predictive analytics campaign for your business by consulting this resource now.

  • Is Your Data Quality Suspect?

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Find out how master data management (MDM) can help transform data into a strategic asset, and weed out the bad data.

  • Data Stewardship Is Everybody's Business: Best Practices for Data Quality Management

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Uncover 5 best practices for data quality and data management.

  • SAP Data Management for Enterprise Architecture and Big Data Views

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Tune into the following brief video to learn about the most common data problem facing businesses and how with the right data management system, you can untangle the complexity of your business environment; vastly improve operational efficiency, data value, and more.

  • What's the Integrity Behind Your Intelligence?

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Find out how business intelligence, integration and integrity solutions can help you locate bad data so you can enable smarter decision making, strengthen customer relationships, improve performance and fuel growth.

  • Why RainTree Oncology Services Says We're a Star in the (BI and MDM Crowd)

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    The following video case study explores how RainTree Oncology Services was able to vastly improve their business intelligence and master data management systems by adopting Information Builder's data management solution. Watch now to learn how this technology can benefit your practice as well.

  • How to Avoid the 6 Worst Practices in Business Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    When it comes to gaining insights from data, few technologies stand out like business intelligence. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad practices out there that simply put a stop to BI projects even before they start. The following resource details the 6 worst practices in BI and explores how organizations can avoid falling to them.

  • Using StorageConsole Backup Manager for IT Chargeback and Showback

    Sponsored by: APTARE

    This white paper introduces APTARE StorageConsole Backup Manager, which automatically provides the reporting metrics to create chargeback/showback invoices that detail data consumption by group, cost of data, and bottom line total.

  • SAP Data Management for Big Data and the Internet of Things

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Now that initial big data systems are well defined, forward-thinking IT leaders are actively looking towards the next generation of applications to provide deeper, faster insights into their data. The following video explores the technology to help get you there.

  • Running an Effective Predictive Analytics Program

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    In the following expert e-guide, explore the true ROI behind predictive analytics. Additionally, uncover the technical tactics and skills that will help boost effective analytics models to run predictive analytics and data mining applications in a world of big data.

  • Faster Insights from Any Data

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Find out how Microsoft SQL Server can help you get the information you need from big data.

  • Strategies for De-Cluttering Business Intelligence Dashboard Designs

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The following solution spotlight will provide readers with tips on how to design BI dashboards that present useful information to users without overwhelming them with unnecessary data. Additionally, gain insight into how to avoid common pitfalls of dashboard design.

  • Can you unlock the value of your data?

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Tune into the following video to examine how the right business intelligence solution can enable your workforce to take hold of enterprise data so they can monitor key metrics, visualize information, generate insights, and more.

  • Big Data Analytics in Action

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Find out how to evaluate new technologies that analyze big data, and discover which features are most useful. Plus, learn how to incorporate big data analytics to drive more effective strategies and decision-making. Read this white paper today.

  • Operational Insights for Running IT at the Speed of Business

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Read the following white paper to gain insight into the big data problem that is causing outages in many IT departments and how operational analytics can play a massive role in helping predict, prevent, and overcome the harsh reality of data-based IT outages.

  • Video: Mibtree Uses IBM Netcool Operations Insight with Analytics for Better IT Insights, Agility and Efficiency

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The following video case study highlights how Mibtree uses IBM Netcool Operations Insight with Analytics to provide better insights and support for their customer's IT operations. Watch now to learn how this technology can help your business take control of your own data.

  • Whitepaper: IT Analytics is Crucial to Make Trustworthy Business Technology Decisions

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This IBM-commissioned profile of IT operations decision-makers at enterprise companies in the US, UK, and Germany evaluates IT operations analytics adoption, benefits, and challenges based on Forrester's own market data and a custom study of the same audience.

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