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3 Reasons Why Traditional Hyperconvergence Is a Risky Choice

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Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to evaluate a solution based on:

  • Security Impact - Does the solution reduce risks, and can it provide visibility into your environment?
  • Strategic Business Initiatives - Does the solution support cloud, mobile and BYOD initiatives? Can it fulfill compliance?
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Does the solution provide more upfront value, or more hidden costs?
  • Resources Required - Can your staff deploy and maintain the solution, or will you need to hire more personnel or contractors?

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  • Managed cloud services: Answering top customer questions

    Is an out-of-the-box cloud solution right for your business? How easy is it to switch to a different solution? And what happens when you need to scale your cloud solution?

    Tap into this infographic to learn the answers to these questions and more and determine if managed cloud services is right for your organization.

  • What to look for in an IAM solution

    In order to realize your organization’s high-level identity security strategy, you need an implementable offering. But in a market filled to the brim with solutions, how do you know which one is right for your organization?

    This white paper provides checklists for evaluating solutions, including sets of qualifying questions which can be used to evaluate solutions across a set of criteria required.

    Download now to find the identity access solution that’s right for you.

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  • How to understand if your SASE solution is truly effective

    Not all SASE platforms are created equal. The best solutions offer the ability to combine SD-WAN and security into a single, integrated solution that delivers both full protection and a seamless user experience, regardless of location. Read on to learn more about the 10 tenets of an effective SASE solution and overcome your network challenges.


  • Buyer’s guide to API solutions

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  • The Next Chapter in Digital Transformation

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  • ERP solution: Enable end-to-end security for your business

    In this blog post, you’ll learn what end of support means, why it matters, and how you can monitor the support status of your Microsoft ERP solutions. You’ll also discover how BE-terna can help you migrate to the latest versions of Microsoft ERP solutions and guarantee end-to-end security for your business. Read on to learn more.


  • Find the Right Contact Center Solution for Your Business

    With so many partners and solutions available for contact centers, it can be difficult to know which is the right solution for you. With all the promises of AI and ML, each one claims to be the best-in-class. However, with thousands of options and combinations available, it can be a difficult decision. Read on to make it an easier one.


  • Overcoming Common Obstacles to Invoice Approval

    Check out this overview to understand common obstacles to the invoice approval process and how automation can help your organization surmount them.


  • The state of API security

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  • How procurement, marketing, and IT can gain cross-team advantages

    It’s easier than ever to find, purchase, and deploy the right Adobe solutions through the Commercial Marketplace. Explore how in this exclusive infographic.


  • Analyzing top vendors in the customer service landscape 2024

    The Forrester Wave report for Q1 2024 assesses 12 key customer service solutions providers across 39 criteria. It highlights the need for solutions that automate simple tasks, aid agents in complex issues, and enhance efficiency. Access the report to learn how top vendors stack up and get guidance on selecting the right solution for your needs.


  • White Paper: Evaluator’s Guide For Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

    Managed detection and response (MDR) tools play a key role in enabling streamlined and unified security processes – however, finding the right MDR solution can be challenging. Read this MDR buyer’s guide to learn the basic MDR services, evaluation criteria, pitfalls to avoid, and more.


  • IT Modernization

    Pairing cloud solutions with modernized on-premises hardware can attract strong employees, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase speed and efficiency. In this resource, discover the key capabilities and benefits that make Valorem Reply’s IT Modernization solution stand out from the pack, designed for your cloud needs.


  • Master Data Management Solutions Buyer's Guide

    This guide is aimed at helping you select a Master Data Management (MDM) solution that is best for the scope, context, and identified requirements you need. Read on to learn how you can avoid the trap of only relying on generic analyst ranking reports that consider a lot of capabilities but may not be relevant to your bottom line.


  • Comparison Guide: Guardicore vs. Traditional Microsegmentation Solutions

    One of the core elements of a good micro-segmentation solution is the ability to protect critical assets no matter where they are deployed or accessed. Read this comparison guide to learn about what makes Akamai different when it comes to zero trust segmentation and micro-segmentation offerings.


  • Enterprise IoT: Edge Computing Buyers’ Guide

    To support their bandwidth-intensive IoT technologies, many organizations have turned to edge computing. Is your business considering doing the same? Check out this buyer’s guide.


  • Guide to Choosing the Right Remote Support Tool for a Remote Workforce

    The demand for remote support has jumped since the pre-pandemic days, as have the number of technicians working remotely. But standardizing on a single remote support solution can reduce complexity and increase satisfaction. Download this e-book to discover the 5 most important factors to consider when evaluating remote support solutions.


  • Illuminate your nonprofit’s decision-making with Unit4 FP&A

    As a nonprofit, you need a connected solution to make plans and data-driven decisions that boost financial resilience and enable collaboration to deliver more impact where it’s truly needed. Download this infographic to discover insights into what nonprofits are doing today to “turn on the lights” with a connected solution like Unit4 FP&A.


  • How Intel & Red Hat are driving application acceleration

    Red Hat and Intel are simplifying scaling workloads with joint solutions featuring Intel Xeon processors and Red Hat OpenShift Plus. These solutions support hybrid cloud, NFV, and 5G monetization, with validated performance for typical configurations. Explore the full infographic for more on the Red Hat-Intel partnership.


