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Calling All CIOs: Why It's Time to Rethink Branch IT

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What is SD-Branch?

The branch network is a critical component of your digital transformation journey. Use of popular cloud-based applications, increased mobility, new IoT devices, and rich applications requiring more bandwidth continues to stress branch WAN networks. 

Software-defined networking (SDN) technology is ready to revolutionize the way branch networks are built and operated. Enter: SD-Branch.

In this Doyle Research paper, learn about the benefits of SD-Branch, including:

  • Reducing management challenges, complexity
  • Reducing network expenditures
  • Increasing automation
  • And more

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  • Why organizations are ditching MPLS for SD-WAN

    Organizations with a lot of branches spend a significant amount of time and money supporting them.

    Before SD-WAN, MPLS was the only serious connectivity choice for branch locations. Now SD-WAN vendors offer both broadband and 4G LTE as secure and reliable alternatives (or complements) to MPLS at a fraction of the cost.

    Learn about how SD-WAN can help imrpove the branch experience in this white paper.

  • Key features of SD-Branch networks

    Branch networks are changing rapidly thanks to an increasing number of mobile and IoT devices, growing bandwidth requirements, pervasive cloud adoption, and users who expect connectivity for both work and personal use.

    This white paper explores how to take a software-defined approach to branch networks. From your WAN to your LANs and beyond, find out how you can:

    • Unify and centralize network management in the cloud
    • Improve network monitoring with automation
    • Increase network security across branch offices
    • And more

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  • Improve branch-to-cloud connectivity with SD-WAN

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  • Traditional routers vs. SD-WAN: Keeping up with the cloud

    This e-book outlines the top 10 reasons to replace your branch routers with an app-driven SD-WAN edge. Find out how to update traffic management for SaaS and IaaS so that you can deliver high branch network performance.


  • SD-WAN vs. traditional router-based WANs for branch offices

    Tap into this guide to learn about a variety of perspectives on SD-WAN, including how it stacks up to traditional router-based WANs, a C-level view of SD-WAN, SD-WAN branch office models, and more.


  • How 1 credit union overcame WAN limitations

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  • Securing your branch office with SD-security

    The end goal of deploying software-defined security (SD-Security) for your branch offices is to have additional layers of security for better defense-in-depth, when and where you need them. Read this white paper to learn how you can apply SD-security to your branch office.


  • Walkthrough of zero-touch SD-WAN deployment

    Tune into this video for a brief walkthrough of how to use Barracuda CloudGen Firewall to deploy SD-WAN.


  • How the state of Georgia consolidated IT resources

    Inside, learn how the Georgia Enterprise Technology Services (GETS) program, the IT infrastructure and network services provider for the state’s 89 executive branch agencies, consolidated its server and network resources to create an efficient, multi-service IT ecosystem.


  • SD-WAN security: Silver Peak and Zscaler's approach

    In this white paper, learn how Silver Peak's SD-WAN and Zscaler's Internet Access work together to deliver a secure SD-WAN that protects enterprises from threats, optimizes application performance and delivers flexible connectivity.


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    This 51-page e-book will introduce you to cloud data protection, covering its benefits, comparing the cloud to traditional backup approaches, and explaining how cloud data protection helps minimize cyber risks.


  • How Capital One transformed the WAN across branch offices

    In this webcast, hear from Capital One's Technology Director, Jason Abfalter, find out how the bank transformed their WAN across branches in order to support the more digital and mobile-first way customers prefer to bank today.


  • How to secure branch offices in an SD-WAN environment

    Tune into this video for tactical guidance on how to securely onboard a branch office in an SD-WAN environment.


  • 6 ways SD-WAN redefines branch office networking

    Networks based on MPLS connectivity have been around for over 2 decades, but they often struggle to support the distributed enterprises of today. That's why an increasing number of organizations are adopting SD-WAN. In this white paper, explore the 6 different ways SD-WAN can help redefine branch office networking.


  • Cloud geography: How cloud location affects app performance

    It's easy to forget that the "cloud" has a physical footprint, and its location is more important than you think. During this Apcela Talks webinar, learn how the physical geography of the cloud impacts the performance of your applications.


  • Unify SD-WAN, WAN optimization & security in 1 platform

    In this Ovum analyst report, learn how you can achieve stronger connectivity and better application performance for your organization with Silver Peak's EdgeConnect Platform, which unifies SD-WAN, routing, WAN optimization, and secure zone-based segmentation.


