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Managing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

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A glance at the threat landscape

The threat landscape is constantly shifting, and in order to actively defend your organization you need to stay up to date on the latest attack trends.

Nexum has been managing and monitoring security environments since 2005, and leverage their experience in order to provide an overall view of the threat landscape, specifically looking at 3 key macro trends:

  • Socially Engineered Phishing
  • IoT, Edge, and Infrastructure Devices
  • Utilization of Geo-blocking and IP Blocklists

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  • Surviving Ransomware: What You Need to Know

    How has ransomware evolved since it was first recognized around 2005? Who is now more vulnerable to these attacks? What are the top recommendations to mitigate and prevent ransomware?

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    • A run-down on ransomware basics
    • How extortion methods are evolving
    • How to prepare for and prevent a ransomware attack
    • How Cortex® XDR™ helps prevent, detect, and stop ransomware attacks

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