Overprovisioning: Why it happens and how to diagnose it

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Depending on workload and activity level, a VM’s required resources can fluctuate significantly. It’s common to see admins overlook this and, as a result, VMs become overprovisioned. This can lead to poor performance and an unnecessary rise in costs.

This handbook takes a deeper look at why overprovisioning happens and how to diagnose it properly. Finding an IT tool that cooperates with the hypervisor vendor can give an admin valuable insight into disk, network and RAM use.

Also, explore the factors that suggest an overprovisioned VM; a CPU with a processor usage consistently at or above 90% is a strong indicator of overprovisioning. There are also strategies and processes for “right-sizing” VMs to avoid wasted resources, while still preparing a virtual infrastructure to handle a burst in demand.

TechTarget IT Operations
Feb 8, 2021
May 9, 2016
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