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Infographic: 2016 Connected Enterprise Report Takeaways

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Intelligence at the Edge Enables Next-Gen Robotics

With new developments in affective computing leading to modern robots and intelligent devices, AI-enabled collaborative tools are now being designed and developed to work with humans to perform specialized tasks and activities.

Cobots, in particular, continue to improve worker safety, boost productivity, and enhance capabilities with:

  • Logistics robotics in warehouses and smart factories
  • Surgical robots
  • AI-guided farming methods using robotics
  • And more

Browse this white paper to discover what else cobots and robots can do at the intelligent edge, as well as the benefits and practical, real-world uses that can benefit your organization.

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  • Sharing healthcare data securely: Unlocking a better world

    Healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) organizations often struggle with data sharing and data security when it comes to protected health information. Yet, this exchange of information has real-world effects that can save lives and lead to monumental advancements in healthcare.

    To overcome these data protection challenges Healthcare Triangle created Neutral Zone, a secure and compliant AI-based data collaboration platform that enables HCLS organizations to harness the power of identified patient data at scale through creating a “secure sandbox.”

    Access the white paper here to learn how HCLS organizations can gain insights from diverse data sources without compromising the intellectual property of each entity.

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the owner of the Discovery Channel, about how collaboration software enabled a culture of innovation. Our latest buyer's guide looks at developments in cloud printing technology. And we hear from the technology chief at Rightmove about the online property site's digital transformation. Read the issue now.


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