An Enterprise Database Performance Comparison of the Dell PowerEdge 6850 and the Sun Fire V490 UltraSPARC Server

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In the past year the major server processor vendors have brought out new computer processing unit (CPU) chips with multiple 64-bit processing cores and large caches in the same module. But how do you know which server will deliver the best performance for your database applications?

To examine the enterprise performance of dual-core servers from Dell and Sun, a performance test was conducted using the Dell DVD store database.

In this study of four-socket dual-core database servers, the Dell PowerEdge 6850 with Intel's fastest four Xeon 7140 processors was directly pitted against the Sun Fire V490 with four of Sun's fastest UltraSPARC IV+ processors. Download this white paper now to see the results and a detailed analysis of how their performance compares.

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Feb 8, 2021
Oct 1, 2006
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