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Hedge Funds: Why Comply? - A Practical Guide to Developing a Culture of Compliance

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Risk And Compliance

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs enable organizations to drive innovation without overstepping regulatory bounds – yet too many organizations lack well-defined GRC programs or neglect funding them entirely.

This Forrester Total Economic Impact Report provides exclusive insight into the efficiencies and advancements in GRC, vendor risk and business continuity management (BMC) with ServiceNow Risk and Compliance. Read on to unlock:

  • Today’s most common GRC, risk management & BCM challenges
  • A comprehensive look at ServiceNow’s potential benefits
  • An analysis of ServiceNow’s costs (ROI & NPV)
  • & more

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  • Scary stories of Electronic Communications Compliance

    Are you having nightmares about archiving, compliance, and e-discovery?

    With Smarsh, your nightmares can be over. Smarsh empowers your organization to capture all necessary communications from the most popular channels in one place.

    Download this Scary Stories guide for spooky tales of electronic communications compliance. Learn how Smarsh helps organizations face the fears of managing costly legal processes efficiently and effectively.

  • Ensuring NIAP mobile application compliance

    While mobile applications enable enhanced efficiency and productivity across any industry, the heavy burden of ensuring National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) compliance has created a massive headache for federal agencies.

    However, these roadblocks can be avoided and the NIAP vetting process can be shortened significantly. The following white paper overview how to ensure NIAP compliance, highlighting:

    • Why mobile app vetting matters
    • The NIAP compliance self-assessment process
    • How to automate mobile app security testing

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    For financial institutions, online video provides endless opportunities to support business goals, but effective creation and review of video content requires meaningful compliance engagement. Adopting proven best practices for video compliance can make it possible to successfully navigate through these challenges.


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    A recent study by Fortinet found that nearly 50% of senior IT professionals believe their boards and management teams need to do more to protect the organization. Take a look at this resource to uncover how to utilize micro-segmentation to meet compliance requirements and enhance cybersecurity.


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    In this white paper, discover key considerations firms should address to make their Office 365 migration more efficient and cost effective as well as how to deploy Office 365 while maintaining regulatory compliance.


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    In this white paper, learn how a red team solution can validate what’s working and what needs to be addressed at your organization.


  • E-Guide: Balancing compliance with information security threat assessment

    Implementing the rules and regulations of a specific industry can be difficult, making it hard for companies to accomplish the task at hand: being successful. In this expert E-Guide, you will learn that the hassle of compliance is worth it in the long run for your company and can be worked into your everyday culture.


  • Compliance rules and requirements for your industry

    Download this guide to read about compliance requirements for your industry and location. Included is a summary of each rule and key requirements, along with resources for more information.


  • Work smarter, better & more securely: BlackBerry case study

    Trowers & Hamlins, an international law firm, works several high-profile clients who are increasing their demands for security and seamless mobile experience while staying within regulatory boundaries. Read this case study to discover how they partnered with BlackBerry to implement a protocol to address these demands.


  • Automating data security for financial multicloud applications

    Financial services firms must comply with a range of increasingly strict security and privacy standards. However, using joint solutions can take a DevSecComplianceOps approach to automate application building, testing, and deployment. View this white paper to learn more.


  • 8 Steps for Automating Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Discover 8 simple steps to slash audit costs, improve efficiency, and minimize risk within your organization by automating your GRC.


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    Inside this guide to GDPR vs. CCPA, discover what businesses need to know to close compliance gaps between the two laws and how Auth0’s identity management platform can help.


  • Compliance automation: Why now?

    Given the ever-expanding cybersecurity skills gap, meeting compliance requirements with limited resources is becoming an increasingly difficult task. So, what’s the best way organizations should tackle this challenge? Read this e-book to learn about the potential benefits of integrating automation capabilities into your compliance program.


  • Top Monitoring Tools to Help Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

    In this e-guide, gain expert insight on how to remain vigilant in meeting regulatory compliance standards, and uncover top compliance monitoring tools for financial institutions to meet their industry-specific regulations.


  • Compliance in the era of hybrid & multi-cloud

    Compliance isn’t a destination, and organizations need to be constantly working to achieve, maintain and prove compliance – a task made more difficult in the era of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Read this article to learn more.


