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Keep Data Safe, Whether at Rest or in Motion

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Infographic: Comparing data protection vs. data security vs. data privacy

An organization's data is one of its most valuable assets and must be protected accordingly. Because there are so many ways an organization's data could potentially be lost or compromised, organizations must take a multifaceted approach to ensure the well-being of their data. This means focusing on three key areas: data protection, data security and data privacy.

In this infographic, we compare data protection, data security and data privacy, their goals and main characteristics, as well as key differences and similarities between the three concepts. 

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  • 10 data lake uses for enterprises

    Data lakes have become an essential tool for the modern data management platform. They provide a scalable and cost-effective platform for storing and managing large volumes of data, and they support real-time data analysis and processing. Additionally, data lakes provide a centralized platform for data governance and security, data integration and interoperability.

    This infographic highlights ten cases in which data lakes are critical for modern data management.

  • Data quality maturity guide: Benchmark your progress

    Data quality is important—no doubt about it. Bad data destroys trust in both the data products and the teams that produce them.

    But as data quality finally takes its rightful seat at the platform table, where should new data teams start? Great Expectations? Data Observability? Developing a scalable data quality strategy doesn’t happen overnight.

    This guide examines the Data Quality Maturity Curve—how data quality works itself out at different stages of your analytical maturity—to offer an experienced perspective on where you should be at each point in your data quality journey.

    Browse the guide to benchmark your company’s data maturity progress.

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  • Collecting data is great, but you must use it intelligently

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  • Improve data governance with an intelligent data catalog

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  • [Download] Using Alation to Accelerate Your Active Data Governance

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  • Data maturity model: The path to data excellence

    How do “data mature” firms become that way, and how can others do the same? This white paper introduces a data maturity model to provide a common framework for benchmarking and advancing data management capabilities. Read on to learn how you can drive success on your own data maturity journey.


  • To be a data-first business, it requires constant vigilance

    Regardless of how your organization manages its data, cyberattacks happen. Even those with a cloud-first, data-centric business model can be attacked. However, by introducing security into your projects early on, you can ensure your organization is using secure-by-design principles. Read on to learn more about continuous data protection.


  • What's all this talk about data mesh?

    Data mesh is a new approach aims to make data more accessible, usable and valuable to the organization by creating a more flexible, scalable and collaborative data architecture. In this article, we point out some of the benefits and challenges of data mesh, and how to set up the right culture and infrastructure to make the most of this approach.


  • 7 tips for building a successful & sustainable data culture

    A data culture is a critical component of a data-driven enterprise – but how can you build one? Access this white paper to learn about 3 critical pillars to enable a data culture as well as 7 tips for success and sustainability on the CDO’s data culture journey.


  • How a NoSQL databases addresses today’s big data challenge

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  • Benefits of offensive data governance

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  • Yes, you can turn back time with continuous data protection

    Protecting your data across a hybrid and distributed environment is not an easy task. You must protect your data everywhere – from the furthest reaches of your business at the edge all the way to your headquarters. Access this article to discover how continuous data protection through automation works.


  • Alation Data Dialogs: Why Your Data Governance Strategy Needs a New Approach

    As organizations rely more and more on data analytics to help optimize operations, outdated data governance strategies become greater and greater risks to their enterprises. Check out this webinar and learn how data governance specialists from Alation can help your enterprise shore up the weaknesses in its governance strategies.


  • TDWI Maximizing Business Value with Data

    To better understand modernization priorities, this TDWI Best Practices Report explores how organizations can overcome challenges (such as outmoded legacy practices, outdated technologies, and data silos) to maximize the value of data assets. Read on to learn how today’s IT leaders are improving their data management capabilities.


  • Data governance more important now than ever

    As organisations generate and store ever-increasing volumes of data, governance of that data has never been more important. In this e-guide, we discuss why good data governance is good business, why it's essential to data security and examine the state of GDPR after its first year being in effect.


