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Streamline and Speed the Delivery of High-quality Software Applications

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61% dev/test cost savings with environment provisioning

Environment provisioning seems time and resource intensive, but in certain cases it can streamline development and testing for better efficiency.

Using an environment-as-a-service tool, businesses can simplify environment provisioning with one-click, self-service, on-demand replicas cutting testing times.

Download this 2-page whitepaper to learn how an environment provisioning tool can optimize development and testing, cutting cost up to 61%.

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  • Checklist for project managers to optimize collaboration

    A recent project management study confirms that roughly 66% of companies that improved their project management approach saw an increase in revenue and new customers.

    So how can you improve your own project management efforts?

    Download this checklist to improve:

    • Strategic planning
    • Project intake and prioritization
    • Project initiation and execution
    • Project portfolio visibility
    • Team collaboration

  • 5 ways your development process can be improved today

    Speed is of utmost importance today in application development, and if you’re still using traditional development methods and not taking advantage of the digital tools available to help your organization along, you may be at risk of falling behind.

    Explore this whitepaper to learn 5 ways a modern software development tool can help you improve your speed to delivery, customer experience, asset performance, and much more.

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  • How to manage the inherent changes low-code will bring

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  • How the automotive industry is improving software coding

    Vehicles now hold more electronic systems than ever before. The pace of development is accelerating, and so too is the need to integrate more functions and control units. Learn about the AUTOSAR coding guidelines in this whitepaper, which could make for a much smoother coding journey for your developers.


  • Project management success checklist

    One of the biggest keys in project management success lies in your preparation for each project and task required. Download this checklist to make sure you get your project management prepared the right way, so you can execute with precision.


  • 8 common project management mistakes to avoid

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  • Case study: Digital transformation beginning with low-code

    Open this case study to learn how the University of Wollongong in Australia has cut development times by using a low-code platform as a part of their digital transformation strategy.


  • Researching mobile apps? Consider outsourcing

    When thinking about app development, outsourcing provides a viable solution for companies who don’t have the capacity to build an app in house. Access this white paper to further explore the reasons why your business should consider outsourcing a mobile app.


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  • 5 ways IT can improve construction project efficiency

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  • A day in the life of a Python developer

    In this Introduction to Python Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing Workshop, you will experience a day in the life of a full-stack developer. Get started now to familiarize yourself and your team with Python development.


  • Low-code with Oracle Autonomous Database

    Low-code can help your development team build applications faster than ever before. Access this hands-on lab to walk through a low-code development tool with Oracle Autonomous Database.


  • 5 ways to mitigate project delays for more runway

    Recent research shows that there is a 55% gap in project performance expectations, and a project's ability to deliver on them. Download this e-book with best practices on overcoming project delays and barriers stunting project success.


  • 3 avoidable project productivity killers

    With the desired innovation that IT projects aim to deliver, there comes the seemingly inevitable tedious tasks that project teams waste so much of their time on. Download these 10 tips to learn the best ways to combat inefficient processes, and complete tedious tasks in a way that frees up your teams to work on project critical assignments.


  • How low-code is reducing time to market in all industries

    With low-code development, you can create mission-critical applications in half the time of standard development processes. Watch this video to learn how low-code has been used in the oil and gas industry, with many organizations needing an automated and integrated process for Authorization for Expenditure (AFE).


  • 6 project killers and how you can avoid them

    Download this whitepaper where 6 project management experts, leaders and consultants get into the details of 6 major project management mistakes you need to avoid for project success.


  • Version control systems: A DevOps team necessity

    Read this whitepaper to learn more about your options for high-performing and scalable version control systems, and why they have become absolutely critical for any DevOps team.


  • 5 key considerations for selecting a low-code platform

    In this whitepaper, explore the benefits a low-code solution could bring to your organization as well as 5 key points to consider when deciding on a solution.


  • How Agile is strengthening government regulation compliance

    In this whitepaper, learn more about the benefits of Agile compared to Waterfall, and how better documentation with Agile processes can help strengthen compliance efforts.


  • The future of open source depends on how we approach security

    According to a Gartner survey, over 90% of respondents reported using open-source software. The accessibility of open source is inviting, but its popularity is mirrored by a steady increase in security risks. In this research report, Gartner examines the vulnerabilities associated with open-source and third-party software. Read the full report now.


  • Why appsec is expanding everywhere

    Code vulnerabilities and cyber threats are affecting absolutely everyone, and there is no longer any reason for security to be an afterthought in the application development process. Jump into this guide to learn how to build your case for a shift left in application security.


  • What is adaptive planning and why does it work?

    Read this whitepaper to learn more about why so many of your peers are making the switch to adaptive planning, how you can get started, and a tool that can help make it easier for you.


  • Time and money savings of low-code

    Modernizing existing applications can cost an inordinate amount of time and money, so much so that many organizations put off their modernization efforts for far too long, potentially losing customers or sales in the process. Read this case study to learn why many are currently getting around this with low-code development.


  • 3 layers of app security for continuous coverage

    With widespread enterprise reliance on automated software and applications, security has become a concern that haunts just about every tech-driven business. Download this handbook for a look into continuous application security, and how to establish the three key layers of security within your own applications.


  • How to migrate from one version control system to another

    If your organization is currently planning a version control system change, read this article on what you'll need to do to prepare for the migration.


  • How to orchestrate your version control system migration

    Check out this version control checklist to see what capabilities you could gain from a new version control system, and how to orchestrate your migration.


  • How to be an Atlassian admin at scale

    Atlassian admins at scale are experiencing operational disconnect across their organization as users, teams, instances, and complexity all rise. This guide provides an overview of 5 key skills and responsibilities that admins should prioritize to get the job done, from governance to certifications. Download the guide here to learn more.


  • Open source compliance best practices

    Open source has steadily become more prevalent in business, which in-turn has brought the rising challenges of tracking open source code that companies use. Read this whitepaper to learn the best practices for businesses to overcome and avoid the most common open source challenges.