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Driving Information-led Business Innovation with IBM Information Server

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Best practices for effective information management

Corporate information is often siloed, uncatalogued and managed through a patchwork of different tools and policies, reducing the potential business value and leaving organizations vulnerable to a variety of data-related problems.

In this expert e-guide, you'll learn tips for:

  • Managing the lifecycle of structured and unstructured information
  • Effective EIM deployment
  • Optimizing the business value of successful data management processes

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  • Top 10 information management stories of 2019

    Consolidation and acquisition marked the supplier side of the IT industry in respect of information management in 2019. The question of how modern BI and analytics software shapes up to non relational big data is addressed and suggests that data integration is the enduring, difficult problem for CIOs to solve. Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 information management stories of 2019.

  • Breaking Down Information Silos for Better Connection

    Keeping your organization in sync, scaling communications, and remaining connected can be difficult. Attempts to scale often create distributed teams, different ways of working, and disparate tools.

    This can lead to isolated pockets of information. When information is siloed, it’s easy to fall into poor decision-making, inefficient workflows, and duplicate work.

    In this white paper, discover how information silos emerge, the impacts of information silos, and how all levels of the organization can address these challenges to keep teams connected and aligned to the same goals.

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  • CS Moses, Chief Information Officer, AWS

    The financial services industry has a proven track record of using technology to drive business innovation. From new ways of connecting with your customers and creating new products to scaling data analytics and building enterprise resilience, business advances can occur only with a strong security program.


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  • Metropolitan Police Freedom of Information disclosure on investigations into WikiLeaks

    Letter from the Met Police to Stefania Maurizi, an investigative journalist with Italy's La Repubblica newspaper, confirming that the police service shared correspondence about one or more of three named WikiLeaks British editorial staff with the US Department of Justice. The letter is a response to a freedom of information request by Maurizi.


  • Mainframe Data Integration for Digital Innovation and Cloud Analytics

    Discover in this white paper how mainframe data integration can help you take advantage of cloud-based data warehouses and other modern technologies while avoiding the costs and risks associated with migration to new platforms or databases


  • How do cybercriminals steal credit card information?

    Cybercriminals have several methods at their disposal to hack and exploit credit card information. Learn about these, how to prevent them and what to do when hacked.


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  • Generating business value from Big Data

    For high-end, challenging applications integrating business intelligence (BI) data with other information such as Internet clickstream and social networking data, the trend is shifting toward build in the buy vs. build data warehousing debate. Access this expert resource today to learn the drivers that are creating this new trend.


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  • Data Center Facilities Design for IT: Chapter 1: Communication Strategies for Data Center Designs

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  • Top vendors for security information & event management

    By implementing a SIEM solution, organizations can better protect their assets, reduce risk, and increase their overall security posture. Download Gartner’s SIEM report to identify vendors that align with your needs and inform your decision-making process when selecting a SIEM solution.


  • Tips on Managing the Deluge of Information Security Threat Reports

    Don't get overwhelmed by today's cyber-attacks: Access this expert e-guide to take advantage of threat report data and use it as actionable intelligence. Read on to discover the real impact of insider security threats.


  • Object Storage 101

    Standard file and block storage have their places, but there is an increasing move to object storage to meet the governance, risk and compliance needs of organisations, while also providing enhanced information management capabilities, say analysts Clive Longbottom and Marcus Austin.


  • Infographic: Four emerging data integration trends

    To build up an effective data and analytics architecture, enterprises should look at leveraging new approaches in data integration. In this infographic, we take a look at four emerging data technologies to consider for future data integration projects.


  • Unlocking the Opportunity of SIEM Technology

    Explore how a security information and event management (SIEM) system works, what types of data you can integrate into it, the process for detecting threats/incidents, and steps you should take to develop a successful SIEM capabilities.


  • How to Build a Risk-informed, Resilient Business

    Each one of your business objectives necessitates a certain amount of risk. In the face of that risk, how can you confidently pursue your objectives? By using risk intelligence to inform your decision-making. Check out this eBook to learn how a risk-management platform can provide the risk intelligence that you need.


