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Total Financing for Small and Midsized Businesses

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101-page guide: Cloud BI

As vendors of business intelligence (BI) programs continue to expand their offerings, cloud BI has emerged as a leading adoption method.

But what are the benefits and concerns attached to cloud BI? What about deployment models and must-have features?

Moreover, many companies remain worried about the security implications of running their BI initiatives off-prem.

Check out this Dresner Advisory 2020 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Survey to learn more about this developing market area.

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  • How RPA analytics help drive better business outcomes

    Robotic process automation (RPA) has been changing how organizations approach repetitive, process-driven business tasks by helping increase productivity, reduce risk and enable cost savings.

    However, RPA adoption and growth can be negatively influenced by a lack of analytical insight into RPA deployments by both users executing it and business leaders questioning its impact on business goals.

    This white paper aims to bridge that gap, covering:

    • Current challenges for scaling RPA deployments
    • How to use RPA analytics to demonstrate efficiency and business impact
    • The transformative capabilities of RPA for automation-focused businesses
    • And more.

    Open now to get started.



  • How to build a foundation for engaging content

    Harvard Business Review shares how to turn data into unmatched business value in order to:

    • Empower your employees to innovate and build without limits
    • Optimize business outcomes in real time to keep up with the direct-to-consumer shift
    • Develop actionable insights with advanced analytics and AI to give audiences what they want

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    A recent study found that employees spend less than half of their workweek doing the work they were actually hired for, leading to worker dissatisfaction. Open up this eBook to take a look at how robotic process automation (RPA) can help eliminate the extra busy work and free up employees to focus on the job they were hired to do.


  • Domo vs. Tableau vs. Qlik: 20 key BI & analytics vendors compared

    Download this Gartner Magic Quadrant to find a breakdown of the current state of the BI and analytics market, spotlights on emerging features and innovations, and a head-to-head comparison of 20 vendors therein.


  • It’s time to automate business processes: Explore why and how inside

    This white paper explores why automation is so critical to businesses right now, as well as tips for how to find the right automation projects for maximum impact. Dive in to take a look at how to determine what to automate, employee change management and more.


  • The great RPA debate: Do robots really impact jobs? Open to find out.

    Ever since robotic process automation (RPA) came on the scene in the early 2000s, the number one fear has been its impact on jobs. Jump into this eBook to take a look at RPA’s actual impact on jobs in various industries over the past 20 years, as well as real stories from organizations on how they use RPA in their daily job functions.


  • Case Study: IT and HR leaders collaborate to deliver innovative employee self-help

    Open up this case study to learn how Dexcom, faced help desk challenges with assistance from Expressive’s AI-based virtual support agent, and see the results of that implementation.


  • Introducing the insights-driven targeting spectrum

    In this report, explore the Forrester Insights-Driven Targeting Spectrum, gain a comprehensive view of 6 sequential capabilities to more effectively target buyers, and discover the best guidelines to ensure evolving levels of data maturity.


  • Explore a new era of integrated care with intelligent automation

    The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced the need for more coordination across all healthcare activities, a need only highlighted by the complex challenge of managing the vast range of healthcare systems. Open up this eBook to see how intelligent automation can help cross these barriers in your healthcare organization.


  • Delivering on the promise of intent

    The B2B tech market is going through a transformation as marketers and sellers adapt to new types of data, new technologies and new processes. Now, companies are trying purchase intent data but are unsure of how to adjust or optimize effectively to deliver better results faster. Watch this webinar to learn how to address these challenges head-on.


  • How to democratize data across an organization

    Watch this webinar to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with data democratization, and how leading organizations are successfully implementing it.


  • Single Store Video 2

    Recent advancements in technology and data strategies mean that every company can now harness the power of their data for real-time analytics—and that’s more necessary than ever in a fast-paced, digital world. Tune into this webinar to learn how SingleStore delivers real-time analytics in a variety of IT environments for all kinds of businesses.


  • Widen your vision with AI-powered service ops

    As more products and services become digital, CIOs finally have a seat at the strategy table. But to succeed and push their businesses forward, today’s CIOs need to be able to read the market, anticipate changing market demands, and be ready for them. AI-powered service ops can help. Download this eBook to learn how.


  • The B2B Buyer Persona Framework

    In this B2B Buyer Persona Framework, explore how B2B buyers differ from B2C personas, B2B functional and emotive attributes, and much more. Save the exclusive Forrester framework here.


  • What you need to know when evaluating ServiceNow virtual agents

    If you are evaluating the ServiceNow virtual agent for employee self-help across your enterprise, this eBook should help. The eBook is divided into two sections: 5 questions to ask ServiceNow about their virtual agent and 5 reasons why ServiceNow customers choose Espressive Barista. Open now to help you in your evaluation process.


  • 5 ways to improve observability data analytics and cut costs

    The Elastic Stack is a powerful tool for organizations looking to analyze observability data with a scalable platform at an affordable price point. By pairing it with an observability pipeline like Cribl LogStream, you can cut storage and compute costs, too. Read on to learn how you can get more out of the Elastic Stack in 5 simple steps.