Technology Audit: Imperva SecureSphere Data Security Suite

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Ovum Butler Group prepared a Technology Audit of the Imperva SecureSphere Data Security Suite

"SecureSphere Data Security Suite brings together a portfolio of Imperva products including its SecureSphere web application firewall (WAF), its SecureSphere database firewalls, its database-discovery and assessment server, and its database activity monitoring (DAM) solution. The overall offering can be deployed as separate stand-alone products or as an integrated solution that combines the strengths of WAF and DAM protection to address sophisticated attacks such as SQL injection, and also enables the tracking of web application users and their database activities. Any organization delivering services or products via the Web should consider SecureSphere as a “must-have” piece of its IT protection infrastructure. The product set makes a strong case for itself as a leading contender in this market space."

Feb 8, 2021
Jun 2, 2010
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