204 questions to answer before migrating to Daas

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We’ve recently been sending valued members like you a number of special chapters pulled directly from Brian Madden’s best-selling book, “Desktops as a Service: Everything You Need to Know About DaaS & Hosted VDI.” Knowing that Brian is our absolute go-to guy for all things DaaS and a leading authority on anything and everything having to do with VDI, we hope you’ve found these excerpts useful.

That said, some people like to cut to the chase and just want the straight-up facts about DaaS--specifically, which types of questions must be addressed by DaaS providers prior to migration (hint: think security), the costs involved, the benefits you can expect to reap within the first 6 months post-deployment, and more.

So to sum it all up, here’s the final chapter of Brian’s book that lists 204 questions to be addressed before you make your move to DaaS. Or if you’re already well along the way, this is a great opportunity to sanity check your rollout.

Download today and see how many you can answer... and which ones you’ll want to ask your provider right away. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Security
  • Infrastructure and platform
  • Clients and users
  • Image and application management
  • Networks and data
  • Costs
  • And more
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Feb 8, 2021
Dec 2, 2014
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