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Proactive PC Support Improves Service and Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

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An on-premises comeback? Why organizations are flipping the cloud trend

Many organizations today are flipping the trend of moving everything to the cloud — instead, they’re migrating many workloads to their on-premises infrastructure. Businesses are seeing key benefits compared to their cloud-migrating colleagues, such as:

  • reduced costs
  • improved application capabilities
  • increased user satisfaction
  • and more!

Check out HPE's infographic on the comeback of on-premises infrastructure, and why on-premises deployments have been spiking among leading organizations.

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  • Tomorrow is here: Data centers and the economic new world order

    This blog covers how the pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and relax as connectivity, data centers, applications and services are all accelerating to meet the old demands in new, experimental ways.

    Click in now to explore the specific changes happening in:

    • Remote work
    • Tele-health
    • Sports
    • And more.

  • Delivering transformed compute foundations with HPE

    In 2020, the economic value of digital transformation (DX) represented almost $19 trillion—an amount equivalent to 20% of the global GDP. It's unsurprising, then, that for many businesses DX has become a primary objective.

    But DX has proven difficult to achieve, with numerous obstacles standing in the way of success:

    • navigating human, technology, and data headwinds
    • managing massive data volumes
    • creating a hybrid IT estate
    • and more.

    Fortunately, HPE is here to help your enterprise reach DX success, with new solutions powering the next wave of compute foundation.

    Check out this infographic to see how HPE can create a workload-optimized and as-a-service experience for your complete hybrid IT estate.

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  • BYOPC Strategy: Policies and Problem Solving

    Creating a bring your own PC (BYOPC) policy before implementation is crucial to the success of the initiative. In this E-Guide from, get help creating a policy that fulfills your employees' and your organizations' needs alike.


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  • Want a free Azure Health Check?

    Is your Azure environment running optimally when it comes to cost, security and performance? Advanced is offering a complimentary Azure health check to help you find out. Learn if your reserved instances, multifactor authentication, storage optimization and more need addressing to run at peak performance. Get started here.


  • Transform your customer experience with Slack for support teams

    Download this e-book to learn how Slack acts as a support team for your support team, by boosting the usability of your existing tech stack and uniting your company’s experts at a single point of access.


  • Remote access for point-of-sale: The challenges

    Remotely accessing a point-of-sale (POS) terminal can be a challenge due to hardware and software incompatibilities. For this reason and others, your fleet of POS systems can be a challenge to deal with. Read this white paper to learn how to mitigate this issue and give your frontline workers POS access regardless of distance or device.


  • How the Alation Data Catalog guides data analysis for game developers

    Riot Games created and runs “League of Legends,” the world’s most-played PC game and most-viewed eSport — and is now transforming to become a multi-title publisher. Watch this webinar to learn how the Alation Data Catalog is helping Riot Games create a foundation for guiding accurate, well-governed data use for their growing player base.


  • Best way to use HDR video without bogging down your workflow

    HDR video is all the buzz, but your creative staff will have trouble handling it with the usual systems. Access this white paper to learn how Dell Precision workstations with high-end video cards and 8k monitors can solve that. Take our short survey on your PC hardware purchase plans to get free access now.


  • Laptop, desktop PC and mobile device strategy: Essential guide

    In this guide, you can find best practice, analysis of the latest trends, and expert advice on formulating enterprise strategy in laptops, desktop PCs and mobile devices.


  • Spotlight on Member Satisfaction

    Personalization just may be the key to satisfying members and seeing the related ROI. In a sample of 3,000 health plan members, individuals who felt that their plan understood their personal health needs gave their plan significantly higher satisfaction ratings.


  • Attentive service awards Signant a 95% customer satisfaction rate

    Pfizer awarded the clinical trial management for its COVID-19 vaccine to Signant Health—one of their most difficult studies to date. Read their success story to learn from Signant’s experience and see how your business can see similar outcomes with ServiceNow and Capgemini, like a 95% customer satisfaction rate.


  • Desktop Administrator's Guide to BYOD - Pros and Cons of BYOD

    BYOD and BYOPC can reduce costs, increase flexibility, and help keep your users happy. But to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk, it is essential to put the right policies in place. Read this E-Book to uncover the promises and pitfalls of these trends and how you can embrace them in your enterprise.


