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  • Top Marketing Data Collaboration Challenges

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    In this whtie paper, discover the 6 data security and control challenges that marketing departments face and how to reduce risk and loss.

  • Data and Document Governance for Legal Departments

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This white paper explores an alternative strategy to data and document governance to reduce risk for legal departments.

  • Mitigating Data Sharing Risks and Leaks

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This white paper explores an alternative approach to reducing data sharing risks between internal teams and outside parties. View now to learn how to safeguard data and files and minimize leaks.

  • Securing Cloud Computing: How to Evaluate Providers

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    In this white paper, explore the state of security in the cloud. Continue reading to reveal a 21 questions-to-ask checklist of leading security practices for protecting sensitive data in the cloud.

  • Manage "Lots" of Documents within a Secure Business Process

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This brief white paper pinpoints how Toyota Industries North America met the above goals and saved money and time in the process. Access this resource now to realise the success you can gain from capturing and securing documents.

  • Next Generation Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    In this white paper, you will learn how to fill in the gaps cloud perimeter security leaves vulnerable and strengthen your identity and access management (IAM) strategy.

  • Case Study: Coca-Cola Reduces its Migration Timeline by 33%

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    This brief white paper pinpoints savvy strategies for email migration, using CCBCC as an example. Discover ways to transition with ease of installation, technical support and cost-cutting migration technology.

  • The Collaborative Data Privacy Handbook

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    As more organizations share sensitive data, the risk of leak or theft increases.  This white paper outlines six steps to improving data privacy and sharing principles and preventing regulatory and market sanctions.

  • Extend Your Identity Management Services to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Access this webcast to learn how to extend Identity Management Services to the cloud, automating SaaS account provisioning, enabling single sign-on and providing detailed activity reports for today's customers.

  • Maximizing the Efficiency of a Loan's Lifecycle

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Manual, paper-based loan processes expose banks to longer delays, errors, and customer attrition. This featured video lays out concerns and strategies to leverage financial institutions' most critical process. Discover the benefits of expediting loans with collaborative technologies.

  • Print Management Receives Top Marks at Edinburgh College

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This brief case study pinpoints the advantages of an effective MFP strategy, using Edinburgh College as an example. Discover the ways deploying and standardizing your print infrastructure drives budget-friendly solutions and prevents breaches.

  • Case Study: A Swiss Bank Modernizes its Print Fleet

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This brief case study pinpoints the benefits of updating your print infrastructure, using a major Swiss bank as an example. Discover how reducing your printer fleet can save green in more ways than one.

  • Ransomware Security Threats: Defending Against CryptoLocker & CryptoWall

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    This webcast can help you keep yourself safe from ransomware and mitigate it if you do come under attack.

  • SQL Injection in MySQL

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    This article is intended to discuss some of the ways that MySQL databases can be exposed via SQL Injection techniques.

  • Defending Against New Ransomware Threats

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    In this white paper, discover five ways to make sure you're prepared for a ransomware attack.

  • ECM: The Road to a Paperless Office

    Sponsored by: Actuate

    This expert e-guide examines security, as well as other forces, that are driving the paperless office. Read on to explore which factors to consider with digitization options, such as cloud-based and traditional ECM software.

  • Governance-Driven Provisioning: The Future of Provisioning

    Sponsored by: RSA

    This white paper explores the history of provisioning challenges organizations have faced and what the future holds for the technology and network security. View now to learn how a governance-driven approach improves your overall identity and access management (IAM) strategy and avoids the pitfalls of a traditional architecture.

  • Data Governance Risk: Know Who Has Your Data

    Sponsored by: RSA

    Did you know that 76% of organizations find it challenging to control access to sensitive data? Access this brief infographic to gain a better understanding of common data governance challenges and the dire consequences if they are not addressed.

  • Food for the Hungry Stops Malware in its Tracks

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes Corporation

    In this case study, learn how a major non-profit eradicated malware in its network.

  • Driving Agility and Security with Data Center Consolidation

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    This white paper explores several security strategies for defending virtualized and cloud-based data centers. Access now to learn how to defend both the physical and virtual planes as you imrpove agility through consolidation.

  • CSI Techniques for IT Security

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software

    This webinar illustrates the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Join Lance Mueller, Magnet Forensics' own Director of Forensics, to learn why you should proactively monitor for early signs of an IT security incident.

  • Data Breaches: Technical Options to Avoid Bad Press and Sales

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software

    This webinar features Stephen Treglia, formerly of the Technology Crime Unit in New York, in addition to Geoff Glave, Senior Product Manager at Absolute Software. Join them as they take an in-depth look at technical options to consider that could help you minimize - or even avoid - security breaches.

  • Data Security: Preparing for the Compliance Landscape of Tomorrow

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software

    Data security and data protection laws, such as the proposed change in the EU, promise to completely revolutionize the compliance landscape for many organizations. The following webinar is designed to prepare CISOs and IT professionals today, to manage tomorrow's compliance landscape.

  • Intelligence-driven GRC for Security

    Sponsored by: RSA

    Discover how a comprehensive, intelligence-driven GRC model extends visibility into data and processes, provides in-depth analysis of risks and compliance issues, and allows businesses to anticipate, respond and continuously adapt in a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Five Design Principles of an Effective Endpoint Security Strategy

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software

    Access this webinar and learn about zero-day malware and other alarming virtual pests that pose a threat to organizations. Uncover the five design principals, by way of Forrester Research, that indicate an effective endpoint strategy.

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