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5 Key Considerations for a Successful VDI Deployment

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Prevent Application Meltdown with VDI Testing

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can put a huge strain on your network – affecting application performance and ruining the end-user experience. Because of this, it is important to test your VDI for network performance issues to prevent an application meltdown.

This E-Guide from highlights important techniques you should use when quantifying VDI network performance.

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  • E-Brief: Architecting Storage for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    A VDI deployment is a complex assignment with many moving parts. If you don’t plan properly, it could become too complex to manage and your expected ROI could disappear.

    In this expert briefing, veteran IT industry consultant Chris Evans drills into the specific challenges that storage managers face when implementing virtual desktop infrastructures, and provides practical tips to help guarantee a VDI project that meets expectations and delivers on its projected ROI.

    Read now to learn:

    • How to estimate storage needs for VDI environments,
    • Calculate a ROI for a VDI project
    • Decide which metrics will be most helpful
    • And more

  • Cache vs. Tiering: Which one's best for VDI performance?

    Both storage tiering and caching can improve VDI performance, however, depending on your VDI platform, type of hardware used, and the way in which your VMs are configured, one often fits your storage needs better. So, which one will benefit your VDI performance best?

    In this guide, discover the key differences between tiered storage and cache. In addition, you’ll learn the top use cases for each to help you determine which one you should be leveraging in your virtual environment.

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  • ISM Essentials Guide on Cloud and Virtualization Security

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    In this e-guide from, uncover how to implement and enforce policies to improve your BYOD initiatives. Get the answers to your most pressing BYOD questions and also learn how desktop virtualization and application streamlining can help combat BYOD security challenges.


  • Simplify desktop management and reduce costs by up to 40%

    This white paper goes over what organizations have to gain - and lose - from virtual desktop technology.


  • Balancing business priorities to optimize edge deployments

    With it predicted that 80% of all data will be primarily processed at the edge by 2025, it has become critical for organizations to transform the way they operate. So, how can companies successfully balance their business priorities while overcoming potential challenges? Access this white paper to learn more.


  • End-user computing: Exploring deployment architectures & more

    So, you’ve settled on your strategy and vendor for delivering end-user computing. Now what? Well, it’s time to direct your attention to these considerations: deployment architecture and infrastructure. Browse this e-book to understand your options.


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  • 6 friction-free EUC success stories from real-world firms

    Most modern organizations are aiming to leave limited scalability behind, and with friction-free end user computing (EUC) solutions like Citrix + Nutanix, it’s now possible. Explore how 6 organizations leveraged EUC to power virtualization, remote work, app integration, and much more in this e-book.


  • Healthcare security: Mission critical

    Read this case study to learn how ARG helped AbsoluteCare, a leading healthcare provider for vulnerable populations, find the best match for their infrastructure and security needs.


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    In this expert guide from, find out how to tackle developing your organization's mobile policy around the latest MDM solutions. Discover which features impact security the most and how you can establish a strategy that compliments them.


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    This white paper discusses the nature of high-density WLAN environments, their relationship to enterprise Wi-Fi, and the benefits of 802.1X authentication. Read on to learn more.


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    Read this e-guide from our experts at to gain a better understanding of WLAN solutions and how to evaluate them. Inside you'll find critical questions you should ask when exploring solutions as well as a discussion about the myths surrounding cloud-managed WLANs.


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