  • Axway’s Mission-Critical Support helps logistics giant thrive

    DB Schenker, a global leader in logistics solutions, needed support to manage their 10,000 customers and the terabytes of message volume associated with their business. The company adopted Axway’s Mission-Critical Support to help eliminate downtime and mitigate risk. Access the case study for more details on how MCS can support your business goals.


  • Evaluated: Citrix DaaS. Here are the results.

    To determine the potential benefits and risks associated with the new era of hybrid work, Forrester interviewed four customers who had deployed Citrix DaaS with Microsoft Azure. Open up this report to reveal key findings from the study.


  • Collaboration, leadership and data improve patient care

    UCLA Health is achieving continuous, sustained improvement through collaboration, leadership and data. The health system has developed a strategy supported with a dashboard that provides UCLA Health with a systemwide framework to meet and determine goals around six focus areas.


  • Mental health literacy toolkit: How to improve employee well-being

    The majority of today’s workforce is constantly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, and people are in need of better support from their employers. However, many struggle with finding and implementing proper solutions to better support mental health needs. Browse this guide to learn the best practices that your business can adopt for your employees.


  • Devops Pipeline Health Check For World-Leading Manufacturer

    A world-leading manufacturer of coding and marking solutions was suffering from development inefficiencies, so they opted for a Ten10 DevOps Health Check. Thanks to the analysis, the company saw improved operational efficiency. Access this brief to learn how you can receive your own DevOps health check and improve your pipeline.


  • Why NTT DATA trusted ServiceNow for its new EX platform

    Take a look at this case study to learn why NTT DATA trusted ServiceNow for its new EX platform and based its new portal on ServiceNow HR Service Delivery


  • Leader’s guide to board portals and best practices for implementation

    Access this e-book to explore what to look for in a board portal provider, how board portals have evolved over generations from the PC-centric to the cloud and mobile, and finally, what emerging technologies cloud-first board portals are primed to incorporate.


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    The pandemic has brought on changes to how organisations and their customers interact. In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at why firms need to adapt, what customer and employee experience has in common and what companies are doing to update the digital customer experience.


  • The Desktop Admin's Guide to BYOD: Pros and Cons of BYOD

    Despite the fact that BYOD and BYOPC can reduce costs, add IT flexibility, and keep employees happy, they are not without issues. Check out this E-Book from to learn the promises and pitfalls of BYOD and BYOPC and discover how to successfully embrace them in your organization.


  • Creating a better mental health culture in the workplace

    Despite the increase in awareness over the years, many organizations still don’t have the proper tools or culture to support employee’s mental health needs, and many don’t know where to start. Read this actionable manager’s toolkit to discover the best practices for creating a healthier and safer workplace.


  • How wireless 5G can impact rural health

    T-Mobile is committed to bringing the power of broadband cellular connectivity to everyone across America through their nationwide extended range of 5G. Tap into this e-book to learn how wireless 5G can impact rural health.


  • Service Advisor Mental Health and Well-being

    Contact center agents are among the most scrutinized employees across an organization, and with a 20% attrition rate, it’s clear that this pressure is taking a toll. Watch this brief video to learn how Sabio’s employee monitoring solutions can help employers leverage data to support agent mental health and wellness, lowering attrition and absences.


  • 3 steps to delivering digital-first business growth

    As organizations like yours adopt a digital-first strategy, demand for technology services is exploding and leaders are facing increased pressure to deliver. In this e-book, access a 3-step roadmap for automating and optimizing your service delivery, including best practices for proper execution.


  • How Dell and NVIDIA helps one cinematographer stitch for high-resolution

    Video production is moving rapidly into very high resolution -- 8k and beyond. Our new report details how a leading videographer meets that challenge with off-the-shelf but specially configured PC hardware. The report is free in exchange for taking our short survey on your PC hardware purchase plans.


  • Top 4 IT considerations for CIOs and tech leaders

    If you are wondering how today’s concerns for health, safety and economic stability will change tomorrow’s IT strategy and procurement, you aren’t alone. But how can you gauge whether you’re ready for this new normal? Check out this infographic from Hitachi to learn about the top 4 IT considerations for CIOs and tech leaders right now.


