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Demystifying IT Network Cabling Specifications from 5e to 7A

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Reliable home networking for students

At the very foundation of effective distance learning is ensuring that every student has suitable internet access that’s readily available to support all of their schoolwork and homework assignments.

Unfortunately, the digital divide still exists, and many students do not have proper access to the internet, which greatly compromises their academic success and future achievements.

But with the development of wireless networking technology, a bridge across this divide has appeared. Download this white paper to learn how providing academic success for all starts with a strong private LTE network connection.

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  • SD-Branch 101

    A most challenging aspect of branch network operations is the need to provision, manage and operate a complex array of distinct IT elements, or boxes, at the branch.

    Since business agility requires many organizations to operate more branches or to rapidly provision branch connectivity in new locations, an increasing number of organizations are implementing SD-branch.

    The SD-branch combines most branch networking technologies onto a single platform and offers improvements in terms of rapid deployment, integrated security, and centralized monitoring and management.

    Access this expert buyer’s handbook to learn more about SD-WAN, and explore what you should know before implementing the technology in your branch locations.

  • The risks of maintaining network hardware in a cloud-based world

    Cloud migration has proven to be an effective strategy for reducing infrastructure costs, improving the availability of data and applications, and increasing operational agility.

    However, this migration rarely happens in one fell swoop which brings complications. Specifically, it creates situations where various networking functions remain on-premise. These network hardware appliances just aren’t up to the task of securing and accelerating critical infrastructure in a cloud-focused world.

    This white paper outlines the risks of maintaining network hardware in a world moving to cloud-based services and offers strategies for avoiding them. Read on to learn more.

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  • How cloud communications improve customer service

    Donatos, a pizza company with more than 200 locations, struggled with legacy infrastructure that delivered fragmented mobile experiences and poor in-store Wi-Fi. To solve these challenges, they looked to build a next-generation IT platform. See this full case study to learn how CBTS cloud and SD-WAN solutions helped Donatos achieve this goal.


  • Your network, your way

    With how important it is to support diverse network environments; your network performance monitoring tools need to be truly helping you. Watch this video to unlock a simple enterprise network management software that can help you manage your network, your way. Access the video to learn more.


  • Private LTE for remote learning

    With almost 3,100 students in its school district, Pittsburg Community Schools in southeast Kansas faced a significant challenge – to ensure that all students in their schools could get stable, secure connections. Download this case study to discover how private LTE gave this district the vital connectivity they needed.


  • Network Monitoring Tools

    Network monitoring has become a must have for maintaining and managing an efficient, high-performance network. Watch the webinar to learn why you need it and how to choose the right tool for your organization.


  • Azure users: Multi-cloud network at scale

    Network infrastructure has become the roadblock to multi-cloud adoption. CIOs and network engineers are challenged with building a network that can support ubiquitous connectivity across enterprise WAN, remote users, on-prem data centers and cloud apps. In this white paper, learn how Alkira strives to help organizations take this challenge on.


  • Why your network matters now more than ever

    As organizations transition to a hybrid working model, the demand placed on corporate networks continues to skyrocket. As such, the tools you use to power your network must be more capable than ever. Dive into this e-book to examine how CBTS’ suite of networking solutions strives to give companies a competitive advantage in the hybrid era.


  • Evaluation guide: Choosing a network monitoring tool

    For all businesses, making certain that the network is up, running, and supporting business services is beyond necessary – it’s the enabler of daily operations, from the productivity of staff to customer service. Access this evaluation guide to learn how to choose a network monitoring tool.


  • Establish a platform to onboard transformation

    Engel & Völkers is on the digital edge of real estate. To keep up with the technology facilitating transformation, they had to establish a platform on which to modernize their business and centralize network management to reduce pressure on IT. Access this case study to learn how Aruba Networks helped make this vision a reality.


  • Mobile Broadband for High-Quality In-Vehicle Video Streaming

    Fleet vehicles have evolved into rolling digital workstations. But effective, reliable connectivity is only available to organizations with exceptional networks. Read this solution brief to dive deeper into common networking challenges and learn how LTE and 5G wireless solutions could address them.


  • How to prepare your network for an increased number of remote workers

    As workers join video conferences and access corporate resources remotely, they're likely unaware of the network infrastructure that supports those actions -- until something doesn't work. In this e-guide, learn how to prepare your network for an increased number of remote workers.


  • Network analytics: Uptime equals better visibility to critical data

    Rapidly changing heterogeneous networks require faster insight and resolution. Entuity is an easy-to-use enterprise network analytics solution designed for IT organizations to maximize network performance and service availability. Use this data sheet to discover how Entuity can help you.


  • What does the network of tomorrow look like?

    For modern businesses, every day brings fresh challenges and opportunities. Your network plays an integral role in helping your business adapt to change and seize opportunities. In this white paper, learn how your network can help underpin your success, accelerating innovation and delivering a wide range of network and security services.


  • 5 ways to improve the networking in higher education

    The quality of a higher educational institution’s network can make or break the academic experience, especially as online classes continue to skyrocket in popularity.This infographic highlights 5 ways to immediately improve the networking experience in higher education. Read on to get started.


