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ESB & SOA Infrastructure

While some industry experts claim that an enterprise service bus (ESB) is critical to a successful service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation, others are pointing towards emerging technologies which are shifting the focus away from ESBs. How important are ESBs to SOA and the enterprise, and will new effort to understand them pay off in the long-term?

This e-book provides valuable insight on SOA, ESBs and the modern enterprise. Topics covered include:

  • The role of ESBs in application integration
  • Tips on open source and SOA infrastructure
  • And Forrester's take on where ESB fits in today's enterprise architecture

These are also closely related to: "Effective SOA Governance"

  • Creating a SOA Integration Strategy

    If you're operating in a modern IT environment, it's probably pretty complex, filled with varied, disparate applications and systems. As a result, integrating this heterogeneous landscape can be quite the challenge - that's where SOA and middleware appliances come in.

    This expert e-guide explores the benefits of middleware integration and why they've become so popular for today's IT environments. Also, get an in-depth look at three real-life SOA integration projects and how they succeed in connecting applications and processes.

  • Building a SOA Center of Excellence for Application Integration

    Implementing service oriented architecture is the first step in alleviating the challenges associated with application integration and maintenance excellence.

    The biggest dilemma most IT departments face is that they have no idea on where to begin when trying to jump right into application integration excellence. It takes strict technique, patients, and the right knowhow on SOA to ensure that your project is a success.

    Access the following expert e-guide to uncover why you need to consider shifting your efforts to building a powerful application integration center. Discover the benefits to be gained with a successful SOA approach and how you can virtually eliminate missteps and slowed processes.

    Also inside:

    • Creating a Center of Excellence
    • Guide to integration architecture

    And more.

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  • Tips for promoting effective worker collaboration

    For a growing number of companies today, collaboration is no longer a “soft,” nice-to-have concept—it’s an essential component for competitive differentiation. In this Tip Guide, learn how organizations can promote and support effective worker collaboration, and how managers can provide effective governance for collaborative efforts.


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  • Why data governance is more critical now than ever before

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  • Is your business ready for data governance software?

    It's important to ensure your organization is ready for a governance tool, or your software purchase is likely to fall flat. This e-guide takes a look at three different scenarios where data governance tools are often used to help you determine if your organization is ready for data governance software.


  • Using a Machine Learning Data Catalog to Reboot Data Governance

    Inside, discover how to innovate your existing data governance strategy with the help of an intelligent data catalog. Explore how an intelligent data catalog can help streamline operational compliance with data governance expectations, and decide if an intelligent data catalog is right for your organization's data governance goals.


  • Essential Guide to API Management and Application Integration

    Explore your API options in this essential guide with tips from experts including Alex Gaber, API evangelist. Check out a range of stories that highlight examples of successful API management, trends with the technology, and key terms developers need to know.


  • Benefits of offensive data governance

    It’s a data-driven world. So, how can your organization succeed in it? Read this white paper to learn how, by leveraging an offensive data governance strategy, you can catalyze your business’s growth.


  • Data governance for all seasons and reasons

    To promote business buy-in and avoid resistance to governance policies, programs should be business-driven, with data owners involved and the data governance committee making the decisions on standards, policies and rules. This infographic highlights some of the best practices for implementing and managing data governance programs.


  • SOA Dos and Don’ts: Application Integration Tips For The CIO

    Gartner reports that markets aligned to data integration and data quality tools are on an upward swing, set to push IT spending to $38 trillion by 2014. In this E-Guide, learn tips for application integration strategies.


  • Using Alation to Accelerate Your Active Data Governance

    In this white paper, we explore how Alation helps customers deliver on the promise of active data governance with its Data Governance App and Service Offering. These data winners create and apply digital technologies, especially AI, to transform industry business models and deliver new value for customers. Download this PDF to learn more


  • 9 best practices for data governance in manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry continues to evolve into a digitized data landscape, presenting companies with many new challenges. For data challenges, the best solution is to implement a data governance framework. Read on to learn about 9 best practices that should be considered when establishing a formal data governance strategy in manufacturing.


  • Data governance more important now than ever

    As organisations generate and store ever-increasing volumes of data, governance of that data has never been more important. In this e-guide, we discuss why good data governance is good business, why it's essential to data security and examine the state of GDPR after its first year being in effect.


  • Combine your IG and BI programs for a 1-2 punch of data value

    Use this expert guide to explore the myriad of benefits that an information governance system can provide your business. Discover how records management can be improved when used alongside newer technologies such as analytics and BI.


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    As the importance of data privacy is gaining widespread attention, compliance and other governing regulations are clamping down. This blog article further explores how governance and compliance presents the key means of protecting your data. Read on to learn more.


  • How to manage data pipelines in the modern enterprise

    Only data leaders who can establish a centralized data console that embeds good governance throughout the organization will ensure line of business teams can extract maximum value from data. Tap into this research content to gain a deeper understanding of the issues modern enterprises face in managing and governing data pipelines and operations.


