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IBM Maximo Application Suite is a single, integrated, hybrid cloud-based platform. It uses IoT data, analytics, and AI to provide intelligent asset management, consistent delivery for Application management, Infrastructure management, monitoring, and predictive maintenance.  

This product tour on the Maximo application would guide users to follow a step-by-step approach to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce downtime and defects by following:

  • Monitor – Learn how remote operators can monitor all their assets from a single view
  • Detect – Detect anomalies by bringing AI into your operations
  • Maintain – Manage your maintenance – anytime, anywhere
  • Work – Make the technician’s job more productive by guiding on the resolution through AI or remote peer assistance
  • Predict – Understand and act of the health of your assets
  • Protect – Create a safer workspace for everyone

Learn more on the Maximo product tour.

Apr 18, 2023
Apr 11, 2023

This resource is no longer available.