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Tanium & the state of Hawaii

Vince Hoang, CISO for the state of Hawaii, turned to Tanium to boost IT hygiene with improved endpoint visibility and patch management while reducing the burden on its VPNs.

Watch the brief video to learn how leveraging Tanium as a solution led to stronger visibility and an evolving control of their environment.

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  • Endpoint security: Trends, risks & key players

    As the number of endpoints within an organization grows, protecting each endpoint becomes an increasingly critical practice – especially as endpoint populations boomed in 2020.

    Read this research report from The Radicati Group to discover comprehensive insight into:

    • Key trends across the endpoint security market
    • Top players vs. trailblazers: Endpoint security vendors to keep an eye on
    • Evaluation criteria for an effective endpoint security tool
    • & more

  • Total security for work-from-anywhere

    As organizations accelerate their capabilities and infrastructure to support an increase in remote workers, they’ll continue to see an exponential growth in cyberthreats.

    Rapidly scaling remote work options to enable secure connectivity to SaaS, cloud and data center applications is also top of mind for IT & security leaders. Watch this webinar to learn:

    • Simple tools and controls to secure your remote workforce
    • The role endpoint protection plays in defending your business
    • Emergency BYOD policies
    • And more

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  • The proactive approach to endpoint security

    In this Forrester research report, discover how the digital age – accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – is transforming the endpoint security landscape, requiring organizations to rethink their approaches and address new challenges. Read on to unlock Forrester’s comprehensive findings.


  • A buyer’s guide to EDR

    As cybercriminals come up with more sophisticated methods of stealing data, organizations need to upgrade their security practices to address these evolving threats. Read this endpoint detection and response (EDR) buyer’s guide to learn how to assess your security needs and choose the right EDR tool to ensure security.


  • EDR & the efficiency of integrated cybersecurity

    According to IDC research, the majority (75%) of organizations worldwide recognize that security team's time is wasted due to a lack of integration in their security environments. These teams would be wise to consider a multi-level, integrated approach with endpoint protection in mind. See this IDC white paper to examine such an approach.


  • How to get the most out of your endpoint security

    91% of organizations have experienced at least one attack in the course of a year. It has become clear that security, particularly endpoint security, cannot be ignored. In order to get a proper return on investment, your security must be both comprehensive and targeted. Get into this white paper to learn how to maximize your resources.


  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) critical security controls evaluation guide

    Download this CIS Evaluation Guide for best practices, benchmarks, and security controls that can help evaluate your current state of cyber hygiene and paths to improve cyber resilience.


  • How to tackle information lifecycle management

    Many information assets within an organisation have an associated value relative to thebusiness impact of an incident or threat that affects the confidentiality, availability,authenticity or availability of the information.


  • EDR vs. MDR: Similarities, differences & how to choose

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR) represents the fastest growing sector of cybersecurity and it is very clear that security has now become even more important than ever before. This video provides an overview of Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR), MDR and how to know when it’s time to make the switch to MDR.


  • Endpoint Security IT Decision Center Handbook 2

    Access this expert handbook to discover which features any endpoint protection software should have, and 10 questions to ask your vendor before choosing your next IT security investment.


  • How Organizations With An Emerging Cybersecurity Program Can Accelerate Risk Reduction

    Whether or not your organization plans to utilize consultants, AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting crafted this white paper to clarify initiatives for an emerging program. Learn more by downloading this paper today.


  • Use SOAR to give your security staff a breather

    As enterprises build out their security operations centers (SOCs), they’re finding that their current security installs are more disparate than they thought, tasking them with increasing visibility. But security skills are in short supply. Download this white paper to learn how SOAR can empower your SOC and accelerate incident response.


  • 5 Cybersecurity Practices Every K-12 District Should Follow

    Cyberattacks against K-12 schools are on the rise – with valuable information like student names, birth dates, Social Security numbers as the main targets. This white paper highlights 5 cybersecurity practices K-12 districts should follow, read on to get started.


  • Bitdefender helps the Archdiocese improve security operations

    The Archdiocese isn’t typically renowned for their IT and cybersecurity skills. However, in this case study, they partnered with Bitdefender to integrate MDR capabilities as part of a project to consolidate time spent on security operations and enable their IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Read on to unlock the full story.


  • SANS panel discussion: Top skills analysts need to master

    The employment of information security analysts is projected to grow by 32% from 2018 to 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This SANS expert panel discussion webcast provides insights into the essential skills you need to defend your organization across endpoints, networks and the cloud. Watch now to get started.


