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To effectively detect and remediate threats, modern organisations need robust SIEM functionality and tools for automated testing to dig through the massive amount of data and potential false positives without the resource-intensive deployment and upkeep of the SIEM application itself.  

In this technical product review of IBM Security QRadar SIEM, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) made several observations, including QRadar's ability to:

  • Prioritise events to minimise data overwhelm and help proactively investigate incidents in real time instead reacting to past ones
  • Avoid large resource costs to maintain SIEM software by managing health monitoring and upgrades through its QRadar on Cloud offering.

  • Effectively work with multiple third-party integrations like security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) and threat intelligence tools.
  • Identify outliers and divergent behaviour using powerful network and user behaviour analysis to aid investigation and mitigation. 

Download the full report to read ESG's evaluation of how IBM QRadar add-ons enhance the capabilities of your SIEM Solution. 

Apr 11, 2023
Apr 11, 2023

This resource is no longer available.