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The Radicati Group, Inc. Endpoint Security - Market Quadrant 2020 *

As the number of endpoints within an organization grows, protecting each endpoint becomes an increasingly critical practice – especially as endpoint populations boomed in 2020.

Read this research report from The Radicati Group to discover comprehensive insight into:

  • Key trends across the endpoint security market
  • Top players vs. trailblazers: Endpoint security vendors to keep an eye on
  • Evaluation criteria for an effective endpoint security tool
  • & more

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  • Uncover the Threat You've Been Missing

    Securing your endpoints has never been more important. As you embrace the digital transformation, you are enabling employees to be productive on and off the corporate network.

    Take the survey, and watch this video that explains how your business can continue to innovate, embrace the digital transformation, and leverage a mobile workforce without sacrafacing security with Cisco AMP for Endpoints. 

  • EDR & the efficiency of integrated cybersecurity

    According to IDC research, the majority (75%) of organizations worldwide recognize that their security team's time is wasted due to a lack of integration in their security environments.

    These teams would be wise to consider a multi-level, integrated approach with endpoint protection in mind. See this IDC report to examine such an approach, and study the numbers behind:

    • The risks of leaning on existing security products
    • Why endpoint security is key to improving posture
    • And more

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  • How to get the most out of your endpoint security platform

    The shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise can lead organizations to struggle with implementing the security technology they acquire. In this white paper, learn how CrowdStrike Falcon Complete can solve these challenges by combining Falcon endpoint protection platform with a dedicated team of security professionals.


  • Address The Cis Critical Security Controls With Armis

    The Center for Internet Security (CIS) publishes a set of defense-in-depth best practices called the “CIS Controls.” Assessing an existing security program against the CIS Controls allows security organizations to identify gaps and weaknesses. Learn more in this white paper.


  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) critical security controls evaluation guide

    Download this CIS Evaluation Guide for best practices, benchmarks, and security controls that can help evaluate your current state of cyber hygiene and paths to improve cyber resilience.


  • Endpoint Security IT Decision Center Handbook 2

    Access this expert handbook to discover which features any endpoint protection software should have, and 10 questions to ask your vendor before choosing your next IT security investment.


  • EDR vs. MDR: Similarities, differences & how to choose

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR) represents the fastest growing sector of cybersecurity and it is very clear that security has now become even more important than ever before. This video provides an overview of Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR), MDR and how to know when it’s time to make the switch to MDR.


  • How to tackle information lifecycle management

    Many information assets within an organisation have an associated value relative to thebusiness impact of an incident or threat that affects the confidentiality, availability,authenticity or availability of the information.


  • Bitdefender helps the Archdiocese improve security operations

    The Archdiocese isn’t typically renowned for their IT and cybersecurity skills. However, in this case study, they partnered with Bitdefender to integrate MDR capabilities as part of a project to consolidate time spent on security operations and enable their IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Read on to unlock the full story.


  • A step-by-step guide to developing a cybersecurity strategy

    When it comes to managing cybersecurity, IT leaders & their teams are at a disadvantage: As threat methods are increasing in frequency & complexity, security teams must ensure protection with limited resources. Download this checklist as you develop your cybersecurity strategy & make effective use of existing resources.


  • NWN Security: Mission & overview

    For NWN, security is about risk, control and measurement – they took these pillars into consideration when crafting their security offering. Watch this short video for an overview of NWN’s cybersecurity vision and capabilities.


  • How to mature your cybersecurity strategy

    To help your organization answer questions like, "Where should we invest next?" this white paper identifies the critical decision points that companies arrive at as they mature their cybersecurity strategy – related to people, processes, and technologies – and provides guidance to face the challenges these decisions present.


  • Salesforce users: See, analyze & manage your security data

    This data sheet provides a closer look at Salesforce’s Security Center offering, which is designed to provide improved visibility, enhanced security and analytics to help you manage your Salesforce environments – read on to learn more.


  • Bridging the cloud security gap: Fortinet FortiGate

    Cloud adoption is on the rise, and organizations need to ensure they’re scaling without compromising efficiency, reliability, security or control. Watch this short video to see how Fortinet is helping organization bridge this gap.


  • Micro-segmentation: Worth the hype?

    The purpose of incorporating micro-segmentation as part of a larger Zero Trust security strategy is to prevent threat actors from moving laterally within a network – but how effective is micro-segmentation in practice? Read this research report for an in-depth analysis of the capabilities, challenges and potential benefits of micro-segmentation.


  • Visibility… the key to zero-disruption microsegmentation?

    Microsegmentation is gaining popularity amongst security architects for its ability to enhance agility, incident response, compliance readiness and more. Watch this webinar to learn more about the benefits and possibilities of microsegmentation from 2 distinguished experts.


  • Comprehensive security for the digital landscape: Alchemer

    The digital landscape is constantly evolving – which necessitates changes and improvements to security tactics and controls. This white paper highlights the key tenets and capabilities of Alchemer’s information security program – read on to enhance your understanding.


  • Technical Blueprint for Data Protection Webcast

    Running a successful data protection program is not as simple as plug-in, configure, and go— it requires careful planning and execution for it to perform at its full potential.In this webcast, Principal Data Protection Solutions Manager Ankur Chadda is joined by Principal Security Strategist Bob Mechler to discuss a 9-Step Strategy for Success.


  • 3 emerging threat vectors brought on by remote work

    The shift to a distributed, remote workforce has exposed businesses to new attack vectors, including confidentiality threats, remote business process threats and availability threats, all of which alter company risk profiles. What does this mean for network professionals and risk management? Read this white paper to get the answer.


  • Crafting your new security strategy: What really matters in the future

    In this guide, Jeremy Wittkop, Chief Technology Officer, explains why security leaders should start pivoting their security strategies to emphasize the 2 elements of security that are not likely to be diminished: people and data. Read on to learn more about what he thinks really matters in the future of security and what you can do about it now.