  • Security & compliance: PCI DSS, CCPA & more

    Consumer data protection has become so heavily regulated that compliance is now a key part of any cybersecurity program. In order to better understand the various regulations and their implications, Arctic Wolf created this Cybersecurity Compliance Guide, which explores relevant regulations across industries and geography.


  • E-Guide: Achieving compliance through IAM

    Read this expert E-Guide to learn the best practices for using role management as a tool to meet compliance regulations.


  • Appsian's Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard: Key features

    Compliance mandates such as SOX, GDPR, CCPA and others require organizations to maintain details of data access. View this data sheet to see how Appsian’s Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard equips SAP customers with direct, real-time visibility into the activity around high-risk business transactions.


  • The Definitive Guide to Electronic Communications Capture

    Is your organization under pressure to manage an ever-increasing volume and diversity of communications data? Download this Smarsh Definitive Guide to Capture to learn how your compliance program stacks up, and get the information you need to reduce your organizational risk.


  • Integrated capture & archiving for compliant collaboration

    Download this guide to learn the key steps to enabling modern instant messaging and collaboration platforms while maintaining compliance.


  • Simplifying cross-framework compliance management

    Compliance professionals dread audits. With all of the standards and regulations organizations are held to, finding apt software to maintain compliance across multiple frameworks is an arduous process – until now. Check out this webcast from Aptible to get a look at how you can use automation to remove stress from audits.


  • Leading Mexican hypermarket operator achieves PCI-DSS compliance

    A leading Mexican hypermarket operator needed to achieve PCI-DSS compliance in order to remain operational. They wanted to do so while implementing robust security for protection for data at rest within their enterprise systems. View this case study to see how Comforte AG was able to help maintain compliance and security.


  • 3 strategies to ensure open source compliance

    As open source software continues to be adopted at an increasing rate, compliance with open source licenses becomes a more pressing initiative. Download this white paper for 3 strategies you can use to ensure open source compliance.


  • Mobile financial applications: Compliance & security implications

    Today’s financial institutions face stringent regulations to ensure the responsible management and protection of sensitive user data. In this webinar, join Chris Wysopal, CTO and co-founder of Veracode, as they navigate the security and compliance implications of building and maintaining a mobile financial application.


  • Buyer's Guide to EU General Data Protection

    The race is on to get ready for GDPR next year. In this 16-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how to deal with data under the regulation, how compliance will affect businesses, and what organizations should do to prepare.


  • Enhanced SEC and FINRA scrutiny: The impacts firms are facing

    In this report, review 10 of the most notable violations to better understand how they occurred, as well as how firms are managing enhanced SEC and FINRA scrutiny. Download the Roundup of 10 Recent FINRA and SEC Violations and Penalties now!


  • Cloud compliance: How to take it in stride

    As organizations embrace cloud-native technologies such as Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE), they risk their infrastructure growing unnecessarily complex and non-compliant. Compliance in the cloud shouldn’t halt your digital transformation – view this webinar to learn how automation can help you achieve and maintain cloud compliance.


  • Automating GRC processes to improve business growth

    Learn about ServiceNow's GRC process transformation. Discover how they've moved from a time-consuming, siloed manual work approach, to a connected and automated process that supports their growth.


  • Data security & compliance at Evonik: Case study

    For Evonik, a global chemicals company, balancing a growing list of compliance mandates with data protection and employee productivity is a difficult task. Read this case study to see why they partnered with SNP to address these challenges and discover the outcomes of this initiative.


  • Why you should scale your data privacy program

    The changing regulations are making it critical for organizations to address privacy from an on-going and holistic perspective. Read this blog from Ionic Security to learn how to scale your data privacy program today.


  • Understanding Your PCI DSS Guidelines: Successes and Failures

    This expert guide form details the PCI validation requirements for merchants covered by PCI DSS and reviews PCI's success and failures. Read on to learn what needs to be improved upon and what remains effective.


  • Open Source Compliance Program Checklist

    As more and more companies continue to include open source as part of their software program, it’s critical to establish a strategy to manage consumption and ensure efficient use of resources. Download this guide for the key aspects of an open source strategy designed to keep you on track with your operational and compliance objectives.