  • Governance, risk and compliance: Your guide for selecting the right framework

    Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) helps organizations navigate the evolving factors of modern business by breaking down the traditional barriers within an organization. This guide to GRC explores the many factors you need to consider when selecting the right framework for your GRC initiative. Download now to learn more.


  • Presentation Transcript: Platform-as-a-Service Changes Everything, Again! Visual PaaS is Here!

    Sophisticated Visual PaaS offerings provide a unified environment that empowers both "hard-core programmers" as well as “citizen developers” to develop business applications. CIOs are seeing PaaS as a viable option to embrace "citizen developers" and make the transition from Information Technology to Business Technology.


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    Tune in to this webinar as senior analysts discuss Egnyte on Google Cloud, a cloud-based data governance solution that can help you avoid the pains of spiking data growth.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to cloud-native architectures

    Cloud-native architectures are seen as the future for businesses. In this 16-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the influence of DevOps and microservices-based technology, the continued importance of security in containers for software development and the suitability of Microsoft Azure for deploying cloud-native applications


  • Key data governance considerations: Picking the right tool for you

    In this expert e-guide, we explore key evaluation factors for selecting the right data governance tool to suit the needs of your organization. Find out which metrics matter most when it comes to picking your tool, like handling metadata objects, managing data quality, addressing unstructured data, and more.


  • CW ASEAN, November 2018: Blockchain is no 'magic wand' for security

    Blockchain is all the rage, although the technology is so much more than just about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In this issue of CW ASEAN, we examine how blockchain is being applied in cyber security, and whether the technology is really as secure as claimed by its proponents. Read the issue now.


  • Customer Case Study: Crocs, Inc.

    To maximize their data assets, Crocs needed to put a higher priority on governing the data they rely on for insights and decision-making. Tap into this case study to learn why Crocs chose Alation as its data catalog to address its data governance needs and enable benefits such as speed change management, aligned data definitions and more.


  • Measuring Enterprise Cloud Maturity

    Check out this product overview to learn about HPE’s Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework and understand how it can help you identify which of the 8 capability domains you need to progress in to build an operating model that supports your business goals.


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    Most traditional governance methods involve cumbersome manual processes. This blog discusses how organizations can greatly improve their data governance by implementing automation, enabling the use of AI & ML-powered data catalogs to create an easily accessible repository of data, among many other benefits.Read it here to learn more.


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    Information governance can streamline an organization's data management, cut storage costs and ensure compliance, which are all critical for content management. Best practices, such as forming a committee, accounting for collaboration tools and creating reports, can guide the way.


  • AWS StateRAMP: Live training session

    StateRAMP is an effort to efficiently and effectively verify cybersecurity and third-party risk management for state and local governments. In this live training session, Senior Manager of Coalfire’s Cyber Risk Advisory, Jason Oksenhendler, provides an in-depth overview of StateRAMP compliance. Watch now to learn more.


  • How to build a federated API management platform

    In today’s digital-first world, APIs are the new backbone for organizations. Most businesses have seen a year over year increase of 100% or more in the number of APIs that power their applications. However, with growth comes challenges like management complexity. Read on to learn about a solution and a partner that can change that for you.


  • 6 Reasons Companies Adopt

    Axway asked companies why they have adopted more than one API gateway. In this guide, explore the top 6 most common reasons companies have adopted multiple API gateways, from security to governance and agility. Save the guide here.


  • Leader’s guide to ESG: Top opportunities in 2023

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mandates are top of mind for organizations everywhere. Explore this guide to 2023's top ESG opportunities, beginning with three ESG trends.


  • 10 data lake uses for enterprises

    Data lakes have become an essential tool for the modern data management platform. They provide a scalable and cost-effective platform for storing and managing large volumes of data, and they support real-time data analysis and processing. This infographic highlights ten cases in which data lakes are critical for modern data management.


  • Data Governance with Cribl’s Observability Solution

    Discover in this data sheet to learn how Cribl Stream can help your organization rationalize your observability data governance, and use fine-grained routing and control to distribute data across multiple platforms.


  • The enterprise playbook to adopt consistent API governance

    In recent years, APIs have played a huge role in digital transformation across many industries. They have even changed how we interact with the world digitally on a daily basis. While many organizations have recognized the potential of APIs, the introduction of AI will require even more API usage and adoption. Read on to learn why.


  • Low-code: How to do more with less

    To keep pace with today’s rapid change, low-code empowers everyone to do more with less. But how can you build great experiences swiftly, while safeguarding app quality, data security and platform stability? Discover low-code with easy, effective governance, in this e-book.


  • The best way to begin an enterprise information management program

    Approaching an enterprise information management (EIM) strategy and ensuring it will provides the best business opportunities for your organization can be a challenge. In this e-guide, readers will learn EIM best practices from Michael Jennings, a data governance director at Walgreens.


  • Computer Weekly - 16 November 2021: How cosmetics retailer Lush authenticates with ease

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how Lush has modernised authentication, governed by a desire to care for customer data. We talk to Nasa's CDO about data as a strategic asset. And we foreground a call for the government and the Post Office to compensate Horizon victims without delay. Read the issue now.