  • Digital transformation journey: Driven by software-defining the branch

    Digital transformation and hybrid multi-cloud need a truly software-defined architecture for the edge and the WAN. In this short video, learn about how Capital One's digital transformation journey has been driven by software-defining the branch with the Versa Cloud IP Platform.


  • 4 key ways to improve WAN performance

    This white paper explains the importance of maintaining the health of your WAN and gives tips on how you can improve your network's performance. Learn about your options for deploying SD-WAN and discover 4 key ways to bolster WAN performance.


  • How to protect ROBOs from advanced threats and malware

    Tune into this quick, 4-minute video to learn how to protect your users, data, and apps from advanced threats and malware—both at the headquarters and at branch office locations.


  • 5 reasons why tech firms need managed SD-WAN

    For the technology sector, remote offices are not lean branches but full-fledged sites with a large number of employees. This model of operations creates unique challenges for the WAN infrastructure. In this infographic, explore 5 reasons why tech firm need managed SD-WAN.


  • How to address SD-WAN security, cloud & mobility challenges

    SD-WAN was designed in many respects as a reaction to the rigidity of MPLS services and their inability to accommodate the shift to digitization. But in order to achieve a complete WAN transformation, 4 additional steps are needed. Learn about achieving those steps for a complete WAN transformation in this white paper.


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    As more applications move to the cloud, business users increasingly rely on them to do their jobs. But for IT organizations that are managing remote and branch offices, it can be a challenge to accommodate these needs. In this white paper, learn how SD-WAN can help address the challenges of today’s hybrid cloud environment.


  • Case study: MPLS or SD-WAN?

    Take two minutes to learn why one the largest motorcycle dealers in the United States chose an SD-WAN deployment over MPLS, the issues they faced, and how they were able to benefit.


  • 9 capabilities to look for when choosing your next SD-WAN

    In this white paper, learn how adopting SD-WAN can help accelerate digital transformation and minimize potential delays. Also explore 9 essential capabilities to look for when choosing your next SD-WAN.


  • Direct Internet access: How it can boost branch office security

    Recently, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) completed a research survey of 450 networking and security professionals with knowledge of the policies, processes, and controls used for remote office/branch office (ROBO) security. Explore the results in this research report.


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    In this case study, learn how nutritional sciences company, USANA, boosted application performance and cut costs with a business-driven SD-WAN edge platform by Silver Peak.


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  • Software-Defined WAN for Dummies Guide

    Deploying and managing high-quality WAN services to the branch has become more challenging and costly as traffic flows decentralize with increased deployment of cloud, SaaS, video and mobile apps. Download this book that provides jargon-free, best practices for SD-WAN to help you address these challenges.


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    With branches in 10 states, Advance Financial needed visibility into security issues across all offices and apps. Download this resource to find out why Advance turned to an SOC-as-a-service platform to address its network monitoring problems.


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    In this white paper, take a look at how emerging SD-WAN networks can be used to replace and augment existing MPLS services for enterprise connectivity – and reduce WAN costs.


  • Simple actions you can take to reduce malware and simplify security

    The volume and sophistication of attacks are intensifying relentlessly — and it’s clear that conventional defenses are not enough. In this e-book, discover challenges facing today’s security professionals and explore some simple actions you can take to reduce malware, simplify security and improve network performance.


  • Accelerate app delivery for SD-WAN and hybrid IT

    Learn about Apcela's AppHUBs, designed to give you a cloud-ready architecture for app delivery. Find out how you can optimize app performance in hybrid WAN or SD-WAN architectures.


  • WAN Edge Infrastructure: Vendor strengths and cautions

    The market for branch office WAN edge functionality continues to shift from dedicated routing, security and WAN optimization appliances to feature-rich SD-WAN and, to a lesser extent, uCPE platforms. In this Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure, explore how vendors are differentiating their SD-WAN solutions.


  • How North American Title increased their available bandwidth more than 30x

    North American Title Company’s (NATC) employees share very large real estate settlement files, which oversaturated the company’s MPLS network. They needed a way to increase available bandwidth while lowering WAN expenses. In this case study, learn how they were able to do this with the help of the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.


  • Secure the cloud edge with a secure internet gateway

    In today’s business environment, satellite offices and remote workers are connecting directly to Internet. However, in most organizations, security at the branch office is limited, if it exists at all. In this e-book, find out how to easily deliver cloud edge security for today's evolving networks, and protect remote and roaming users.