  • Advisor Group automates video conference supervision and audio / video pre-review with Theta Lake

    Advisor Group is one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the US. After implementing Zoom to improve customer engagement, the Group ran into a compliance issue after learning that internal employees were recording Zoom meetings. See this case study to learn how the Group subsequently streamlined video compliance.



    This expert guide from discusses the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines and examines how to ensure compliance in a world where mobile payment has become ingrained into everyday life.


  • From Privacy to Profit: Achieving Positive Returns on Privacy Investments

    Privacy has become a critical business imperative, with organizations seeing significant ROI due to improvements in privacy and operational efficiency. Download this year’s Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study to take a closer look at the key findings around the benefits of data privacy.


  • How to create an effective data protection strategy for IT compliance

    Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This tip guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


  • Data Protection 101: Essential Steps for Holistic Information Security

    Data protection strategies should not only focus on safeguarding corporate information, but also identifying sensitive records that are subject to regulatory controls. This e-guide offers a comprehensive overview of data protection best practices for ensuring both security and compliance.


  • 13 compliance frameworks for cloud-based organizations

    The need for cloud compliance begins as soon as you build on the cloud. Considering the shared responsibility of cloud security, which are the regulatory frameworks that you need to be aware of? Leverage this article to get an in-depth look at 13 of them, broken down by cloud vendor, security framework, industry and location.


  • NY DFS compliance: Why it matters

    Las year, the New York Department of Financial Services (NY DFS) issued 23 NYCRR 500, adding yet another compliance requirement to the already heavily regulated financial industry. Read this article to learn more about NY DFS, who it affects and why it matters.


  • Appsian Security Platform for SAP

    Learn how to effectively address the risks associated with ERP business transitions using Appsian Security Platform.


  • Why mainframe security is so important

    80% of the world’s mission-critical data is stored on mainframes. Threat actors are always hunting this data, so enterprises must work to compliantly keep this data secure. But where do they start? Listen to this podcast to learn more about mainframe security and compliance and the challenges enterprises face in "securing the world".


  • ERM & GRC: Digital tools for oversight in the enterprise

    In this report, discover the results of Constellation Research’s initiative into determining the most effective digital tools for oversight in the enterprise and observe a shortlist of 12 unique enterprise risk management (ERM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) offerings you should be aware of.


  • Securing ERP systems: A recommended approach for publicly-traded companies

    Securing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: what are organizations doing to achieve this? In this white paper, find a recommended approach for publicly-traded companies to secure ERP systems and maintain regulatory compliance.


  • Aeris Whitepaper: IoT Device Security: Understanding IoT Security Rules and Regulations

    Customers whose IoT programs collect personally identifiable data should keep security top of mind to ensure they’re compliant with local, national and global data privacy regulations. Read this white paper too learn more about IoT device security and how the landscape is affected by data privacy rules and regulations.


  • How an HMO used WhiteHat to combat a JBOSS vulnerability

    For a large HMO, a scalable scanning solution is vital to the health of the organization – but this solution often entails an enormous team of application security experts on the scene. One major HMO used WhiteHat to adopt an accessible solution that ensured compliance and reduced security risk. Read the case study to learn more.


  • Assessing Comforte AG SecurPDS for PCI compliance

    PCI compliance has become especially important in today’s threat ecosystem. Because traditional security methodologies no longer do the trick, businesses are actively seeking out more modern solutions to compliantly keep cardholder datasecure. In this white paper, immerse yourself in SecurDPS, a tokenization and encryption system.


  • Address compliance mandates with a NIST-based approach

    In this white paper, discover an outline of how you can methodically assess and structure enterprise security to protect your data and address compliance mandates such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, as well as NIST SP-800-171 if appropriate, by applying a NIST-based approach to your IT environment.


  • Detect security and compliance risk with AI & automation

    Attivo Group is a collection of financial companies in the UK. To improve communications, they set out to shorten time-consuming call processes, become more proactive in compliance handling and reduce complexity in their growth-by-acquisition strategy. View this case study to learn how automation and AI helped the Group hit their targets.