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  • The Security Benefits of Prioritizing Critical Data Assets

    Sponsored by: InteliSecure

    Do you know what your critical data assets are? This 6-part white paper explores how to define your critical data assets so you can save time and money, all while improving your security posture.

  • Meeting Top Data Protection Challenges

    Sponsored by: Avnet

    This white paper explores a strategy that can help you meet top data protection challenges, including cloud security, GDPR requirements, and ransomware attacks.

  • Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

    Sponsored by: HelpSystems

    What do security experts Michael Bruemmer, Kevin Beaver, Troy Hunt and 3 others have to say about common IT security myths? Learn the truth about 6 misconceptions now.

  • Streamline Authentication with Voice Biometrics to Improve Contact Center Customer Experiences

    Sponsored by: NICE Systems, Inc

    Discover how voice biometrics (VB) streamlines your entire customer authentication system, improves contact center efficiency, enhances security for sensitive customer data, and creates better overall customer experiences.

  • How to Create a Cybersecurity Policy for Your Organization

    Sponsored by: HelpSystems

    Discover a 4-step plan to build a cybersecurity policy for your organization. As a bonus, uncover additional resources to create a data breach response plan.

  • Achieve GDPR Readiness with Secure App and Data Delivery

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    A Ponemon Institute study finds that most organizations do not feel prepared for the requirements of the GDPR. Discover how you can meet GDPR compliance through application security, contextual access, and more.

  • The Race to Meet GDPR Compliance

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    No matter where you are in the world, if you do business within the EU, you need to be prepared for GDPR compliance. This white paper provides an overview of the GDPR so you can get ready.

  • How UEBA Reduces the Threat of Insider Data Leakage

    Sponsored by: Veriato, Inc.

    Insider access means an employee can learn where sensitive data resides, the value of that data, and the best times to initiate an attack. This white paper examines how you can stop insider data leaks.

  • Effective Incident Response Through User Activity Monitoring

    Sponsored by: Veriato, Inc.

    The longer a cyber incident remains undiscovered, the more likely it will be that the organization will realize a significant data breach. Explore how to achieve effective incident response through user activity monitoring.

  • Secure Cellular Connectivity Empowers BlueNRGY's Global Reach

    Sponsored by: Aeris

    IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity enables networks to overcome critical issues like interrupted services, security breaches, and high implementation and maintenance costs. Discover how BluNRGY enabled secure cellular connectivity for IoT in 190 countries and with more than 550 carriers.

  • GDPR is Coming

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25th 2018 – significantly changing the rules for how organizations protect the private data of EU citizens. Gain a deeper understanding of the GDPR regulation and insight into solutions that will help organizations meet its stringent compliance requirements.

  • Demystifying Workflow: Making Sense of Making Process Make Sense

    Sponsored by: Nintex

    Find out how to efficiently automate your workflows to avoid bottlenecks or breakdowns in productivity and collaboration. Learn how to seamlessly connect employees with the content they need, use an intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow designer, and build your automation strategy.

  • CW Benelux August 2017

    Sponsored by:

    The Netherlands is building itself a bit of a reputation when it comes to applying the latest technologies to some of the challenges facing people and businesses today.

  • Securing Industrial IoT Technology: 4 Key Considerations

    Sponsored by: Bayshore Networks

    Learn how to stop cyberthreats before they can damage critical industrial assets and systems by going inside one cyberattack launched against energy organization Consolidated Power. See how they used an industrial cyber protection platform and uncover 4 considerations for IIoT security.

  • 5 Strategies to Improve Your Security Posture

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Reducing business security risk, protecting sensitive customer data, and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards are priorities for all organizations. Explore 5 ways you can overcome these security challenges.

  • 80/20: The New and Not-So New World of OT and IoT Security

    Sponsored by: Atos

    This white paper explores the new environments of operational technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), acknowledging the risks within, with proven security tools and practices. Learn how to use the new 80/20 rule to navigate and simplify OT and IoT into manageable segments.

  • PagerDuty Ensures End-to-End Visibility Amazon Web Services

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Access this case study to find out how PagerDuty, a cloud-native company, was able to utilize AWS to ensure that their operations remained successful, as well as enhanced security, compliance, enterprise-wide visibility and more.

  • AWS Enterprise Data Protection Done Right

    Sponsored by: AWS- Dell EMC

    Tune in at 11 AM PDT on August 30th where 3 industry experts will explore a comprehensive data protection suite hosted on the AWS cloud.

  • Impact of General Data Protection Regulation on Storage Systems

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Examine the impact the GDPR will have on your storage systems, and learn to mitigate the risk of data breach from uncontrolled access with media-level data encryption for flash and legacy storage media, geographically dispersed data, and more. Download now to ensure your organization is GDPR-compliant.

  • Data Protection Done Right

    Sponsored by: AWS- Dell EMC

    Read on to learn how AWS in partnership with this data protection suite can provide you with the safety you need to foster data growth, and therefore business growth.

  • Security Investigation and Rapid Response with AWS

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Cloud is always seen as a security weakpoint--but what if you could turn the cloud to your advantage? By utilizing an analytics-driven approach to security, you can turn your AWS cloud deployments into a security tool. Take a minute to read this white paper and see how you can turn your weakness into an advantage.

  • Strengthen Your Ransomware Strategy

    Sponsored by: AdvizeX Technologies

    Everyone knows that ransomware is a significant concern, but there are many questions surrounding this threat. It's time to get answers. Use this webinar to strengthen your ransomware strategy, as it walks you through the security functions to help you detect, prevent, and recover from attacks.

  • Mastering Your Career In Data Security

    Sponsored by: Virginia Tech Online

    Data breaches are costly – in revenue and reputation – and organizations are actively looking for talented professionals who can help protect data stores. Learn what issues are keeping CIOs up at night, and the career opportunities available in this growing field.

  • Case Study: How A Global Agro-Industrial Leader Established Security To Grow On

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    In this case study, learn how Avril Group, a major industrial and financial group in France, used Cisco Umbrella to establish consistent security coverage across a distributed global organization that continues to expand through acquisitions.

  • Prepare Your Business For The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Sponsored by: Lepide Software

    Issues relating to data privacy continue to hit the headlines on a regularbasis. The European Union have introduced the General DataProtection Regulation (GDPR), which is designed to replace the currentData Protection Directive (DPD). Learn about key considerations you'll need to consider when preparing for the GDPR.

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