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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Platforms: Data Center Energy Management with Dell, Intel, and JouleX

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Green initiatives are delivering disappointing ROIs for today's data centers

Since controlling power consumption represents a significant expenditure of time, money, and effort, data center managers need to consider all power reduction solutions at their disposal – from flywheels to eco-mode UPS systems to other efficient alternatives. 

This expert handbook will help guide you through the decision-making process of “greening the data center”. Readers will learn how these methods—along with others—help to provide a smaller footprint while still allowing for higher power density.

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    With all of the advancements that happen inside of your data center, it's easy to forget to update facilities management strategy. Here's the thing: overheated servers and cooling failures are worse than power failures.

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  • Everything you need to know about microgrids for data centers

    With the average cost of a single data center outage reaching $750,000 (and cloud hosting services an order of magnitude more), many operators are now going beyond temporary power solutions and taking advantage of the benefits of resilient energy microgrids to ensure system uptime even when the grid goes down for extended periods of time.

    But what is a microgrid? And how does it differ from a UPS?

    Download this white paper, which aims to help educate data center operators as they explore microgrids to improve electric reliability, lower energy costs and achieve sustainability goals.

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