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  • B2B Success Story: E-Commerce Strategy for Thousands of Daily Transactions

    Sponsored by: Axway

    In this video, Shawn Buske discusses the e-commerce system that Jabil chose to handle thousands of daily B2B transactions. Jabil was also able to easily meet SLA compliance and security compliance requirements.

  • The Many Benefits of Email Security Gateways

    Sponsored by: ZixCorp

    This e-guide examines the benefits of email security gateways. Beyond just preventing malicious email, gateways have a plethora of other benefits including DLP and BYOD security.

  • Security Solutions for Mobile Users in the Workplace

    Sponsored by: HID

    This e-book describes the security landscape for mobile devices and how near field communications can improve the user experience on mobile devices while allowing companies to protect their assets and manage costs efficiently.

  • Impact Assessment of a Gigamon Partnership

    Sponsored by: Gigamon

    This Forrester Report examines the ROI enterprises may realize from deploying Gigamon for network security needs. It provides readers with clear cut choices to evaluate the possible financial impact of Gigamon on their organization.

  • Reporting Cybersecurity to the Board

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    Today, boards have to consider the regulatory, fiduciary, organizational, and personal liability that could come from a data breach. Download this free guide today, and you'll have everything you need for your next board presentation to hit all the right points.

  • Revealing Security Performance Metrics Across Major World Economies

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    In its latest research report, BitSight studied the security performance of companies per country with more than 50% of their IP space in: The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, China and Singapore.

  • Mobile Malware

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Four major threats are currently targeting iOS and Android devices using very clever tactics. Learn how these new malware tools are infecting mobile devices today and how you can secure your data against these and other growing threats.

  • Optimizing Web Application Security for the New Bad Bot Threat Landscape

    Sponsored by: Distil Networks

    Winning on today's bot battlefield takes time, expertise, and a dedicated team. Get a glimpse into the world of anti-bot defenses and win the battle of the bots on your site.

  • Defend Against Threats of Global Operations

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Learn how the organization decided to replace the company's global remote-access infrastructure with platforms that allow it greater overall visibility to areas of increased vulnerability. Discover how to guard both your global network and application delivery platforms to help protect your reputation and maintain business continuity.

  • Masergy Customer turned Evangelist, Stuart Carrothers talks Masergy

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    In this video, you'll discover a security vendor that wants to work with you for the lifetime of your organizations. From them, you'll get real-time visibility and change bandwidth as you need it. Learn about largest global network in the world based on software defined networking.

  • Understand the Business Impact and Cost of a Breach

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    This Forrester Report will help security and risk leaders build a case for investment to show business leaders what kind of investment it'll take to adequately protect their organization.

  • Agile Security at the Speed of Modern Business

    Sponsored by: CloudPassage

    An agile security solution implements orchestration and automation to keep up with diverse, fluid and fast-moving infrastructures. Learn how agile security can empower your CISO and their teams to move at the speed of modern business and become enablers of innovation and growth.

  • Regulatory Compliance Doesn't Have to be a Drag with Data Governance

    Sponsored by: Intel Security

    Read on as experts explore the challenges that typically plague compliance efforts, and ways effective data governance enables repeatable processes for managing information in a way that's conducive to these stringent standards.

  • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Data: The Problems of Relevance and Scale

    Sponsored by: Anomali

    To address growing scalability issues, organizations will need to embrace a distributed computing approach to security. In addition, Threat Intelligence Platforms will need to create organizational relevance for threat intelligence data.

  • Next Generation Cybersecurity: The Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    Traditional cybersecurity strategies are failing and need advanced intelligence and analytics to sort through an enormous amount of data that organizations possess. This webinar will show how artificial intelligence can augment existing security solutions with patented network behavioral analysis to fill the gaps in current effort.

  • Masergy UES Offers Unique Approach to Network Defense

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach, machine learning detects events differently on different networks. It uses multistaged analysis to learn predictable patterns on your network and methods that work best for it. Discover how unified enterprise security can benefit your unique network architecture.

  • Advanced threat protection add-on comes to Microsoft EOP

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This e-guide explores what advanced threat protection (ATP) can do for your cloud-based email tools. Protect end users against unknown malware and viruses and get real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs.

  • Emerging security threats you're up against now

    Sponsored by: Intel

    Cybercrime is now a fully functional industry with "Hacking as a Service" being a top product. Services are cheaper and more sophisticated than ever. This e-guide shows you top emerging cyber threats that could be harming your system soon.

  • Data breach lawsuits indicate a troubling trend for enterprises

    Sponsored by: Intel Security

    Take a closer look at the rash of data breach lawsuits and the settlements to see why and how enterprises have found themselves on the losing end of these legal battles. Get insight from industry experts about what you can do now to secure your infrastructure and how you can protect your organization into the future.

  • Put Time On Your Side: The Heavy Cost Of Putting Off Your Cybersecurity Decisions SMB

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    A lot can happen with IT security in one day, too. In fact, at Kaspersky Lab, we detect 310,000 new pieces of malware every day, which means that every day you put off the decision to upgrade your IT security system is a day that thousands of pieces of new malware can slip through.

  • Take It to the Board

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    Research shows that when executives get involved and truly understand the risks to their organizations, security budgets increase. Kaspersky Lab's ebook, Take It to the Board, pulls together the statistics and research you need to support your case.

  • An Operational Model for Breach Analytics and Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Anomali

    In the face of this situation, a new approach to security strategy and operations must be adopted. Discover an approach that focuses on operational relevance, reducing adversary dwell time and speeding incident response activities.

  • Find, Classify, Protect your data

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Understanding, identifying and classifying your data correctly are the first steps in information security. Learn how to evaluate your data landscape and create a plan to manage and secure it.

  • Why Today's Phishing Attacks are Harder to Detect

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint, Inc.

    Discover how to best protect your email gateway from phishing attacks and keep important information from being shared or exposed. Get clear visibility into all email using search and reporting capabilities to prioritize security incidents.

  • A New Set of Network Security Challenges

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Next-generation firewalls can help IT address the security and networking challenges of maintaining devices beyond the firewall without sacrificing employee productivity. Read the report and learn how these issues encompass network bandwidth, and learn how next generation firewalls promise IT a new way to solve this multisided puzzle.

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