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  • Building a Data-Focused Sales Organization

    Sponsored by: Pros.

    To learn how your organization can take advantage of CRM platforms to create a data-driven sales strategy access this white paper now. Read on to get 5 top tips for improving your sales through data analytics.

  • Taking The Next Step for Hybrid Storage

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    View this informative white paper to learn how Microsoft Azure perfected the hybrid storage strategy and why the cloud has become a highly active role in storage.

  • Simply Hired's Analytics Strategy Drives Customer Value and Exponential Growth

    Sponsored by: Looker

    View this case study to learn how Simply Hired modernized its data architecture and was able to provide dynamic, personalized data views to a wide range of employees.

  • A Guide to Rethinking Web Scraping

    Sponsored by: Kofax, Inc.

    This resource contrasts web scraping and web information integration to demonstrate the added benefits web information integration provides.

  • What is new in ODI 12c WP

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    To learn more about the newest iteration of Oracle Data Integrator access this technical white paper now. Discover the newest features and capabilities of Oracle Data Integrator 12C and explore highlighted features.

  • Making the case for big data and Hadoop in the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Discover how you can make the business case to your organization for big data analytics on Hadoop. Learn how to tailor your case for any industry.

  • Hadoop and IBM PureData System for Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Discover how your organization can breakdown conventional Hadoop SQL barriers to run data analytic queries with more flexibility. Access this white paper to learn how one product is integrating the logical data warehouse and enabling fast easy reliable analytics for low overall costs.

  • Ecclesiastical Insurance customer success story

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Discover how Ecclesiastical was able to use data management solutions to extract data from source systems and design and build data-management business rules to stay in compliance and boost their analytics.

  • Safety in Numbers: Using Data Integration and Analytics to Help Abused Children

    Sponsored by: SAS

    In many instances of child maltreatment, caseworkers can't readily access the information they need. This poignant and informative white paper investigates how superior data integration and advanced analytics help rescue victimized youth. Discover how technology plays a role in saving our most precious resource.

  • Intelligence Quarterly: Safety in the Digital Era

    Sponsored by: SAS

    This issue of Intelligence Quarterly explores the ways big data analytics is used to improve the many facets of safety and security. Read on and identify the qualities of effective big data analytics in the face of cybercriminals.

  • Cloudant NoSQL DB

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Discover how Cloudant's NoSQL database can give your organization access to a fully managed NoSQL JSON Data layer that's always available. Test out this software to learn how you can get a fast flexible easily manageable data base for top notch analytics.

  • Securing Shared Data through FSS systems

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This case study explores how a robust file sync and share (FSS) system can secure data accessed by collaborators.

  • Driving a Data-Centric Culture

    Sponsored by: Platfora

    Learn how your C-level executive can promote an atmosphere built around data in this informative resource. Discover how you can increase profitability, revenue, customer experience and innovation by fully embracing data in your organization.

  • The Strengths and Weaknesses of Data Loader for Hadoop

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Uncover the facts behind one of the newest self-service data preparation systems for Hadoop in this research study. Discover the strengths and weaknesses behind Data Loader for Hadoop and learn which competing products remain cater to similar needs and customers.

  • IBM Analytics for Hadoop

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Discover how you can easily access and analyze structured or unstructured data on Hadoop clusters without the hassle of setting up or configuring Hadoop. Learn how your organization can visualize your findings in charts and graphs simply and easily with the free software download of Biginsights.

  • Master Data Management of Product Data Solutions Evaluated

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Access this Magic Quadrant report, which evaluates relevant MDM technology providers on maturity, innovation, responsiveness, and product capabilities. Learn what components matter most when selecting software, including:

  • Earning consumer trust in big data: a European perspective

    Sponsored by:

    This report from DLA Piper and the Boston Consulting Group Regulatory explains the fundamentally different approaches and attitudes towards data privacy in the world's three largest markets, and offers advice to businesses on how to earn the trust of consumers.

  • Making Decisions in the Fast Lane with Event Stream Processing

    Sponsored by: SAS

    This white paper illuminates connected-car technology's potential to not only advance infrastructure changes, but also our transportation ecosystem. Discover how event stream processing makes this initiative possible, while enabling users with actionable knowledge that improves profitability.

  • Embracing Analytics as a Competitive Strategy for a Midmarket Organization

    Sponsored by: IBM

    To learn how your midsized organization can master specific big data analytics challenges to harness the full potential of your data access this exclusive white paper now. Discover why selecting the right database platform is key to your ability to make data-driven decisions.

  • The Security and Regulatory Drivers for Information Rights Management

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This white paper examines IT's complex dichotomy of document protection versus access in the mobile age, while issuing the consequences of inadequate security. Read on to ensure that your organization is avoiding the business issues that impact the information security management of corporate documents and content.

  • Securing Collaborative Data

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This case study explores how to secure remote users and manage documents to eliminate multiple versions and confusion.

  • BI Scorecard: Strategic and Market Summary

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Researchers consider the various factors affecting BI business and marketing dynamics in the following white paper. Discover their findings regarding vendors and their clientele, as they weigh different factors impacting BI growth.

  • Data Loader for Hadoop: Data Management without the Hassle of Coding

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Learn how one product can pair with Hadoop to help your organization take control of your data management within the popular Apache system. Discover how you can cleanse, transform, query, profile data all within the bounds of Hadoop, for simplified data management without coding knowledge.

  • 5 Models of Data Stewardship

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Discover how your organization can build your own data stewardship system in this thought provoking white paper. Examine 5 data stewardship models to devise a strategy that works for your organization.

  • Faster Speed-to-Market Through Secure Information Sharing

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This case study explores how to securely manage file systems and reduce complexity. Read on now to learn how to simplify data sharing with partners without the risk of data loss.

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