  • Access Management Datasheet by Duo

    Duo protects against breaches with a leading access management solution that provides strong multi-layered defenses and innovative capabilities that allow legitimate users in and keep bad actors out. For any organization concerned about being breached and needs a solution fast, Duo enables strong security while also improving user productivity.


  • Panduit wireless solution guide

    Wireless connectivity continues to make meaningful penetration into networks, unlocking performance and transforming the way your people work.Dive into this Panduit solution guide for an overview of in-building wireless solutions, including:Panduit Fault Managed Power SystemThe SmartZone Uninterruptible Power SupplyThe SmartZone G5 iPDUs


  • Essential SASE Must-haves

    As businesses expanded their networks to achieve a work-from-anywhere framework, their attack surfaces grew. This means that their security coverage must grow too. Enter SASE, which can enable organizations to converge their networking and security strategies. Dig into this checklist to access the top 4 requirements of a SASE solution.


  • Handy SIEM requirements checklist: How to select a suitable solution

    Your security operations team is the single most important driver in the success of your security program, but technologies like SIEM also play an essential role. Download this guide to discover considerations for selecting your SIEM solution, broken up into 4 categories, as well as a handy SIEM requirements checklist.


  • Okta achieves 227% ROI with Greenhouse

    When businesses experience growing pains, it’s a good thing, but only if you can hire and retain the right employees to keep up with growing customer demands. For one IT security company, they turned to a platform that improves recruiter productivity, manages hiring growth, and sources more candidates. Read this IDC case study to learn more.


  • How Cradlepoint Evolved Its Warehouse’s Network

    As Cradlepoint’s warehouse operations evolved, its networking needed to as well. In this case study, learn how the organization strengthened network visibility and security by leveraging a Cradlepoint solution.


  • Duo passwordless: Breaking down the solution

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  • How to deploy Microsoft Teams in the cloud

    In this case study, learn how one organization needed a partner that could allow them to easily scale the conferencing use case as well as support their longer-term migration strategy to Teams Voice in GCC. Save the case study here to explore the solution.


  • Esendex API empowers SMS-based marketers to improve conversion rates

    Noc Solutions LLC, which offers integrated mobile messaging solutions to marketers, was challenged to cost-effectively supply fast and scalable SMS to US-based retailers and ecommerce customers. The results? Download this case study to unlock the full results and to learn how your company could benefit from the solution: the Esendex API.


  • Mainframe modernization services: Strengths & challenges

    One business may decide to modernize its mainframe to achieve compliance. Another may decide to do so in order to deliver superior data analytics. Regardless of the driver, any business undertaking mainframe modernization wants a cost-effective, agile solution. Check out this ISG report to explore the mainframe modernization market.


  • How AI and automation can reduce SecOps workload

    From an always-expanding attack surface to a significant shortage of skilled professionals, security teams have many challenges to contend with daily. But there are proven ways to reduce this burden and achieve even better results.In this white paper, learn all about the Fortinet Security Operations solution and its benefits.


  • Analyst report: Evaluating 7 data governance providers

    The data governance market is no longer just about regulatory compliance; today, it helps businesses realize the true potential of their data. This Forrester Wave report evaluates 7 of the top vendors in the data governance space across 29 criteria. Read on to learn how they stack up and determine which solution is best fit for your business.


  • What data security looks like in 2024

    These days, your sensitive data likely exists in multiple places, both outside of and within your company. How can you ensure that your data is safe in all its locations? Check out this overview to learn how a data security posture management solution can help.


  • The only constant in cloud security is change

    The cloud-native security landscape is constantly changing. To equip security teams with the resources they need, it’s necessary to understand the challenges they face, the solutions they use, and the effectiveness of solutions in helping them meet their responsibilities. Download this report for an overview of the state of cloud security.


  • An expert walkthrough of a Red Hat migration on AWS

    In this video, you’ll hear from David Duncan, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, as well as Mayur Shetty, Partner Solutions Architect at Red Hat, about how you can complete a Red Hat CentOS7 to RHEL7 migration on AWS. Tune in to gain expert insights about tools and processes designed to help you enable a successful migration.


  • Are your identity security practices keeping up?

    According to a recent report, in 2022 74% of breaches involved a human element, including stolen credentials and other identity-related resources. Download this infographic to unlock 5 questions that help you choose the right identity security solution.


  • Red Hat vs. non-paid open source alternatives

    In this IDC report, The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions Versus Non-Paid Open Source Alternatives, you’ll learn about the financial and business benefits of using Red Hat solutions. Highlights from the report include:540% three-year ROI23% faster development lifecycle for new apps52% faster security updatesRead the IDC report.


  • How Coca-Cola HBC achieved 99.99% accuracy in just 2 months

    To stay ahead of the curve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, Coca-Cola HBC aimed to improve their order fulfillment accuracy. Discover how they leveraged the TeamViewer Frontline solution xPick to achieve 99.99% accuracy after only two months in this case study.