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In this white paper, Philip Howard reviews the current market for data integration platforms, paying particular attention to open source offerings from Talend. There are more than 40 companies from which one can acquire ETL or other data integration capabilities that might be appropriate for a particular project. There are less than half that number that might be suitable for deployment as a data integration platform that will support reuse for multiple projects across the enterprise.

However, there is no product on the market that currently supports all of the data integration functionality that one might like. This means compromise and it may mean adopting a platform for most purposes but augmenting that, at least in the short term, with a specialist provider for particular projects. Thus the most important points in selecting a provider of a data integration platform will not only be functionality, price, performance, scalability, the stability of the vendor and all of those other things that one normally considers, but also the supplier’s roadmap and how and when it intends to fill in those holes (whatever they may be) in its offering.

Feb 8, 2021
Aug 1, 2011
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