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Prepare for the Future of Integrated Communications

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1 simple tool to help avoid the hang-ups of legacy voice systems

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are facing increasingly challenging and competitive situations where connectivity between employees and customers is essential to thriving.

Unified communications —which includes business voice solutions—can play an important role in addressing these issues and solving critical business problems.

In this IDC white paper, discover how small to medium-sized business can realize several benefits from unified communications as a service, including worker flexibility, simplified business communications, and more.

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  • Drive frontline success with next-gen push-to-talk tech

    Forrester Research highlights the importance of frontline workers in business success, noting their need for better technology. Equipping teams with tools like mobile devices and push-to-talk features can enhance productivity and safety.

    This report discusses how advanced communication tools integrated with cloud solutions foster collaboration. It showcases RingCentral's solutions that combine calling and messaging, reducing the need for multiple devices. Companies are advised to consider specialized frontline tech with UCaaS to strengthen their workforce.

    Discover in the full report how innovative communication tech can improve frontline productivity and customer experiences.

  • Why SMBs cite connectivity as a top investment priority

    Whether company-provided or BYOD, SMBs realize the importance of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). 86% of businesses say that the ability to access unified communications services from mobile devices is of vital importance.

    That’s why 43% of U.S. organizations expect to increase investment in 5G devices for their employees over the next 12 months, in an effort to boost employee productivity.

    But where is this investment seeing the best productivity results?

    Find out in this IDC infographic.

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    76% of surveyed manufacturing organizations have set digitalization as a strategic imperative, according to research by Frost & Sullivan. So, how can those manufacturers accomplish their digitalization goals? This Frost & Sullivan report explores how SD-WAN and SASE can help in 5 key ways. Continue on to explore the insights.


  • Enterprise Strategy Group report: Zero-trust findings

    When asked about their biggest zero-trust challenges, 39% of surveyed IT professionals cited aligning teams across different groups, while 36% reported implementing new tools to support the strategy. For a deep dive on the state of zero trust, tap into this report by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • How to Overcome the Barriers of Zero Trust Adoption

    This whitepaper is designed to help organizations overcome the barriers of Zero Trust adoption, focusing on the central role of identity. You’ll learn about five foundational principles for a comprehensive Zero Trust implementation, as well as six practical steps for putting your strategy into action.