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Infographic: 2016 Connected Enterprise Report Takeaways

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Machine learning at enterprise scale: Steps to success

According to a recent study, 56% of executives believe that machine learning will be of critical strategic importance to their business within the next 3 years. Machine learning is at the cutting edge of the current digital landscape, and as with anything that is evolving, it can be difficult to navigate.

In this e-book, O’Reilly has provided an intensive breakdown of how machine learning can be best implemented into an organization’s infrastructure. Using examples set by the industry’s foremost leaders and experts, this e-book highlights 6 commonly faced problems, and provides the knowledge and resources needed to overcome them.

Download the full e-book to learn how to best utilize machine learning.

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  • Best practices for APM and innovative apps in the cloud

    Dynatrace is a company that saw the digital shift early on and transitioned from delivering software through a traditional on-premises model to a successful hybrid-SaaS one.

    As a result, they’ve cultivated best practices to continually automate the enterprise, innovate faster and deliver stronger ROI to the business.

    Read this white paper to learn these practices and how you can release and manage innovative apps in highly complex cloud environments.

  • Unify hybrid cloud storage silos with SoftIron HyperDrive

    Hybrid cloud environments can wind up creating their own platform-specific silos, introducing barriers to collaboration, complicating user access permission management, and increasing the work required to conduct auditing.

    To unify private cloud storage with tools like Microsoft Teams, Dropbox and Google Drive, some have attempted to establish complex synchronization activities and manually-driven data registers.

    But there’s another option available: Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric and SoftIron HyperDrive.

    Download this datasheet to learn how this solution offers a consistent, cohesive, and navigable way for your teams to work with data across your hybrid cloud estate.

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  • 10 top artificial intelligence certifications

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is on track to be the key technology enabling business transformation and allowing companies to be more competitive. Learning about and understanding AI can set individuals on the path to promising careers. In this infographic, we share 10 top certifications and courses to help you succeed in a future powered by AI.


  • Focus: Securing new technology

    The scarcity of information security professionals with the required depth and breadth of experience is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. As businesses seek to gain competitive edge through digital transformation, they are increasingly exposing themselves to increasing risk of cyber attack.


  • Kubernetes for Operations Cheat Sheet

    Gartner predicted that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations would be running containerized applications in production. Keep this cheat sheet handy for all your container needs.


  • Technology that takes visual effects to the next level

    Read on to learn how Neoscape slashed their rendering times for animations by 98% and enabled mobile working by deploying Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkStation, and ThinkSystem solutions with powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX GPUs.


  • Software Company Speeds Provisioning From Weeks to Minutes With IT & Cloud Transformation

    Working on a deadline, a global software company exited its legacy data center by transferring and optimizing its entire IT environment with a Microsoft® Azure® framework and automated services. Insight provided support in initial assessments–resulting in successful transition. Read the details in this client story.


  • 6 significant characteristics of a semantic layer

    Beyond just the baseline benefits to self-service and BI initiatives, what makes up a semantic layer and how can you put it into action? Dr. Barry Devlin, one of the founders of data warehousing, answers these questions and more in the following paper.


  • Going on offense with Office 365

    After a ransomware attack, the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) accelerated its planned migration to Microsoft Office 365—restoring workforce communications on the new platform in two days. Open up this case study to see the results realized from this move and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


  • How the recent shift in consumer behavior is influencing CPG brands

    Access this white paper to learn how direct-to-consumer selling channels can open up new revenue streams for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands while helping them meet the future of first-party data & learn about market trends driving the need for investment as well as key capabilities to look for in solutions and implementation partners.


  • The rise of the robots: Next generation HR IT

    Within 20 years technology could automate as many as two thirds of middle-ranking job, meaning employers will find it difficult to find the people with the high-level skills they need. This changing demographic has led to a spurt of technological innovation in Human Resources as companies gear up for the recruitment wars that lie ahead.


  • Inside Commvault’s 5-layer secure backup framework

    Take a look at this infographic to learn how you can reduce cybersecurity risk and ensure data availability through Commvault’s 5-layer secure backup framework.


  • How to deliver better digital employee experiences

    To prepare for the long-term hybrid future of work many businesses need to improve their digital employee experiences. This white paper covers how proactively measuring, analyzing, and optimizing user experiences can lead to this goal. Download now to learn more.


