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With approximately 1.3 billion users on Facebook alone and countless more on other social media sites, customers have never been more willing to submit personal information and comments about their increasingly high expectations--as well as their experiences and problems. For companies, that means lots and lots of data. Unfortunately, many of them don’t yet understand what do with it.

In this chapter of the e-book The Risks and Rewards of Customer Experience Management, journalist Albert McKeon reports on the business practices at several organizations working to successfully improve the customer experience through data analysis. By analyzing user information, demographics and other personal information via social media, Moviepilot--which requires users to sign in through their Facebook account--says it now can better predict the viewing habits of its 20 million users.

Next, McKeon tackles customer experience management in healthcare. Providers and other companies, such as international auditing firm KPMG, are aiming to help providers improve patient care through data analysis of treatment patterns, costs and medical outcomes. In the current healthcare climate, however, that’s a tall order. Before finishing up, McKeon offers up a few suggestions to ensure analytics success.

TechTarget Customer Experience
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 15, 2015
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