  • Zero Trust for security & networking

    Merging networking and security infrastructures is the key to unlocking digitalization and supporting a hybrid workforce. Read this Forrester report to learn how a Zero Trust edge (ZTE) model can help unify networking and security to support a business-wide networking fabric.


  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN services

    In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at howSD-WAN effectively removes telcos' lock-in, the ways hybrid deployment hinges on the network, and the flexibility demanded by cloud-based workloads.


  • Wireless LAN ITDC - Checklist #2

    Download this quick read to get an overview of technical requirements for wireless solutions, questions to ask potential vendors, and a list of vendors that have products that may meet your needs.


  • Teridion internet overlay network

    View this data sheet to explore Teridion’s internet overlay network. This network aims to offer fast, reliable performance for dynamic, interactive applications and a like-local application experience for all users, everywhere on the globe. See how it compares to public internet, benefits for SaaS providers, use cases and more.


  • Software-Defined Networking Strategies for Campus WANs

    In this E-Guide from, explore some of the issues associated with troubled OpenFlow switches, which vendors carry them, and details about a strategy that will not cause you the issues these other switches do.


  • Wi-Fi is dying: What's next for the network?

    This whitepaper looks at the reasons for commercial Wi-Fi's shortcomings, the impact of its inefficiency and inadequate performance and why organizations should consider a new approach to meet growing bandwidth, communications, and collaboration needs.


  • Keeping Up With Network Needs: Five WLAN Questions Answered

    In this E-Guide from, wireless expert Lisa A. Phifer takes a look at the top challenges facing the WLAN environment and answers our readers' top after-implementation WLAN questions regarding issues plaguing today's network engineers.


  • 3 principles for business continuity planning

    Applications are in the cloud; users are working from home. Can your legacy network support both and still meet BCP expectations? Find out, with this e-book The 3 Principles for Effective Business Continuity Planning, as it examines the BCP challenges confronting legacy networks in today’s cloud and mobile age. Download this e-book to learn more.


  • 6 DevOps best practices for multi-cloud networking

    In the cloud era, enterprise businesses’ have placed agility and time-to-market requirements on cloud delivered services that make infrastructure as code automation essential. Download this e-book to learn 6 DevOps best practices for multi-cloud networking, how automation and operational control works for a cloud network platform and more.


  • Fast, secure, and reliable branch office connectivity

    Learn all about the benefits and capabilities of Juniper Session Smart SD-Branch.


  • Optimizing network infrastructure for the distributed workforce

    With the move to remote work, enterprise IT must deploy new management and monitoring strategies to ensure they have visibility into end-user experience anywhere workers log on. Access this white paper to explore a way to gain comprehensive visibility without network overhead.


  • Case study: Upgrading University of Minnesota’s complex network environment

    In this case study, discover how University of Minnesota uses Entuity to strategically manage and upgrade their complex network environment. Click here to see how Entuity’s integrated performance, fault and inventory management, reporting capabilities and extensibility helped manage costs and deliver services more effectively.


  • How network visibility can keep your organization safe

    Could enhanced connectivity and heightened cyber risk combine to create a perfect storm? This whitepaper explores the threats posed by the latest trends and how network visibility and protection tools can help to keep your organization and people safe. Download now to learn more.


  • How private LTE solves the wireless challenge

    Businesses are searching for a reliable wireless solution for all their data, voice and video needs. Wi-Fi has evolved, but it tends to fall short of the ‘demand for data’ that enterprises are now experiencing. Access this guide to learn why investing in an end-to-end, CBRS-enabled private LTE may be the most fortuitous choice.


  • 7 common challenges when implementing your company's network

    While ordering, implementing, and managing Internet connections should be relatively easy, the process of connecting your business to the Internet is a lot more challenging than it may seem. Access this blog to learn how to navigate the 7 common challenges when it comes to implementing your company's network.


  • Case Study: Government Agency Scales Multi-site Data Center

    A government agency needed to modernize its data center network infrastructure across two large primary data center sites to deliver private cloud services to multiple clients. The agency chose the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric to integrate the two data centers into a seamless multi-site data center fabric.


  • Shifting security inspection to the cloud

    A 46-site comprehensive lifestyle service and hospitality company was moving to the cloud and were looking for a solution that was simple to manage. Step in ARG. Access the case study to learn about the solution that allowed IT to uniformly apply network and security governance across the enterprise.


  • WLAN Best Practices: 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Solutions

    Read this e-guide from our experts at to gain a better understanding of WLAN solutions and how to evaluate them. Inside you'll find critical questions you should ask when exploring solutions as well as a discussion about the myths surrounding cloud-managed WLANs.


  • The foundations of improving web performance

    While CDNs have been a key fixture for many enterprise businesses to remediate global network latencies, new challenges have arisen with these solutions that are inhibiting agile workstyles. In this 45-minute webinar, learn how the web performance market is evolving, and the challenges faced by adopters of CDN.