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HSBC Calculates Improved IT Support Productivity and Patch Management

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5 major perks of direct liquid cooling in data centers

Data center power densities push air cooling to its limits. This white paper explains how direct liquid cooling (DLC) works, and digs into 5 key benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency - DLC is far superior to air cooling, reducing power usage and energy costs.
  2. Performance - Ensures CPUs and GPUs operate at ideal temperatures for maximum output.
  3. Cost Savings - Lowers energy and maintenance costs, providing an economical cooling solution.
  4. Environmental Impact - DLC's efficiency aids renewable energy use and heat recapture.
  5. Scalability - Prepares data centers for the increasing demands of AI and edge computing.

Learn how DLC can transform data center operations in the full white paper.

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  • Redefine data visualization and insights with AI

    To accelerate insights, engage with predictive analytics, enable 3D visualization—these are three of the many AI use cases that businesses in all industries are tapping into.

    Along with delving into those use cases, this white paper explores one way that your organization can harness the power of AI: leveraging a PowerEdge server.

    So, how does such a server work, and what benefits can it afford your business?

    Take a look through the paper to unlock answers.

  • The rise of rackscale infrastructure

    Rackscale infrastructure is revolutionizing data centers and AI/HPC deployments. In this white paper, you’ll learn how turnkey rackscale solutions can help you rapidly deploy powerful, liquid-cooled systems and get your AI and HPC workloads up and running faster.

    Key points include:

    • Evolution of rackscale architectures in hyperscale and HPC environments
    • Benefits of pre-integrated rackscale systems for time-to-value and resource allocation
    • Adoption of liquid cooling for modern accelerators' power demands
    • And more

    Read on to discover how rackscale infrastructure can enhance performance and scalability in your data center.

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