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Optiview Network Analyzer -- Free Hardware Trial

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End-to-End Network Application Performance Monitoring

Getting a true end-to-end view of your network application performance is quite difficult, especially as one single tool won’t give you all the visibility you need, forcing organizations to use multiple (often overlapping) tools.

This E-Guide from explores how to manage and use multiple tools for network application monitoring. Read now for key hints and advice for dealing with this confusing and often complex issue.

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  • Elastic Cloud Gateways: A Move Toward Mobility

    Where does IT in North America stand when it comes to moving network security to the cloud? ESG surveyed 376 IT and cybersecurity professionals at organizations in the US and Canada responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing network security technology products and services.

    Read the full report to observe why attitudes may be shifting when it comes to:

    • Cloud vs. the increased threat landscape
    • SD-WAN and its link to edge computing
    • And more

  • Cloud generation firewall and migration to Public Cloud.

    Today, network firewalls must do more than just secure your network. They must ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications.

    In this short video, learn about Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, a family of physical, virtual, and cloud-based appliances that protect and enhance your dispersed network infrastructure.

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  • Vendor comparison and rankings: Corporate Web Security

    Radicati Market Quadrants are designed to identify top vendors within specific technology markets. Get this report to learn why Cisco Umbrella is ranked as a Top Player by Radicati.


  • Take aim at network security

    In this e-guide, learn more about securing software-defined wide area networks, the top three network security challenges facing CISOs, and why network security remains primary in any truly comprehensive security strategy.


  • Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Perimeter: Explore key security features

    In this brief, learn about Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Perimeter which provides cloud-based networking services that add multiple, embedded security features to traditional enterprise-class networks.


  • Improve ICS and PCN security

    As industrial control systems (ICS) and process control network (PCN) adversaries become more sophisticated, the concept of zero trust throughout these environments becomes necessitated. Download this data sheet to explore Capgemini’s Zero Trust ICS assessment, designed to help enhance overall control system segmentation and security.


  • Threat prevention techniques: How to build a strong network

    Consult this expert E-Guide to learn how you can develop best practices for threat management and how you can build a strong network. Find out tips from the experts on how you can build a foundation for complete threat protect ion by consulting this guide now.


  • Simple, secure & managed third-party access

    VPNs, despite their long-standing rate of success in securing corporate networks, do not hold up in a remote world. In particular, offering third parties remote VPN access presents a major risk to your network. Watch this video by Axis Security to see how you can deliver secure access to third parties without their ever touching your network.


  • Solution brief: A proactive approach to cyber threat intelligence

    As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and difficult to detect, proactive approaches to threat management are no longer viable for ensuring network security. In this solution brief, discover a proactive approach to threat intelligence that helps you identify & monitor threats while building a cyber threat database.


  • Are Your Students Secure?

    Schools are under constant threat from a variety of attacks, and with students now learning from home, hackers are finding it easier to break in. Without the right network security, your school district could be at risk.Watch this informative webcast about Cisco Umbrella, cloud-delivered network security that keeps your school safe.


  • Detecting & defending against SSRF (Server-side request forgery)

    Server-side request forgery (SSRF) attacks are a critical threat to be aware of in today’s landscape – targeting restricted information by manipulating server sent requests in order to gain access. This WhiteHat webinar provides a comprehensive overview of SSRF, how it operates, common weak points, and how to defend against it – watch now.


  • How to secure 5G network traffic

    The growth of enterprise data is putting pressure on technology professionals to secure and govern it. The generation, networking and storage of this data means that 5G will affect every company’s security posture. So, how can you be prepared for what’s coming? Read this white paper to learn how 5G security will be influenced by evolving threats.


  • Student Cybersecurity 101

    Today’s schools face more security threats than ever before. Sensitive information is at stake, and school districts search for the best ways to protect their students. Through adoption of cloud technologies from Cisco, you can get your security back on track and shift focus back to education. Dive into this e-book to take a closer look.