  • Key data insights about today’s threat landscape

    Similar to weather forecasting, cybersecurity forecasting has immensely improved in accuracy with the advancement of data and intelligence capabilities. Download this report to learn data trends about malware, network attacks, endpoint threats and more.


  • Closely monitor subsidiary security risk

    Your business is doing well – you’re making great acquisitions to increase the value and standing of your organization. But do you know if these acquisitions have ample security? Watch this short video to see how Cycognito aims to give you immediate visibility of the security posture of your subsidiaries so that you can monitor for risk.


  • The cybersecurity Strategy+ framework

    In this video, you will learn how Coalfire’s Strategy+ is a 3-dimensioanl approach designed to add value to baseline cyber controls by developing strong performance metrics and aligning your program to business objectives. Watch the brief video to learn more about Strategy+.


  • 12 security orchestration use cases

    Security orchestration connects disparate security tools, teams and infrastructures for seamless, process-based security operations and incident response. This connectedness makes it a good enabler of security automation. Download this white paper for a comprehensive look at this and 11 other security orchestration use cases.


  • Detecting & responding to security events: Defending your water

    In this case study, discover how Trinity River Authority, a water utilities provider in Texas, was able to partner with Dragos to address cybersecurity challenges they were facing related to a lack of visibility, personnel and insights – read on for the full story.


  • Financial services: Secure your infosys assets

    A financial services firm’s senior management recognized that their organization was vulnerable to a variety of security threats. While the firm had a skilled and experienced cybersecurity team, management also recognized that additional security controls were essential. Read this case study to learn how Coalfire was able to help.


  • Buyer’s guide: Prevention-first security

    Yesterday’s reactionary and disparate approach to security is no longer practical when facing today’s advanced cyberthreat landscape. Access this Deep Instinct Security Buyer’s Guide to learn more about prevention-first cybersecurity.


  • IT security: 3 use cases for orchestration

    After an asset is compromised, the first question asked by security operations is always ‘which asset?’. Through orchestration of enterprise technology, SecOps can leverage automation to answer this question (and others) in less time. Dive into this data sheet to discover 3 use cases or technology orchestration for cybersecurity.


  • How physical security enhances cybersecurity

    The need for visibility and control over physical and digital assets, wherever they reside, has become a key priority with the growth of edge computing. Download this e-book to obtain some best practices for protecting your edge ecosystem.


  • YiR: ICS Threat Activity Group Report

    In this year’s annual Dragos Year in Review report, security analysts break down some of the most pervasive cyberthreats, vulnerabilities and trends related to Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/Operational Technology (OT). Read on to unlock the executive summary from the 2020 report.


  • MITRE ATT&CK for ICS security

    Industrial control systems (ICS) are being targeted by sophisticated cyberthreats. The MITRE ATT&CK for ICS is a framework designed to aggregate known patterns about these threats in order to help organizations identify and mitigate them. Read this e-guide to learn more about MITRE ATT&CK for ICS.


  • Health check: How strong is your cybersecurity strategy?

    Today’s security programs are facing a never-ending onslaught of new compliance regulations and emerging, sophisticated risks – addressing these challenges requires an all-hands-on-deck approach from the C-suite. Read this white paper to learn how to align, manage and unify your cybersecurity program and processes.


  • ETM: Boost security and mitigate risk

    Protecting the enterprise—including people, systems, and IT assets—has become a daunting task. Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) improves IT asset management and security to minimize risks—across data centers, devices, software, and the Cloud. Check out the white paper to see what can be achieve with ETM.


  • The state of OT/ICS cybersecurity

    The operational technology (OT)/industrial control system (ICS) security world is adapting to meet new challenges and threats. This 2021 SANS OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey explores how OT defenders across all industries meet these challenges and looks to areas where to place more emphasis to help defend critical infrastructure moving forward.


  • SOC-as-a-service: An expert e-book

    Explore this e-book for insights on cyberattacks and threats, security operation centers as-a-service, and much more.


  • How SOAR is Transforming Threat Intelligence

    SOAR is gaining traction as a way to improve security operations. Security and risk management leaders should evaluate how these tools can support and optimize their broader security operations capabilities. Read this Gartner Marketing Guide to learn more about sifting through the noise and choosing the best-fit SOAR tool for your needs.