  • Mobile Data Security and Compliance Challenges in the Enterprises

    The bring your own device (BYOD) era has ushered in a number of benefits and security challenges alike. In this E-Guide from, learn about the top mobile data security and compliance challenges and the best ways you can conquer them.


  • Technical Guide on SIM: Moving beyond network security toward protecting applications

    SIMs have been widely adopted for their value in correlating, reporting and alerting on network security. But SIMs can be used for more than just network security monitoring. The same tools can also bring value to application managers if used correctly. In this technical guide, gain 4 steps for integrating applications into enterprise SIMs.


  • Data discovery: how to pick the right software

    In this guide, we break down data discovery software by defining the categories, explaining the features and revealing the benefits. We also highlight the major players and products in an effort to inform buying decisions.


  • Information Security Magazine - May 2012

    Access this month’s issue to uncover strategies for taming the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) tide. In addition, explore other featured topics including VMware’s security partner program revamp, four keys to data loss prevention (DLP) success, top considerations for information security career recruitment and more.


  • Notes and summaries of Facebook discovered documents (with multiple colour highlights) - undated

    This undated document summarises the information contained in some of the exhibits produced by Godkin's 16 May declaration. The author is unknown.


  • Expert best practices for data center management

    This expert e-guide offers information on how data center infrastructure management tools can benefit your organization. It also offers information on how to overcome the limitations of DCIM. Access now to gain insight into topics like:using DCIM tools for energy management, DCIM challenges and limitations and more.


  • UK police unlawfully processing over a million people's data on Microsoft 365

    The roll-out of Microsoft 365 to dozens of UK police forces may be unlawful, because many have failed to conduct data protection checks before deployment and hold no information on their contracts.


  • E-Guide: Bringing Value to Application Monitoring Through SIM

    This expert e-guide describes the value that security information and management systems (SIMs) can bring to both application monitoring and real-time security. See how you can get the most out of SIM by reading on now.


  • Overview of Office 365

    This exclusive webcast details the key features of Microsoft Office 365 and will help you work through the implementation process.


  • Improve customer experience with good customer data

    Learn how you can build customer loyalty and improve customer experiences via quality and effective customer data collection and analysis. In addition, tap into how companies like 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Mazda are improving customer journeys by enabling mobile loyalty programs.


  • Hitrust’s strategy for fighting ransomware

    On average, recovering from a ransomware attack costs organizations $1.85 million. To fight ransomware, a proactive and aggressive information protection strategy is needed to address and prevent ransomware attacks. Read this white paper to unlock Hitrust’s approach to combatting ransomware.


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    Author and IT consultant, Terry Critchley, looks at potential solutions to the apparent skills crisis facing the IT industry, in this special guide for Computer Weekly.


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    In this handbook, focused on data management in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at best practices, Alibaba’s use of databases, the role of artificial intelligence in handling information and data trends to look out for


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    Modern content services improve information management, member experience, and payer-provider relationships. Access this e-book, “Why Payers are Moving from Legacy ECM to Modern Content Services,” to explore why taking an innovative approach to content management is critical.


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    Featuring a detailed list of everything you need to establish an effective DR strategy, this resource featuring expert Paul Kirvan has all of the information you need to get started developing and managing a successful DR plan. Read on for today's best practices and newest DR strategies.


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    How can integrating UCaaS and contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) enhance the experiences of customers and employees alike? Download this white paper to find out.


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    This Information Security Essential Guide outlines the latest threat detection options available, provides a number of best practices for threat prevention, and outlines why your SIEM is a key player in the fight against cybercrime.


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    By having access to a centralised geographic information system (GIS), valuable context can be added to an organisation's existing data assets which can be accessed by any mobile worker, including the field force.


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    This report from analyst group Quocirca explains how to use smart technology to make meetings more effective.


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    Heineken's data management director has revealed some of the ways the company is using information technology to transform digitally. Also read how a PhD student in the Netherlands is detecting hidden messages on the internet by exploring the practice of steganography.


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    This expert E-Guide explores what it means to be an "ideal" security information and event management (SIEM) system and takes a look into a crystal ball to explore five futures SIEMs must conquer to be considered next-gen systems. View now to learn more!