  • SASE: Cloud-delivered security to every user, everywhere

    In order to extend secure access and high-performance connectivity to a growing remote workforce, organizations are looking to integrate Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions. Read this solution brief for a closer look at the key features and capabilities of Fortinet’s SASE offering – known as FortiSASE.


  • SASE: A how to guide

    In this webcast, join Mark Casey and Kunal Thakkar of Apcela as they show how enterprises are creating a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) network security architecture built for the cloud.


  • How SASE, VPN and SD-WAN can protect your critical information

    In this webcast, join Mark Casey and Kunal Thakkar as they explore how different networking options like SASE, VPN, and SD-WAN make it easy for enterprises and their remote workers to protect their critical information without impacting their work.


  • Compliance and true security: What’s the difference?

    In this webinar, join Monti Knode, Director of Customer and Partners Success at Horizon3, and Tony Pillitiere, CTO at Horizon3, to discuss the difference between compliance and true security. Watch now to explore the benefits of network segmentation in securing your network and reducing the scope of your audits.


  • Bring security data together

    Most organizations have internal and external security systems producing data about activity on their networks and third parties respectively. But, cybersecurity experts lack an effective way to obtain actionable insight from these sources, leaving their networks unsecured. This data sheet explores a platform designed to alleviate this issue.


  • eBook Executive Action Plan

    A collective approach may be beneficial to organizations searching for security advantages.Indeed, a heightened security posture often begins and ends with collaboration. In this e-book, read more about how a combination of organizational preparedness and advanced technology can aid in defending against threats.


  • Why care about public ICS/OT exploits at all?

    Public exploits affect every level of an industrial environment, providing adversaries pre-packaged tools capable of infiltrating and spreading through an ICS/OT network.Open this white paper to learn how to enable operators to remediate ICS/OT vulnerabilities more effectively.


  • SIG - How to build a SASE strategy

    Digital transformation and workforce changes require networking and security to move to the cloud, where they can be delivered as a single converged service. The SASE model consolidates numerous networking and security functions into a single integrated offering. View this webinar to learn about Cisco's approach to SASE.


  • Identify & fill gaps in your security program

    Organizations today are struggling to find the resources needed to identify and address security gaps within their networks. This e-book is designed to help get you started by highlighting the challenges that lead to security gaps and overviewing the benefits of an integrated approach to security. Read on to learn more.


  • 2021 DDoS threat landscape report

    DDoS attacks continue to increase in both size and scale, making their impact on networks even greater. In 2020, the largest attack hit 1.18 Tbps – up 50% from 2019. Learn more about the DDoS landscape in 2020, including average attack size and duration and geographical distribution, by reading this report from Telia Carrier.


  • Enhanced visibility through automation: SecurDPS solution breif

    Data is becoming a highly valuable resource. As such, organizations are taking meticulous precautions in order to safeguard their data against attacks. This solution brief introduces SecurDPS Discover and Classify, designed to automate data discovery and classification to enhance network and data usage visibility – read on to learn more.


  • Discover what SASE can do

    Appliance-based network security has become obsolete, and VPNs have been stretched beyond their original design. Now, network security functions can be delivered from the cloud, and VPNs and legacy on-prem hardware can be replaced with a modern cloud-first SASE platform. Download this white paper to explore iboss’ Cloud SASE.


  • How can you use DNS to improve your security posture?

    This Gartner report details the many ways that the DNS can be used to harden network defenses. Open the report to learn to how to make DNS one of your network’s best defenders.


  • 5 steps to SASE

    SASE can provide your organization with a path to reducing network and security cost and complexity, while increasing security and connectivity, giving your users a better experience regardless of location. But how do networking and security teams start building out such a platform? Download this asset to learn 5 steps to SASE.


  • Tightly Control and Manage Access to Applications and Services with Zero Trust

    In this research report, AT&T’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) provides a unique perspective on implementing Zero Trust to control and manage access to applications and services. Read the full report to unlock this exclusive insight.


  • Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security: Meeting the needs of adaptive cloud networks

    With this solution brief, learn how Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security can help deliver natively integrated network, application, and platform security solutions.


