Smarter Computing and Breakthrough IT Economics

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The IT industry is facing a challenge of meeting an ever increasing demand for processing while holding finite budgets. Leading clients are already addressing this challenge through a new era of computing — smarter computing, which is about transforming IT to deliver breakthrough economics and support innovation. It is a path that clients can take to transform their IT infrastructure by integrating, automating and securing their IT.

This approach results in breakthrough economics that dramatically lowers the cost of delivering workloads.
Powerful servers in this era can run many workloads simultaneously. In this context, cost per workload becomes an important metric to discuss and quantify IT economics. How can clients deliver their workloads at the lowest cost per workload?

This brief white paper examines multiple case studies that demonstrate how smarter computing delivers improved IT economics. The case studies inside cover different IT domains— optimized systems, federated data, cloud and new service delivery models.

Feb 8, 2021
Feb 14, 2012
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