  • Transform population health initiatives through a member-centric strategy

    U.S. national health spending, already the fastest rising in the developed world, has accelerated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with the fact that payers are increasingly covering more vulnerable population segments through Medicaid expansions.


  • The 5 fundamentals of Kubernetes

    With more than 83% of organizations using Kubernetes in production, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, understanding the platform and its complexities is more important than ever. This eBook explores 5 foundational fundamentals of Kubernetes, including how to use Kubernetes secrets. Read it now.


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  • Insights into Modern Behavioral Health Care

    Health plans and telehealth partners that provide adaptive, human-centric solutions can ensure members are seen, heard, and cared for according to their unique needs to deliver superior clinical experiences.


  • The perils of having bad Salesforce data quality

    Data quality is one of the most important factors in your organization’s success. Poor mitigation processes and external sources are allowing bad data to enter your Salesforce, and it might be holding you back. Browse through this checklist to discover 8 potential dangers and learn how you can mitigate these risks.


  • Opioid Abuse Treatment Trends: Navigating Trends with Specialized On-Demand Behavioral Health Expertise

    A thought-leadership article by Micah Hoffman, MD, DABPN, FAPA, AllMedSM Behavioral Health Medical Director on current trends in opioid abuse treatment and how leveraging specialized expertise from board-certified psychiatrists and psychologists can help ensure effective treatment of opioid use disorder that aligns with plan policies.


  • Webcast Executive Summary: How Payer Digital Transformation Improves Provider and Member Satisfaction

    Today, payers are working to create a digital experience that brings greater convenience and accessibility to providers and members, focusing on high-value services, improved communication, and greater transparency.


  • IT monitoring ideal for MSP needs

    LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based infrastructure performance health and monitoring tool, optimized to meet the needs of MSPs. Check out this 15-minute peek into LogicMonitor’s workflow integrations, custom dashboards, and monitoring capabilities to learn how you can take your service to the next level with the right IT tools.


  • Proactive vs. reactive IT

    Employees today rely heavily on their computing devices to get work done. That's why organizations need to take a more proactive approach to supporting end-user computing. This e-book explores the key differences between reactive and proactive IT strategies and how to move forward with proactive IT support. Download now to get started.


  • Guide to creating a culture of well-being for your employees

    58% of employees say that their job is a primary reason for their mental health challenges. Burnout is affecting your employees’ well-being. Qualtrics has put together a step-by-step guide on how to foster a healthy workplace culture. Read through the e-book and see how you can create positive change for your organization today.


  • Evidence-based Evaluation of the Mental Health Impacts of Unintended Pregnancy

    A thought-leadership article by Micah Hoffman, MD, DABPN, FAPA, AllMed Behavioral Health Medical Director, highlighting recent research on the mental health impacts for women of unintended pregnancy and abortion care.


  • Unlocking Data for Better Population Health Management

    Bringing together datasets from various sources is critical to enable population health efforts, but so far has proved to be a formidable challenge for payers and providers alike.An overwhelming amount of new data is created every second – from EHRs and insurance claims to social determinants of health and wearable device data.


  • How to move to a preventative service model with ServiceNow

    Watch how ServiceNow helped Rogers for Business move to a preventative service model and reduced 41% of daily case volumes in this short video.


  • Humanizing Healthcare

    Health equity has been an ongoing issue for many years. Despite best efforts, many programs only report on continued disparities of the issue rather than proactive, solution-oriented data. Leveraging technology as an approach to health equity can enhance patient care reporting and close the gap on equity issues.


  • Alchemer’s 5 step Net Promoter Score customer feedback program

    Check out this data sheet to learn the 5 steps of Alchemer’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer feedback program and discover the benefits it can bring to your business.


  • Exploring What's Behind Surging Demand for Behavioral Health Services

    A thought-leadership article by Micah Hoffman, MD, DABPN, FAPA, AllMed Behavioral Health Medical Director exploring the societal and demographic factors that have combined in recent years to propel the increase in demand for behavioral health services.


  • Supporting a Multichannel Contact Center

    Consult this expert e-guide to uncover how you can provide customer support across multiple communication channels. Assisting customers efficiently is imperative to the reputation of your business. This e-guide covers best practices for managing multiple channels, so you can prepare for communication from every angle.


  • Tech career guide: Cyber security

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at what it takes to make it in Asia-Pacific's cyber security industry.