  • Data classification tools: What they do and who makes them

    Data classification is an essential pre-requisite to data protection, security and compliance. Firms need to know where their data is and the types of data they hold. In this article, learn more about how these tools can help keep your data tidy and which suppliers offer the best options in the market.


  • Business analytics needs underpinnings of sound data and data-skilled humans

    Data analytics for the solution of first-order business problems is probably more important than ever. It is not new. Companies and organisations have been analysing computerised data for many decades. But all sorts of companies now pronounce themselves "data driven". Read more about business analytics trends in this exclusive e-guide.


  • 11 trends poised to impact data engineers in 2024

    The data space moves quickly. In this e-book, you’ll discover 11 of the most important trends that are poised to shake up the data engineering landscape this year, including data contracts, cost optimization, the evolution of modern data, and 8 more. Read on to learn how data engineering will evolve in 2024.


  • Overcoming Enterprise Data Protection Challenges

    Data usage and dependence has evolved rapidly in recent years – which has led to a rise in the necessity for effective data loss prevention (DLP), especially as organization migrate their data to the cloud. Access this exclusive e-book for a closer look at modern data protection challenges and requirements and an intro to cloud-based DLP.


  • 10 steps to building a data catalog

    Building a data catalog is an important initiative for many IT and data management teams. But organizations shouldn't undertake a data catalog project without getting input from business users. In this e-guide, learn why data catalogs have become a core component of the data management environment, and the 10 steps to build a data catalog.


  • Innovative data platform: Boost your business intelligence

    In this blog post, you’ll learn about an innovative platform designed to help businesses manage, analyze, and leverage their data effectively. Read on to understand how you can help your organization realize the true value of its data with advanced capabilities in data engineering, data analysis, and data science.


  • 6 data preparation best practices for analytics applications

    Amid issues of data sources, data silos and data quality, the process of collecting and prepping data for analytics applications requires a practical and effective approach. In this infographic, we put together 6 data preparation best practices for analytics applications to help enterprises master their data.


  • Fail to prepare quality data, prepare to fail

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is an adage that never fails to lose its veracity. The same is true of using poor quality data, known to be the bane of the lives of data analysts, not to speak of organisations that yearn to be "data driven".


  • Research content: Insights into data culture maturity

    A data intelligence organization recently surveyed nearly 300 global data leaders to understand where businesses lie on the data maturity curve today and gauge what the future might look like. Read on to understand why data culture is not merely a buzzword but a fundamental necessity for organizations aiming to thrive in the digital age.


  • Realizing the value of hybrid cloud

    Tap into this Hybrid Cloud Backup for Dummies e-book to discover the importance of employing purpose-built backup and recovery for each of your environments, while retaining ownership of your data.


  • Why a data intelligence platform is crucial for enablement

    Many companies often see a lack of widespread adoption for new data products by key stakeholders. Read on to learn why a rich, data-driven culture requires an organization to have a singular platform through which data can be exchanged.


  • How to rein-in data sprawl

    Data and application sprawl is the norm today. Depending on the survey source, enterprise data volumes are growing by 60% or more per month! Access this article to learn about Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform, which helps you identify your sensitive data across your file shares, databases, and cloud data warehouses – wherever it is.


  • How to Craft Data Quality and Master Data Management Strategies (Podcast)

    If you’re looking for an ideal case study for how MDM drives enterprise reinvention, agility, and growth, this is it. In this podcast with Eckerson Group, you’ll learn why enterprises need data quality and MDM, and how they can craft effective strategies with real-life use cases. Tune in to learn more.


  • CW APAC: Expert Advice on data management

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how companies and data management experts are tackling data challenges, and finds out how organisations are augmenting data management through artificial intelligence and machine learning.


  • 7 best practices to boost your data culture

    It’s no longer enough to use data in an ad hoc, as-needed manner, since this casual approach to data projects creates dangerous silos and strains IT teams. Explore this short 451 Research Business Impact Brief to learn how you can move beyond simple data usage and unlock instant value from data across your business


  • Why a Data Analytics Strategy Is No Longer a Nice-to-Have

    Businesses often struggle to get value out of the data in their operational systems, but many are still considering data analytics strategies as "nice to have" nonessentials. This viewpoint is quickly proving unsustainable. Read this white paper for the four critical reasons to implement a new data analytics strategy for your organization.


