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4 auditing techniques to help your organization maintain compliance mandates

In this age of digital transformation, regulatory compliance has become a critical aspect of the IT landscape and nowhere is it more crucial than within the realm of database management.

More and more regulations are being passed that dictate increased effort be exerted to better secure and protect the accuracy and privacy of enterprise data.

And because this data typically is housed within a database, DB2 database administrators and technicians are being asked to comply with these regulations.

So how can organizations ensure they are in compliance with these regulations (and others)? Download this white paper for 4 data access auditing techniques to help maintain compliance.

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  • Why databases benefit from self-service protection

    Your company’s operational databases aren’t just important—they’re critical. Pair that criticality with exponential growth and meeting your strict protection SLOs becomes challenging to say the least.

    Sure, allowing database admins (DBAs) to do their own backups can save time, but ensuring those backups are compliant isn’t easy.

    This datasheet highlights a high-performance, self-service data protection solution for mission critical databases that ensures SLO compliance through governance and automation—so you can resolve the pains of DB backups and empower your DBAs

    Download this datasheet from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

  • Accelerate M&A, OS/DB changes, carve-outs & more with SNP

    When planning your SAP systems transformation, it’s important to make sure the outcome benefits both IT Leaders and LOB execs—which can be easier said than done. That’s why many organizations use a partner to help guide them through the process.

    In this webinar, you will hear how SNP’s Business Transformation Platform helps simplify and expedite projects such as M&A’s, carve-outs, OS/DB changes, and SAP S/4HANA upgrades.

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  • Best practices guide for using SDS and MySQL

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  • Analyst's take: Independent software vendors save money with DataDirect drivers

    Independent software vendors (ISVs) that embed DataDirect drivers can leverage DataDirect’s expertise to improve data connectivity.  Using DataDirect helps them reduce cost and risk so they can focus on innovation and competitive advantage.


  • How GoAnywhere MFT can help you comply with data privacy regulations

    GoAnywhere MFT is an enterprise-level solution which will secure, automate and manage all of your organization’s file transfer needs through a single interface. In this data sheet, learn how GoAnywhere MFT can help your organization comply with data privacy regulations.


  • Put big data to work with embedded BI

    StreetLight Data recently developed a traffic and mobility solution that intakes unfathomable amounts of data from mobile devices to track traffic patterns, and manages to organize it all into actionable analytics and insights—with some help from Qlik. Watch this webinar to find out how it all works.


  • Why and how to plan your cloud migration?

    Organisations today are identifying a range of advantages that cloud brings to their business – increased flexibility, scalability and cost. However, without sufficient homework about their cloud journey, roadblocks result in costly rework. This eBook helps you address gaps in your business and give you clarity on the right approach to the cloud.


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  • Zero Trust Privilege for Dummies

    To better protect against data breaches, the use of a Zero-Trust model has returned to the spotlight and seen huge growth in adoption. Instead of using the traditional approach of "trust, but verify," the Zero-Trust model implements "never trust, always verify" as its guiding principle. Download Zero Trust Privilege For Dummies to learn more.


  • Managing identities and groups

    With Hitachi Identity Manager, organizations can move access changes out of IT to a mix of automated, HR-driven processes and request/approval workflows driven by business users. Download this solution brief to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of Identity Manager today.


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