  • 58-pg eBook: Multicloud architecture

    Multicloud’s growth is outpacing even hybrid cloud solutions in today’s market. The next step is understanding how to best manage multicloud environments, as well as keep them secure. Inside this 58-page O’Reilly report, discover the benefits and challenges of using multicloud edge solutions.


  • Solve the top challenges to AI adoption

    Did you know that spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $79.2 billion in 2022? This infographic provides a quick look at the AI statistics and figures you need to know, as well as potential AI roadblocks and steps to take to succeed with this strategy.


  • Overcome the challenges of edge data center deployment with hybrid IT

    Explore this white paper to learn the unique challenges you should expect to arise with edge data centers and discover how Schneider Electric’s hybrid IT solution can help.


  • CIO Trends #2

    Computer Weekly talks to more IT leaders than any other publication, and our reporters gather in-depth insights into the challenges facing CIOs, CTOs and CDOs.


  • Adopting and Managing Infrastructure as Code

    IaC is a practice that breaks IT and app infrastructure into script-like code -- but it can't be approached as if it's simple scripting. Read these five tips to evaluate IaC in your IT organization's ecosystem, how to implement it and how to automate it.


  • Eliminating digital friction for remote work success

    Remote work may have been a last-ditch solution in the middle of the pandemic, but now it’s become clear that remote work is here to stay – and it’s time for organizations to adapt. So how to get started eliminating digital friction for remote work success? Open up this eBook to find out.


  • Study: Filling the observability gap

    Open up this report to uncover research findings about monitoring and observability, as well as the key challenges to tool consolidation, and an outline of steps for approaching consolidation in your organization.


  • Passing the test of secure provenance

    In this white paper you’ll learn all about how to enact effective provenance when it comes to ensuring system integrity, including how SoftIron’s hyperconverged, SDS, and transcoding devices achieve secure provenance.


  • How to make hybrid working sustainable

    Should business leaders enable workers to stay at home, bring everyone back to the office or find a middle ground? Download this white paper to learn crucial statistics surrounding returning (or not returning) to the office, and understand why, in either case, building a culture of connectivity is a necessity.


  • Optimizing Ceph with SoftIron’s HyperDrive SDS

    Access this solution overview to learn how SoftIron’s flagship HyperDrive SDS is purpose-built to optimize Ceph, delivering improvements on all critical metrics without the limitations of vendor lock-in.


  • The challenge of scaling future-proofed service delivery

    The challenge of scaling future-proofed service delivery is getting harder and harder to ignore. Luckily, this guide can help. Click here to learn how US Signal scaled with zero down-time, thanks to Ceph’s resilience, scalability, and self-healing capabilities.


  • 4 stages of CX maturity and how to measure it

    Every brand falls into a defined CX maturity level. As a long-standing provider of CX technology, Talkdesk, developed their own CX Maturity Model to help organizations understand their current maturity level, set a vision for their ideal future state and create a roadmap to get there. Download this eBook to get started


  • 28-page report: The keys to scaling digital value

    How does your digital transformation strategy stack up against leaders around the world? Explore insights from this global report.


  • SOAR: Are you ready?

    Enterprises of all sizes are facing the same challenges: too many security alerts, siloed tools and teams and manual incident response processes. But, there’s efficiency to be gained by adopting SOAR at the higher end of the small and medium-sized business scale. Read this e-book to explore the details of a webinar covering the benefits of SOAR.


  • The future of digital workspaces is digital experience

    According to a recent report, most top remote work challenges can be solved with digital experience (DEX) solutions. This paper takes a deep dive into that topic, exploring why DEX is more important than ever before, the key reasons poor DEX is still a problem, and the solutions you can implement to improve on it. Download now to learn more.


  • Leading Materials Science Company Moves to Multicloud IT Strategy as First Step in Data Center Modernization

    A leading materials science company was looking to adopt a new multi-cloud strategy as part of an overall data center modification initiative. Access this brief to explore how they planned and executed their data center modernization with Insight and what strategies you can apply to your own project.


  • A phoney prediction: Why assumptions that voice is dead are wrong

    In a world where your employees and customers depend on voice communication to go about daily tasks and build relationships, a complete cloud phone system will cover all bases. Access this white paper to learn how employees use voice today & discover the tools you’ll need to equip them for successful collaboration going forward.


