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An Enterprise Database Performance Comparison of the Dell PowerEdge 6850 and the Sun Fire V490 UltraSPARC Server

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How a new dispensary secured their assets with Brivo

Native Sun Dispensary recognized the importance of physical security in the cannabis industry and implemented Brivo access control to enhance their facility's protection and streamline access management.

By adopting a cloud-based access control system, Native Sun Dispensary was able to automate access control management, simplify visitor management, and enhance employee safety.

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  • Data center: The business value of server refreshes

    Forrester Consulting reports that data centers that refresh their servers at least every three years can gain technological and business benefits compared to data centers that do not.

    If you are still wondering whether it’s time to refresh your servers, you can use this study to help you decide. Examine the effects of upgrading legacy servers running on x86-based processors that are more than three years old to Dell PowerEdge servers powered by 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors.

  • Developing the Intelligent Core with Windows Server 2019

    65% of European CEOs are under significant pressure to deliver on their digital transformation (DX) strategies. Creating a digital platform with an intelligent core is key to success. The digital platform is defined as an integrated, enterprisewide technology architecture that enables the seamless flow of data across every single business application, system and application. It is intelligent, agile, trusted and orchestrated, and enables great customer and employee experience.

    Learn  more  about  Dell Technologies  solutions  powered  by  Intel®  Xeon®  Platinum  processor  in  collaboration with Windows Server 2019: The operating system that bridges on-premises and cloud.

    Dell recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

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  • Case study: Avionics safety certification with certifiable IP blocks

    Aerospace manufacturers struggle with costly, time-consuming DO-178C avionics software certification. Wind River's certifiable IP blocks reuse pre-certified components, slashing certification time and cost. This case study examines how a customer leveraged Wind River's software to quickly certify a 16-core system, saving millions.


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  • NVMe promises blisteringly fast flash performance

    In this guide we look at the architectural issues blocking agreement on NVMe, the fundamentals that underlie NVMe and its blistering performance, the key NVMe product deployments available, and ask what will become of the storage features associated with the storage controller.


  • The remarkable effectiveness of dual copy for tape storage

    Nathan Thompson is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Spectra Logic. In this segment of his presentation, Nathan shares Spectra’s experience with tape reliability and the remarkable effectiveness of dual copy resulting in a “one in a billion chance” for data loss.


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  • Computer Weekly – 5 March 2019: Modernising IT at the Bank of England

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the Bank of England as it starts the modernisation programme for its core system. We look at the rise of DevSecOps and how it can help deal with increasingly complex security threats. And we examine the different approaches to storage for structured and unstructured data. Read the issue now.


  • Case study: Accelerate AI training and development

    An advertising and AI organization sought out a way to provide its staff with quick and easy access to reliable servers that would maximize the potential of their generative AI development efforts. Read on to learn why they decided to leverage Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Servers with NVIDIA H100 GPUs to accelerate AI training.


  • E-Guide: Server Virtualization: Expert Overview of Costs, Trends and More

    This expert E-Guide, brought to you by and Dell, provides an overview of the expenses associated with virtualization and highlights virtual server trends. Gain insight into the tangible virtualization costs, and learn how to keep pace with the changing server virtualization market.


  • Under the hood: An architectural overview of Couchbase

    Read through this e-book for a close look at how the internal components of the Couchbase database (Capella, Server, and Mobile) operate with one another.


  • The technological evolution of IT industry leaders: Part one

    This first part of this e-guide explores the technological evolution of Oracle, Cisco and Dell throughout the past two decades, including the technologies that have risen to the forefront, from real-time analytics and data management to Cisco's edge computing ambitions.


  • World-Record Performance for AI and ML

    In this eGuide, you will hear that organizations depend on artificial AI and ML to forecast sales, segment their customer bases and identify risks. Download this guide and learn three Dell PowerEdge servers that have set world records in a benchmark specifically designed to provide real-world performance data on AI and ML workloads.


  • Ericsson Drives Industrial Digitalization with 5G Edge Connectivity

    Ericsson Drives Industrial Digitalization with 5G Edge Connectivity is a fascinating customer story about taking 5G connectivity to the industrial edge.


  • 4 ways to reap virtualization benefits through budgeting

    When it comes to virtualization, budget planning is the key to success for any organization. This e-guide reviews why no matter what kind of cost saving benefits virtualization promises, having an established budget is essential to help with new purchases, ongoing support and software licensing costs.


