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Prepare for the Future of Integrated Communications

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Streamline Communication with Microsoft Teams Voice by CBTS

Chat, video call, email, phone call—the communication methods for modern businesses have proliferated, leading many organizations to search for ways to streamline their communications.

Does your business fall into this category?

This overview introduces a solution that can help: Microsoft Teams Voice by CBTS, which can deliver inbound and outbound calls straight to your Microsoft Teams applications.

Keep reading to consider 6 reasons to leverage Microsoft Teams Voice by CBTS.

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  • Go the Distance with TLK 150 Mobile Radio

    Today, many fleet organizations are using multiple devices to connect their teams on the road and in the office. But often the interfaces don’t interact, and the multitude of devices can lead to distractions on the road.

    Your team needs an all-in-one device that is purpose-built for the job at hand, ensuring instant communications without distraction and within nationwide or state regulations.

    In this brief, learn how TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio can help provide the voice and data communications your organization needs.

  • Communication and Collaboration in 2020: Inside UC’s Faster Future

    Appliances such as smartphones and their advanced features – from keyboards to touch-screen – have revolutionized the world of collaboration and communication in a few short years. So what will it be like in the future?

    In this E-Guide from, we take a trip to the year 2020 in an attempt to uncover how unified communications and collaboration (UCC) will evolve and what it will mean for your organization. View now to learn more!

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    The number of devices as well as device intelligence (IoT) is increasing in facilities. These trends impact employees’ ability to communicate with one another – a critical function throughout all commercial industries. Download this use case brief to learn how Mototrbo ION broadband-enabled smart radios can mitigate this issue.


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    Over 90% of manufacturing workers are using multiple devices to communicate while on the job, according to a 2021 Motorola Solutions Survey. Access this white paper to learn how you can overcome 4 key hurdles to increasing connectivity and realize immediate benefits in both safety and productivity.


  • Real-time communications improve patient experience

    Sinai Chicago is one of the largest private safety-net healthcare systems in Illinois. In the wake of COVID-19, they needed greater efficiency, better use of resources, increased interoperability and immediate communications across their network. Download this case study to learn MOTOTRBO’s digital radios and broadband push-to-talk helped.


  • Access carrier-independent, instant PTT communication

    Surveys found that 90% of industry workers said it would be valuable if they could seamlessly communicate across any type of device. Browse this e-book to learn how Motorola’s WAVE PTX, a carrier-independent broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) service, fulfills this need.


  • Enable two-way communications with Motorola’s radios

    Manufacturing, farming, construction, security: These industries and more require effective two-way communications so that employees on the move can perform their jobs. Take a look through this white paper, “Be Reliable When It Matters Most,” to understand how the MOTOTRBO R2 can enable the seamless communications that these workforces need.


  • MOTOTRBO R7 radio communications: Break through the noise

    According to the 2021 Motorola Solutions Commercial Markets Survey, audio quality ranks within the top three communication challenges for organizations across the commercial landscape. Access this white paper to learn how the MOTOTRBO R7 is designed to provide next-level noise cancellation, loudness and clarity, superior signal strength and more.


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  • Why 270 million active monthly users rely on Teams Phone

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  • The Power of SMS in the Banking & Finance Sector

    With SMS as a digital touchpoint, financial companies are better positioned to engage customers and build trust. How can you strengthen your SMS strategy to stay ahead of the competition? Read on to learn how 8x8’s SMS API can help you provide not just the mobile experience your customers expect, but a customer experience that they’ll value.


  • Chat apps: Guide to improved user-brand engagement

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