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Manage multiple virtual environments with a converged appliance

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Case Study: Virtual solutions reduce hardware cost by 40%

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated machinery for the farming industry, GRIMME’s products are sold in over 120 countries. But with rapid global expansion and explosive sales growth, GRIMME realized they needed a more efficient way to ensure the performance of CAD workloads across their worldwide production network.

Dive into this case study to learn how GRIMME ultimately landed on NVIDIA virtual GPU technology to power their workstation environments.

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  • The toll of “work from anywhere, on any device” on infrastructure

    A common oversight in digital transformation is the resultant increase in applications that are both compute- and data-intensive.

    As remote work creates new demands for a “work from anywhere, on any device” infrastructure, the need for a powerful remote work platform is clear.

    Learn more about virtual workstations and how they can restore control in your infrastructure in this guide—available for download here.

  • Case Study: Redefine Education – In class and off campus

    With more than 17,800 students and projected growth in the coming years, UMass Lowell – a national research university with a focus on emerging technology and innovation – was quickly running into capacity challenges.

    To keep pace with explosive growth, in addition to expanding physically, the university needed a way to ensure high performance across its virtual desktop environments.

    Inside this case study, learn why UMass Lowell decided to utilize NVIDIA GRID Software and Tesla M60 vGPUs to deliver high performance VDI to their growing network of students and faculty.

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