Optimizing Virtualization Performance, Chap 3

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Once a virtualized environment is running at an efficient level, IT admins will want to keep it that way. Doing so entails benchmarking performance and watching for changes that, if left unchecked, could develop into problems. To stay ahead of potential disasters, there are CPU benchmark tools easily available for server benchmarking, and the upfront cost is often worth the expense compared to the time, effort and money needed if you aren’t prepared when an outage occurs. Virtualization administrators see the value in documenting VM and application dependencies not only for maintaining performance but also for when trying to get an environment back on track should something go wrong.

There are documentation tools that graph strategic information with your servers, such as when spikes in usage typically occur. Some potential documentation tools include IT Glue, Docusnap and RVtools, all of which can also help with remaining compliant.

TechTarget IT Operations
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 17, 2016
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