  • Your New Best Friend: DNS Security

    With this webinar, brush up on DNS security fundamentals, learn how DNS-layer security can help you block threats before they reach your users, and gain visibility into what’s really happening on your network.


  • How global labs protect sensitive testing data

    Eurofins, an international life sciences testing company, needed a solution that was powerful enough to protect their complex organization and keep their sensitive data safe. After testing out several security solutions, Eurofins landed on Cisco Umbrella. Download the case study to learn about the security benefits Eurofins saw with Cisco Umbrella.


  • Secure SD-WAN for multi-cloud applications

    As more and more organizations opt for cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, it becomes increasingly critical to ensure that security is at the core of each initiative. Access this webinar to learn how to increase visibility and control over your cloud environment by designing a secure SD-WAN tool.


  • How Maryland's leading healthcare provider has adopted a SASE approach to improve security and build patient trust with Cisco Umbrella

    Frederick Health needed a secure and efficient solution at the cloud edge that could provide granular controls for users no matter where they connect from. Frederick Health turned to Cisco to provide a SASE architecture and deployed DNS-layer security, secure web gateway and firewall functionality from Cisco Umbrella.


  • Counter-strategy: How to conquer APT-style attacks

    In this e-guide learn one of the most nefarious tactics cybercriminals are deploying in today's threat landscape: the Advanced Persistent Threat-style attack.


  • New technologies require a modernized security approach

    Innovations like blockchain, 5G, AI and IoT can drive big results for your business, but they can also put it at risk if you don’t take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. In this white paper, learn how to incorporate the right security into your business to ensure you’re successfully supporting your corporate goals.


  • SASE checklist: Top 4 requirements

    Created by Gartner, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) was developed to address the increasing gap between network functionality and security coverage in the era of remote work and cloud environments. Download this checklist to unlock the essential must-haves of a modern SASE solution.


  • Cybereason EDR

    Endpoint detection & response (EDR) allows organizations to monitor their environments with force, so they can know when a threat is present and respond in seconds, rather than days. Plus, it correlates an attack across all endpoints to give a single view of an attack in real time. View this data sheet to get a closer look at key capabilities.


  • Defining "evil maid" attacks, how to stop them

    In this e-guide learn why the traditionally accepted full disk encryption (FDE) isn't enough to protect enterprise data in case an attacker steals your device.


  • 3 key trends impacting K-12 IT and security

    Three key trends impacting K-12 IT and security are 1-to-1 acceleration leaves a logistical nightmare in its wake, the rise of digital learning introduces demands and risks & complexity takes security from afterthought to imperative. Learn how Absolute can help you navigate the threat landscape on the road ahead.


  • Cloud gain, security pain

    By now, “quick acceleration to the cloud compromised by lack of security” is a song you’ve heard 2500 times. But it’s true – businesses have forced their hand when it comes to cloud migration, and the resulting lapse in security has left them vulnerable. Get in the know – read this in-depth report to learn perspectives from C-suite executives.


  • New download available: Password Security Guidelines

    Implementing zero trust requires creating detailed policies and devising certain "hoops" through which those wanting access to critical infrastructure must jump. Not an easy task. Luckily, searchSecurity is here to help. Participate in our IAM research program for access to our guide, Implementing a Zero-Trust Approach to Network Security.


  • Types of DNS Attacks Reveal DNS Defense Tactics

    This E-Guide from details different types of common domain name system (DNS) attacks, the unusual behaviors they invoke, and which defense tactics work best in the given scenario. View now to learn more!


  • Top security threats: Insider breaches & third-party attacks

    Today’s organizations face a vast array of security threats, the 2 most prevalent being insider breaches and third-party attacks. In this blog post, the VP of Risk & Corporate Security at Ionic shares his guidance on how to best identify and mitigate these threats.


  • Remote worker security & zero trust: Citrix + Google brief

    2020 was a prime example of the need for flexible, secure remote working capabilities. Citrix and Google have been innovating in this space for decades – read this solution brief to learn more about their workspace security and zero trust offering.