  • Data discovery solution: Unlock complete visibility

    This video provides an overview of a data discovery solution designed to equip data protection and risk management professionals with the tools they need to quickly find, secure, and protect sensitive and high-value data. Tune in to learn how you can leverage the service to unlock complete visibility across structured and unstructured data silos.


  • AI-Powered Data Automation

    The ability to process more data faster and present users with valuable results has never been more crucial. Read on to learn about the four main reasons why organizations should adopt AI-powered data automation to deal with the growing volume of unstructured and structured data and add value to their business.


  • 5 Ways A Data Fabric Generates Value—No Matter Where Your Data Is Located

    Distributed data across cloud and edge environments add a whole new set of challenges for developers, data engineers, and scientists. Discover how automation removes management burdens from IT staff, while enabling self-service access to data for AI/ML modeling.


  • Hybrid cloud data & analytics: New frontier for data at the edge

    Conventional data management systems create data silos and complexity that are at odds with the need for agility in a global enterprise. As a result, data management can’t keep pace with business requirements. Learn how a hybrid cloud-based solution can simplify operations and data management so you can turn your data into intelligence.


  • Selecting a data center in a major city: 7 considerations

    This whitepaper provides an in depth look at key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a data center provider in a major city. It looks at how a data center provider with a global footprint can offer you access to comprehensive data solutions, and help you meet your data needs today and in the future. Access it here.


  • In data privacy we trust: building a strong information protection strategy in the hybrid era

    In this e-guide, find out what it takes to build up a strong data privacy practice in your organisation, the differences between data protection and data privacy, as well as how cyber security and privacy teams can work together to better protect data from prying eyes.


  • Unlock Your Data for Better, Faster Decision Making

    The volume of data that is captured, created, and consumed worldwide is forecasted to be over 181 zettabytes in just a few years. At the enterprise level, those organizations involved with AI adoption are now under pressure to utilize this data to make significant improvements to the business. Read on to learn how to make the most of your data.


  • 3 key principles to modern data security

    Now that data has left the data center and is everywhere, spread across a wide array of cloud applications, security is more complex than it used to be. This white paper aims to provide insights into generating greater data security by providing you with 3 essential requirements that could fuel greater data protection. Read on to learn more.


  • The ultimate guide to data preparation

    Poor data equates to wrong decisions, bias in the AI algorithm and flawed decision-making. What's more, data that personally identifies an individual can only be used in very specific ways, as stipulated by GDPR. Read about data preparation in this e-guide.


  • 5 types of data security

    Because no single form of data exists, no single magic-bullet technique can secure all data. A defense-in-depth data security strategy is made up of a combination of tools, techniques and policies. This infographic gives an overview of the must-have data security technologies.


  • IT Leader’s Guide to Successful Data Governance

    This white paper will focus on how an architecture of different technologies and technological capabilities supports data governance. Read on to learn why the key to a successful data architecture is bringing together various software to efficiently address data challenges.


  • Data integration to support modern BI and advanced analytics programmes

    In this e-guide we discuss why data integration and preparation are the unsung heroes of modern BI and advanced analytics. More so than ever, it would seem, due to the ever-increasing volume and variety of data.


  • Modernize Your Data Platform for Improved Business Results

    Today, businesses need a data and analytics strategy that supports a broad range of patterns and personas from across the organization. That’s why many businesses are leveraging mainframe modernization, a strategy that enables the delivery of analytics-ready data in real time to the cloud. Read on to learn more.


  • Reaping the Benefits of Big Data and Real-time Analytics

    In this expert e-guide, explore strategies for embracing the big data challenge and discover how real-time analytics can help you improve business performance and leverage your high-volume data to get an edge on competitors.