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  • Get the Most Out of SAP HANA With the Right Software Solution

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    With the right solution for SAP HANA businesses can take a new approach to data management that provides instantaneous access to results gleaned from mountains of disparate data. Discover how your organization can take full advantage of all SAP HANA has to offer by pairing it with the right system.

  • Database Trends and Applications: New Service Simplifies Application Integration

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this article, learn about recent updates to a cloud integration service that provides prebuilt integrations, which can be used as-is or customized for specific business requirements. Additionally, learn about the broad capabilities of integration, and how the subscription and standards-based facets of this option make it even simpler to adopt.

  • PST Management: Eliminate or Migrate?

    Sponsored by: QUADROtech

    This white paper discusses the important issues revolving around the use of .PST files and how to manage the content within them. Read on to see why you should consider eliminating the practice of storing content in local PST files and instead, migrate this content to an email archiving platform.

  • Email Archive Migration: Opportunities and Risks

    Sponsored by: QUADROtech

    This informative white paper discusses important issues associated with drivers for archive migration and how to manage these migrations properly. Read on to see how your enterprise can benefit from the use of a new archiving platform.

  • Best Practices for Managing Archive Migrations

    Sponsored by: QUADROtech

    This white paper outlines best practices for managing archive migrations. Read on to learn about the three biggest concerns that organizations face during data migrations and how to overcome them.

  • Getting More Out of Hadoop Data Lakes And Big Data

    Sponsored by: Cambridge Semantics

    Access this exclusive e-guide for expert opinions on data integration processes and the use of Hadoop for data analytics. Read now to see how an efficient Hadoop data lake can help your enterprise use data proactively, in real-time, to improve your business processes and customer relations.

  • Dell: Refocusing Sales Team by Providing more Accurate and Timely Information

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Discover what solution enabled Dell to bring together multiple data sources and simplify its KPIs to better drive daily decision making and free up sales people for more customer-centric interactions. Access this brief video to hear directly from the decision makers at Dell and learn just what impact this solution had on their sales team.

  • Turn your Travel and Spend Data into Actionable Business Insight

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    In this white paper you will get 4 top tips to help you make sense of your data and get the most out of it for your business. Access this resource now to learn how to use these tips to turn your organization's travel and spend data into actionable insights.

  • 5 Ways Structured Archiving Delivers Enterprise Advantage

    Sponsored by: EMC

    This white paper outlines the top 5 benefits of structured archiving. Additionally, read on to learn about how your storage performance could benefit from decommissioning applications.

  • Case Study: TSG Redefines Cloud Backup

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This case study exhibits one managed service provider's quest to implementing a backup and recovery system that would seamlessly fit into their technology and pricing model. Read on to see how an efficient platform can accommodate your data protection needs.

  • Mass Adoption of the Internet of Things Will Create New Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises

    Sponsored by: Covisint

    In this report, top analysts reveal details on the adoption and direction of IoT. Read on and discover how IT leaders can develop successful IoT strategies and deliver value across the enterprise with this technology.

  • Data Sovereignty and the Cloud: Taking a Holistic Approach

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    The webinar summary distills the contents of the May 2015 webinar "Data Sovereignty and the Cloud" in to an easily digestible written resource. Discover why a holistic approach for companies evaluating different cloud technologies to handle their data sovereignty and content management concerns.

  • Bonnie Plants

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper, learn how Bonnie Plants, a national plant wholesaler, leveraged integration services that allowed them to remain competitive while reducing their overall costs. The business benefits they saw included improved onboarding time, increased visibility, and more.

  • Case Study: Region Nordjylland Rethinks their Healthcare Storage Strategy

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems

    Access this concise case study to learn the process of how Region Nordjylland consolidated all of their healthcare data while enabling clinicians with complete access to patient information in real-time.

  • Four Essential Fundamentals to Increasing Agility in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Access this white paper to learn about the 4 key elements that should be implemented to help your enterprise efficiently manage data protection and recovery operations. Read on to see how you can achieve a single point of control for both your on-premise and cloud-based data and improve your overall data protection.

  • Bringing E-Discovery In-House: Risks and Rewards

    Sponsored by: Zylab International, Inc.

    This white paper provides a straightforward, pragmatic overview about how legal professionals and organizations confronted with eDiscovery must be able to interpret it within the context of processes, risks, and viable strategies.

  • End-to-End Defensible eDiscovery

    Sponsored by: Zylab International, Inc.

    In this white paper, learn how you can condense eDiscovery processing to avoid data loss and legal consequences.

  • Five Drivers Animation

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    Check out this quick video and discover how enhanced technologies can help drive sales. Watch now and access links to solutions that will allow you to leverage mobile to run sales from anywhere at any time, turn data into actionable insight with proven analytics tools, and more.

  • A Brave New Integration World

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    This white paper examines middleware trends, explaining how a service oriented architecture (SOA) suite can create a foundation for creating, modifying, and combining information from all types of apps and smart devices.

  • Why Sales Is Still About Data Standardization

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This expert guide explains why data standardization is a foundational step that your company needs to take before you can reach the next level of insight: Understanding your customers. View now to learn how Houghton Mifflin Harcourt consolidated its sales teams and digitized its sales process, and the benefits that they've achieved as a result.

  • Price and Performance Leadership for OEMs

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    This podcast discusses the use of storage and flash arrays that provide OEMs with fast and simple customization to meet product development needs. Tune in to learn how leveraging your data can help you create a competitive advantage for your enterprise and grow your revenue and margins.

  • Price & Performance Leadership for OEMs

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    This video discusses the use of storage and flash arrays that provide OEMs with fast and simple customization to meet product development needs. Watch now to see how you can leverage your data to create a competitive advantage for your enterprise and grow total revenue and margins.

  • Evaluating and Measuring Redis Performance Metrics

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    In many, if not most, database servers businesses try to improve performance. With database tool Redis the goal is to not slow it down in the first place. This is a very different approach and requires a different mindset to take advantage of it. Discover how your organization can increase performance in your database with this new approach.

  • What is Rackspace Cloud big data?

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Access this resource now to discover the full range of capabilities of cloud big data.

  • How to Get Started with Apache Hadoop on Rackspace Cloud

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    This document is for educational purposes only and will provide you with an example of how to get started with Apache Hadoop in the Cloud. You will learn how to launch a Hadoop cluster starting with 2 nodes and growing it up to 64 nodes. Read on to get started using Hadoop for your big data needs today.

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