  • Eyes on India: New age of flash storage boosts performance & efficiency

    As one of the forerunners in technology adoption, Indian enterprises have been keen to embrace emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and big data, driving an upsurge in storage requirements. In this e-guide, read more about India's storage market, the next frontier of storage technology and flash storage options from the top cloud providers.


  • The software bottleneck, explained

    Mainstream companies are transforming to a “tech company” model, prioritizing product development and management as well as rapid innovation cycles. In this 85-page guide, learn how finance, strategy, and business teams can better align themselves with the current trends in software development.


  • Computer Weekly – 5 March 2019: Modernising IT at the Bank of England

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the Bank of England as it starts the modernisation programme for its core system. We look at the rise of DevSecOps and how it can help deal with increasingly complex security threats. And we examine the different approaches to storage for structured and unstructured data. Read the issue now.


  • 3 core problems of strategic change in 4 key steps

    When a business decides that they want to implement change, the whole of the organization needs to be aligned – a daunting task. That’s why this white paper has gathered up the three core problems of strategic change and the four steps organizations can take to address them. Download now to learn more.


  • Understanding business continuity

    If there’s one thing the last few years have shown, it’s that disasters can strike at any moment. Business continuity is the preparation for this sort of sudden, unexpected upheaval. Download this e-book to fully understand how a business continuity plan can help you.


  • 4 communications essentials for navigating workplace change

    Explore this e-book, inspired by Calm’s “Navigating Change in the Workplace” webinar for tips on how to support your workforce during periods of uncertainty.


  • 5 improvements of cloud-based backup for British education provider

    Access this case study to learn the 5 improvements that NCC Education saw in day-to-day archiving and backup operations when they implemented Barracuda Essentials.


  • Organizing enterprise data science

    This e-book explores recipes from the Global 2000 and beyond as data science leaders share their best practices across discipline, process, technology. Their insights can help you chart the right course for your organization to quickly scale and deliver the greatest business impact with data science. Download this e-book to learn more.


  • Reduce food waste in the retail supply chain with smart sensors

    Read this white paper to learn how smart sensors can help reduce food waste in the retail supply chain.


  • The top 4 cloud challenges (and how to address them)

    The top 4 cloud challenges organizations face are related to operational and organizational challenges, not technology. Read this white paper to for a better understanding of each of these challenges along with evidence-backed strategies to help you address them.


  • Fortify your supply chain with greater resilience to disruption

    This paper is a must-read for supply chain and procurement leaders who are looking to fortify their supply chains with greater resilience against disruption. Access your copy to learn how technology can mend concerning supply chain gaps through visibility and collaboration.


  • 7 reasons to consider moving to cloud financials

    Explore the 7 major reasons why you should consider moving to cloud financials now, and tips for getting started, in this white paper.


  • Your guide to positioning CX as an enterprise-level strategy

    Explore the report to discover why only a small percentage of businesses are delivering top-quality experiences & learn what distinguishes CX champions from the rest of the pack so you can make your offerings competitive.


  • Automating and connecting the entire agreement process with DocuSign

    Check out this white paper to familiarize yourself with DocuSign Agreement Cloud, a digital technology for automating and connecting entire agreement processes which leads to quicker, safer, and more cost-effective experiences for everyone involved.


  • Supply chain visibility: why not to think small

    Many businesses don't have full visibility in their product supply chains, leading to gaps or waste. How can supply chain visibility issues be addressed? Access this white paper to learn.


  • One MSP sees great results from Kaspersky—and future growth

    Oxygen Technologies, a managed IT services provider to small and medium-sized businesses, turned to Kaspersky when they wanted to upgrade their endpoint security. They made this choice in part thanks to Kaspersky’s commitment and dedicated support for MSP. Read on to learn how this partnership is continuing to grow and provide value.


  • Busting 6 myths about cloud communications for hospitals

    In today’s dispersed workforce, remote communications have become something we depend on day-to-day. Download this e-book to learn how healthcare organizations can improve their patients’ experiences with modern communications.


  • 4 ways to scale to any size

    With both remote work and cloud becoming foundational for most workspaces, scalability has become one of the top priorities for IT organizations across industries and across the globe. In this report, explore 4 ways Atlassian Cloud helps you scale, from any size to enterprise.