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  • An easier way to meet the most stringent safety requirements

    If your organization is subject to certain safety standards such as ISO certifications or others, then you know the importance of having a safe and secure, high-performance system. For those running multi-core Linux devices, virtualization can be the right answer. Watch this video to learn more about multi-core use cases and a regulation framework.


  • What will a quantum datacentre look like?

    IBM has updated its quantum computing roadmap to reflect how quantum processors, central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) will be woven into a compute fabric capable of solving computationally complex problems. Understand why this impacts both hardware installation and software.


  • Infographic: NoSQL Databases

    NoSQL databases are geared toward managing large sets of varied and frequently updated data, often in distributed systems or the cloud. They avoid the rigid schemas associated with relational databases. But the architectures themselves vary and are separated into four primary classifications, although types are blending over time.


  • Jargon buster guide to database management

    This Jargon Buster e-guide to contemporary database management is an aid to stepping back and thinking afresh about an area of enterprise IT that has many decades of heritage. Or, as many sometimes (arguably rudely) put it, legacy.


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    Access this expert e-guide for the top advantages of using Linux in a data center consolidation project. Learn how using Linux can help you more effectively reduce cooling costs, reduce real estate footprint and improve server workload utilization.


  • Oracle - Autonomous computing that declines a special name

    In this e-guide, follow Oracle's twin paths to adding AI and delivering software over the cloud – on its own platform and infrastructure as a service, from 2017 to 2018. An over-arching theme of Oracle's case regarding its infusion of machine learning and its declared re-architecting of its cloud delivery has been security, security, security.


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  • 5 key benefits of using a software compiler

    Wind River Diab Compiler gives embedded developers like you a powerful optimization engine, supports many leading processor architectures, and the latest C & C++ language standards. Watch this product overview to explore 5 reasons how Wind River Diab Compiler is designed to help you build better intelligent systems software.


  • Infographic: Advantages and disadvantages of key-value databases

    Different database types exist to serve different purposes. This sometimes makes the choice of the right type of database to use obvious. While key-value databases may be limited in what they can do, they are often the right choice for many different situations. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of key-value databases.


  • Computer Weekly - 17 December 2019: How data analytics is improving the world's greatest tennis players

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the organisation that runs men's tennis worldwide to find out how data analytics is transforming the sport. Intel processors delays will affect Windows 10 upgrades – we examine the implications. And we ask if AI is living up to the hype in enterprise IT. Read the issue now.


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    This e-guide presents the best practices for tuning database auditing tools. Continue reading this e-guide to learn more about these best practices which will allow you to audit without forfeiting  database performance.


  • Learn how Arcese streamlined operations with multi-cloud migration

    Arcese, a leading Italian company in the field of logistics and international transport, wanted to migrate its mission critical infrastructure to multiple clouds. The company partnered with Reply to bring their order management systems and logistic carrier systems to Azure and Google Cloud. Access the details of the multi-cloud migration here.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 January 2018: How to fix the Meltdown and Spectre chip flaws

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as CIOs come to terms with the Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws that make every computer a security risk, we examine how to protect your IT estate. We find out how Alexa-style smart speakers can help with CRM strategies. And we look at how the public sector is implementing DevOps. Read the issue now.


  • CW APAC: Trend Watch: Database technology

    In this handbook, focused on database technology in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at the impact of graph databases and the different types of database management systems currently on the market.


  • Reduce data strain in the cloud with edge computing

    With cloud computing growing exponentially, applications that rely on the cloud for data storage and processing are showing signs of strain – especially those that require high availability and sub-second response times. This white paper explains how “edge computing” addresses those issues by keeping data closer to, or on, the devices using it.


  • Infographic: what is composable infrastructure?

    Familiarise yourself with how composable infrastructure works, core characteristics and benefits, and what enterprises hope to gain from this infrastructure-as-code delivery model.


  • Top 10 software development stories of 2019

    There has never been a better time to be in software development. After years of being regarded as non-core, software development has quickly become a differentiator as businesses embark on digital transformations. Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 software development articles of 2019.


  • The shift to 5G Core on Cloud with Google Cloud, Nokia, and Intel

    5G cloud on core has been gaining traction, enabling cloud service providers (CSPs) to rapidly accelerate their networking capacities. With the aid of research and analysis provided by Forrester, experts from Google, Nokia, and Intel sit down to discuss the shift to 5G standalone Core on cloud. Watch the webcast now to learn more.


  • A human-centric approach to the modern workspace

    Employees are returning to the office and moving between locations to get work done. That’s why Dell Technologies is taking a human-centric approach to their latest portfolio of intelligent solutions. Explore the benefits and capabilities of their fleet, including advancements in sustainability, in this e-book.